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Gattis conference call


The following is a transcript with Josh Gattis (Safety, Wake Forest) following his selection in round five of the 2007 NFL Draft.

(are you glad to be off the board and get this process going?) "Yes, I'm so glad to be off of it right now."

(were you disappointed you didn't go higher?) "Yes, I'm disappointed but at the same time it's definitely going to be my motivation for this upcoming year and for my future. There were a lot of teams that passed on me while Jacksonville thought something special in my and why they're going to get a special player."

(were you at the Combine?) "Yes I was."

(how was your workout there?) "It was good."

(did you visit with Jacksonville?) "No, I didn't. Some of the coaches came up to my school and worked me out individually."

(are you concerned you play the same position as the player picked in the first round – Reggie Nelson?) "No, it doesn't concern me. I feel like we can both become a tandem. I know Jacksonville interchanges its safeties a lot, so I'm looking forward to coming in there teaming up with Reggie and being the future of the Jaguars secondary."

(could you play strong safety too?) "Yes, correct. I could play free or strong. I'm very interchangeable."

(do you see you and Reggie Nelson as being the Jaguars safety combo for the next five years or so?) "Definitely. That's something we talked about with the coaching staff. When I talked to Coach (Alvin) Reynolds, we talked about the future of me and Reggie teaming up. So wherever. If they want to play me at strong safety and allow him to be a free safety, I'm ok with that. I can play either one."

(what do you think your strengths are?) "My playmaking ability, instincts and awareness at the safety position. If you look at some of the stats I put up in college, you don't just get those stats just off hand in letting the right place and right time happen. You go on out there and make plays the plays yourself. So that just speaks for itself."

(do you have a knack for making plays?) "There's a lot of things, just knowing defenses, athletic ability and really putting a lot of time and energy in it and knowing the tendencies of other offenses."

(do you know Reggie Nelson very well?) "I met him at the Combine. I'm looking forward to teaming up with him when I get down there. I know he's a heck of a player. He's a great athlete. He's like myself. I feel like we can both build together on the future of Jacksonville."

(were you heavily recruited coming out of college?) "Yes. I was recruited heavily by a lot of the ACC schools."

(how did you decide to attend Wake Forest?) "Because it was big academically and allowed me to stay close to home and really play in a conference like the ACC. I thought about going to N.C. State but that was really too close and I kind of wanted to get a little bit away."

(it paid off winning the ACC Championship game) "It definitely all paid off. I couldn't ask for our season to end in any better way my senior year, "I'm actually playing down there in Jacksonville winning an ACC Championship." So it's a great memory. I'm looking forward to coming back into Jacksonville (Municipal) Stadium and building on some more."

(was that your first time in Jacksonville?) "Yes, it was."

(what were your impressions?) "It's a fabulous stadium. It's a great atmosphere down there. First of all, you're playing with great weather down in Florida and it's a great city just to be in. I just can't wait to get back down there and run back on that field one more time."

(on the weather being hot during training camp) "Yeah, but you can always adapt to that though. The opportunity is there. It's a great team. It's a team that is so close to making it to the Super Bowl, a great offense, a high powered offense and a great defense, and I think for me coming into Jacksonville I get to learn from probably the best safety in the game right now with Donovin Darius still being there. So I'm really anxious to go in and learn from him."

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