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Harris on Barnes


(why do you think Barnes fell to the second round?) "I haven't had time to figure it out yet. We're glad we were able to get a left tackle, a guy with some athletic ability and just happy he was there."

(do you feel Barnes gives you instant insurance at that position with Mike Pearson coming off his knee surgery?) "In terms of having the skill to play left tackle, he's a top left tackle type guy that you can pick up in this round. There are limited guys in the draft that can play left tackle and having him as one of the limited guys, especially being on the board at this time, was a perfect fit for us."

(do you think Barnes was the last guy left in the draft who can play at left tackle?) "I think in terms of what we were looking for coming in and have confidence that he can come in and play, I think that's probably correct."

(how much of a concern is his wrist injury from last season?) "Medically, he's fine with us. He played in the Senior Bowl after that wrist injury."

(can Barnes start at left tackle as a rookie?) "We think he has the potential to play. He's going to need some work like anyone at left tackle. Anybody coming in the league at left tackle is probably going to need some work. It's a tough position to play."

(was this a pick for depth right now?) "We're expecting Mike (Pearson) to come back and play. We needed some more tackles, guys who can go into the game and play at that position. But right now we're still expecting Mike to come back and play left tackle for us."

(did Reggie Williams give you a good review on Barnes?) "Yes, he did."

(do you think the wrist injury was a factor on why Barnes dropped in the draft?) "I'm not sure why the other teams passed on him. Like I said, we're just very happy to be able to get a left tackle candidate."

(does Barnes have the potential to put on weight?) "He's 300 pounds. The guys he's going to be playing against are going to be 270 pounds. 300 pounds is big enough to play left tackle in this league."

(was Barnes the highest rated player left on your board?) "He was the highest rated guy on our board. We had him, not just to use that as a phrase, we had him considerably higher than where we picked him."

(will you be addressing the cornerback position in free agency?) "We haven't addressed it because the players that we selected when the pick came were just better prospects than the guys that we had rated at the corner position. We have some more picks to go. If we can come up with a corner in some of those next picks, then we'll be looking to do that."

(can you get a starting cornerback at this point or later in the draft?) "There are still some players left on the board that we think are capable of coming in and playing at that position. There are still some more corners left that we think are capable of coming in and playing."

(was Barnes at any time considered a first round pick for you?) "I'm not going to get into that. I'm not going to reveal our board, but we had Barnes rated higher than where we picked him."

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