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Good year not to be looking for a tight end


The Jaguars are not expected to be interested in drafting a tight end. That's good news, because this year's crop of tight ends does not rival the 1995 class that produced Kyle Brady, Mark Bruener, Ken Dilger, David Sloan and others.

Arizona State's Todd Heap and North Carolina's Algie Crumpler are players with upside and figure to go no later than the second round, but neither player is without reservations.

Heap has good hands, blocking ability and intangibles, but he's not as big or powerful as most teams would like.

Crumpler is only 6-2 and was somewhat of an under-achiever in college.

Beyond those two prospects, there are a lot of suspects.

Penn State's Tony Stewart is a rangy tight end whose game appears to be on the rise. Stewart is a better pass-catcher than he is a blocker, but lacks deep speed.

Notre Dame's Jabari Holloway heads a group of shorter-than-you-like tight ends. Holloway, 6-2, 255, has natural pass-catching skills but must improve his blocking.

Arizona's Brandon Manumaleuna, 6-1, 279, is a tough and accomplished blocker who, despite his lack of height, is a better pass-catcher than you might expect.

Oklahoma State's Khary Jackson, 6-2, 256, was used as a motion tight end who caught a lot of passes underneath the coverage. He's not the kind of in-line blocker most teams seek at the position.

Georgia's Jevaris Johnson, 6-5, 258, has outstanding size and adequate speed, but his blocking is below average.

Arther Love from South Carolina State will have to sell a team on his upside. At 6-4, 242, Love is more of an H-back candidate than an in-line tight end. He's an outstanding route-runner who has decent hands.

Dauntae Finger was the second tight end at North Carolina. Finger is an accomplished blocker.

The same can be said of Bryan Blackwood, the blocking tight end in a two-TE attack at Oklahoma State.

Dan O'Leary played behind Holloway at Notre Dame, but was productive. More importantly, O'Leary is an accomplished long-snapper, which means he's almost a lock to make someone's team.

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