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Gardner Minshew II - Wednesday, October 16, 2019

(On what stands out about Cincinnati defensively) "They're really good up front. I know they're kind of banged up a little bit right now. Especially in the front end they're really good, they have guys that can play. They're not a bad football team at all, no matter what a record says or what people say about them. They're a good football team and present a lot of challenges."

(On what stood out on film in the Week 6 game vs. New Orleans) "They had a good plan for us. It was one of those games you kind of feel like – alright we're staying in it, we're going to get a drive here at the end and find a way, and it just didn't happen for us this time. But we just have to find ways to put the ball in play, get completions and move the ball more consistently."

(On how they ensure the offense gets off to a quick start in Week 7 at Cincinnati) "We will be working on it at practice, coming out the gate hot, trying to really push it. And I think we'll have the intensity this week to go do it and it's something we're actively pursuing."

(On how much he missed TE James O'Shaughnessy on the field this past week) "Anytime you have more options out there, more weapons, it always helps. Missing James [O'Shaughnessy] is definitely something that we feel, but we feel very confident in the guys that we do have in that room and we're going to keep moving forward."

(On if TE Josh Oliver can step up and fill O'Shaughnessy's role in the offense) "Absolutely. There's a reason we picked him as high as we did. We've seen the flashes of it. We're really excited to get him back out there full time."

(On his opinion of the Jalen Ramsey trade demand throughout the last month) "We wish him well. It's part of the deal, but we have 52 dudes in the locker room that we feel comfortable going and winning with, so that's all we're really concerned with now."

(On if he learns from close losses like in Week 6 vs. New Orleans) "Yeah, absolutely. We can't wait around all game and then try to do it. There's a lot of learning that could be done and has been done from that tape. Things we can do better and we're definitely going to make those corrections and move forward."

(On if a defensive line has played them before like the Saints defensive line did) "They did a good job staying in their rush lanes. They did a good job in coverage. They had a good overall plan, so tip the cap to them, but there's things we can do better in beating defenses that we play."

(On what his learning curve has been like) "Still seeing new looks. It's only been six games so far, so each team presents new coverages, new challenges. Different ways they're going to attack us and different ways we're going to have to attack them, so it's definitely learning each week and I hope to learn every game I play from here to the end."

(On if he's building experience he can start to lean on) "Absolutely. There's things you'll see in earlier games that we have to apply to this and that continues to grow, and we'll continue to grow.'

(On how hard it is to study opposing teams due to players starting with little prior experience) "Yeah, that's right. But we know the scheme that they're going to do. We see film on the coaching staff, and we can do that. There are always ways to find tape on guys and we'll do it. We have a lot of guys working really hard on that, so I feel comfortable being able to prepare for anybody that they throw out."

(On if there is any relief in 'Minshew Mania' quieting down) "I don't care, we don't listen to it much anyways, so it's about the same."

(On Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo's message to him after the Week 6 game vs. New Orleans) "Just that it's a learning experience. There are things we can all do better and we're going to do better. So, we're not going to hang our heads about it and we're not going to be sad, or pout or whatever. We're going to take that, learn from it, get better from it and move forward into this week."

(On how hard it is to start a game fast when your field position is not good) "That's one thing, that's another thing we've been working on. Just talking as a team, one of the first things we talked about in the team meeting was getting better at the turnover battle and the field position battle. And so those things we're going to stress and continue to try to get better at."

(On if last week's game changes their approach for the Week 7 game at Cincinnati) "No. My job stays the same. Just go execute one play at a time and that's all I can do; it doesn't change week-to-week."

(On if he will continue to wear the brace on his knee and on how much wearing it limits him) "I'll probably wear it for the game [against Cincinnati] just to have for precaution. It doesn't affect me. In the Carolina game, I ran pretty well on it, just didn't have as many opportunities I felt like this week to run. So, it wasn't a hindrance, it was just more through the flow of the game."

(On what he's seen from OL Cam Robinson) "He brings an intensity that we love, and we love him for that. Just the more he gets into it, the better he's doing and it's a lot of fun to see him when he's out there really competing, laying it on guys."