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Gloomy Monday

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
Vic, just a hypothetical I've considered in light of safety Brian Dawkins' injury. Is it possible to trade Darius now? If something like this were to happen, would we be able to use the franchise tag again next year or only after the contract expires? I ask because I was wondering if the trade partner would be bound by the franchise-tag restrictions.

Vic: The trade deadline is Oct. 14. The Jaguars may trade any player on their roster until that date. Donovin Darius' contract is a one-year tender, therefore, yes, the Jaguars would be able to use the franchise tag after this season.

Joe from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:
I am asking you to look in your crystal ball, something I know you like doing. It seems as though George Wrighster is heading the same way Larry Smith went; good natural ability and upside potential, but his head is somewhere else. Is it too soon to tell or is the writing on the wall?

Vic: Too soon; he's a rookie.

Jon from Ocala, FL:
Do you know what the Jags' won-loss record is for teams they kept under 100 yards rushing?

Vic: Yes, I do know, and I'm assuming you want me to give you that information. So, here it is: Last season, teams that rushed for 100 yards or more against the Jaguars were 9-2. Teams that didn't rush for 100 yards were 1-4.

Gil from Atlantic Beach, FL:
What do you think was the reason behind the NFL allowing another one o'clock game to be shown, even though the Jags hadn't sold out the stadium? Is it the NFL's way of telling teams (especially ours) they will have to market their product better to keep their teams, and to expect even less help from them in the future?

Vic: I don't think that's the message. Remember, the NFL is its member teams. The message is the NFL has a very lucrative arrangement with its television networks, the NFL wants to protect that arrangement, and the networks aren't paying to not show games. The NFL wants a minimum of six hours of football in every market each Sunday afternoon. That's why a competing game was shown at one o'clock.

Pete from Jacksonville:
Although we defended the run, pass-coverage was awful. Also, it's obvious to anyone that we lack depth after our starters fall to injury. Solution and comments?

Vic: I wish I could tell you a particular strategy change or attitude adjustment will make the difference, but it's not going to be that easy. My instincts tell me this team is going to require time, players and patience to affect its recovery. Others may disagree with me. But I absolutely believe what I'm telling you to be true. For your sake, be patient.

Jon from Jacksonville:
Perhaps you can clear up something for me. You imply in your editorial following the game Sunday that the Jags are possibly on the rise. I guess I'm wondering what information you derive that theory from, having now started 0-2 and getting blown out in our home opener?

Vic: I don't understand where you're getting that. What I said in the editorial is that two years from now you want to be able to look back, point to this year and say that's when recovery began. A lot of times, you're getting better when the record says you're getting worse, and vice versa. Bills fans were screaming two years ago when the team went 3-13. But, looking back, that season was the foundation on which the success of this year's Bills team was built. That's what I was trying to say, Jon. Apparently, I failed.

Adam from New York, NY:
I noticed in the first half of the game, Fred Taylor kept coming to the sideline, including after his long run down to the one-yard line. Is this caused from a nagging injury or he is just not in 100 percent playing shape, yet, and is winded?

Vic: Fred Taylor missed three weeks of training camp and got very few carries in the preseason. He's not in midseason shape, yet.

Brian from Jacksonville:
If the Jags continue getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, are we ever going to have a team that isn't considered young and inexperienced?

Vic: Brian, you asked the wrong person because I am the king of "blow it up."

Greg from Jacksonville:
I did like the fact we stopped the run. Do you think more blitzing might have helped our pass-defense?

Vic: It couldn't have hurt.

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