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Helping a friend in need


As Jaxson de Ville, Curtis Dvorak participates in a slew of charities each year.

On Sunday, he&39;ll perform in one close to his heart.

Dvorak on Sunday will be in Seattle as a member of Team Blitz, 12 NFL mascots who will participate in MS Walk at Husky Stadium. The event will be held by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Northwest Chapter.

Ryan Asdourian, who performs as Blitz the mascot for the Seattle Seahawks, was diagnosed with MS two years ago and he heads up Team Blitz for Sunday&39;s event.

"Last year, at the Pro Bowl in Miami, we were all sitting around the dinner table at an event waiting to get in costume," Dvorak recalled this week. "He told the group, &39;Hey, guys, I&39;ve been waiting for the right time to tell you. I got diagnosed with MS.&39;&39;&39;

Team Blitz raised over $70,000 last year and is striving to raise $134,000 this year.

"As mascots, we&39;re a really tight fraternity," Dvorak said. "There&39;s not that many guys in the country who do this job. We all joke about when our last game will be. Some of us get fired from the team we&39;re with, but we can decide if we want to go wear the costume somewhere else.

"He&39;s not going to get that chance. His is going to be taken from him because he&39;s going to be in a wheelchair. For all of us, that hit home. We all decided, we have to do something."

Among the NFL mascots participating as members of Team Blitz are Jaxson De Ville (Jaguars), Blue (Indianapolis Colts), Miles (Denver Broncos), Big Red (Arizona Cardinals), Toro (Houston Texans), T-Rac (Tennessee Titans), Billy Buffalo (Buffalo Bills), Freddie Falcon (Atlanta Falcons), Staley (Chicago Bears), Sirr Purr (Carolina Panthers), Rampage (St Louis Rams).

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