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Harris on Starks


"In the third round we took Scott Starks from Wisconsin. An undersized corner, 4.3 speed, starting 48 out 52 games at Wisconsin. An outstanding special teams player. I think he may have been a special teams player (of the game) this year in three games. He has been a member of the Wisconsin track team when they were one of the relay teams that won the Big Ten. He brings competitiveness. He'll play corner and nickel."

(does Starks have the ability to come in and compete for the right corner position?) "He has the ability to come in and compete for the corner but he also can play nickel. The nickel in the sub package gets almost 50% of the snaps now. So he has the ability to compete for both."

(do you anticipate Starks to come in and contend for a starting job?) "We expect him to come in and compete."

(with Starks having a small build for a cornerback, at what point does small get too small?) "We're looking at the ability. He has played in the Big Ten. He has started 48 out of 52 games. He showed durability. He's been very competitive. He's been a four-year starter. So I think when you look at it, he has proven that he has been able to play above his size."

(will you address the cornerback position tomorrow?) "We have some more picks tomorrow and we will continue to try to take the best player available that we feel can be productive and just come in and be competitive to make our team."

(with only six interceptions in college, why do you think Starks wasn't a playmaker?) "I'm not sure of the production, but in terms of the skills to play the game and make plays, he has the abilities and skills to do that."

(how do you think Starks will handle himself against the big receivers?) "He's feisty. He has made plays, but like any small receiver, that's going to be a concern."

(is he an Antoine Winfield type corner?) "He is tough. He's competitive. He will compete. That's one of the things we liked about him, that he will come up and support the run."

(at this point in the draft, are the players comparable in strength?) "This is one of those deals where we had some players at other positions to choose from. We had him graded equally. We decided to go with him because he can play corner and he can play nickel. He gives us two options to get him on the field. We like his ability to play special teams."

(who will start at cornerback this season?) "You'd have to ask the coaches that. We're going to let everybody compete and the best corner will play."

(are you concerned at the right corner position?) "We're going to go to camp with the players we have and play the best player."

(do you have a player on your roster who can be the solution at that position?) "We think we have players on our roster that we can play with. We think Starks has enough ability that he can be competitive at that position."

(what do you think you got accomplished today?) "We felt good going into the draft. We wanted to come out with a receiver, somebody on offense that could make plays. We would have like to have gotten a left tackle and we would have like to have gotten a corner, and we got those things. We're excited about the players that we have. We still think we have some more work to do tomorrow."

(on drafting the three areas targeted) "We have some other things we would have liked to have gotten to, but those are three of the things going into the draft we would like to have come out of the draft with."

(what do you think you need to accomplish tomorrow?) "We're going to go by our board. Tomorrow we'll take the best players that are available when we pick. We'll go in now and regroup, look at the board, and kind of briefly discuss the players that we have a chance to target tomorrow."

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