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Harris reveals 'plan'


If you're one of those who was intrigued by Jack Del Rio's remarks this past Sunday about the "plan," then you'll find "Vic's Inside Scoop" interesting. Posted yesterday on, the video featured an interview with Jaguars personnel director James Harris, who divulged the personnel aspect of the "plan."

Harris said: "Find out those players we can go forward with, and upgrade the roster for next year … get some playmakers, get some speed and get some players who can make a difference in the game."

All right, what's not to like about that plan? It makes perfect sense. Identify young players on this roster who might become good players, then find more such candidates in the offseason. Harris, a former pro personnel director who believes firmly in the value of free agency, will undoubtedly turn toward that venue when next March rolls around, too.

When you hear this kind of plain talk, you feel better about what's going on at One Alltel Stadium Place. It's an admission that this team's roster is in need of improvement, and though we already knew that, it's nice to know the team knows it, too. It's nice to know that's the "plan."

Harris' remarks should make it easier for fans to cope with what's going on at quarterback. The Jaguars are in the process of identifying to what degree they can go forward with Byron Leftwich. How long will it take him to be truly ready? What has to be addressed? What does he need? What kind of supporting-cast players fit his skills?

If you don't "get it," you may never "get it." When you consider the part of the plan Harris divulged in the "Vic's Inside Scoop" interview, you'd have to be absolutely football brain-dead not to understand the logic to getting Leftwich, or any other young player, significant playing time.

They wanted to take a shot at winning now, but the 0-4 start has done much to scrap that part of the plan and now the Jaguars have turned to the long-range aspect of their plan.

Why keep that a secret?

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