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Helping me sleep

Let's get to it . . . Christina from Section 123:
I already emailed you to add my best wishes for Knighton along with all of the other level-headed fans, but I feel like yelling it at the top of my lungs. I cannot believe on what planet people are living that they can possibly blame Terrance for what happened. He wasn't doing anything wrong!!! All he did was try and help his friend and only a coward would have done something other than that.
John: I haven't heard too much criticism of Knighton, though I will admit I have deleted a few emails to the inbox to that effect. People are going to think what they want to think, and the Internet gives people a forum to say what they want to say. Being informed and intelligent isn't a prerequisite.
Joe from St. Augustine, FL:
Khan to Smith: "You better make a big splash with that first pick for our fan base."
John: I would be very surprised if that or anything close to it was said.
Robin from Live Oak, FL:
I don't understand why Janoris Jenkins' stock is dropping. We all know that he's had marijuana issues and has three kids with three moms, but why is it dropping now? All I've heard is he fired his agent. So what?
John: So, character matters in a big way these days. In regard to Jenkins, that's scaring people. Teams are leery these days of inheriting existing issues, particularly when there appears to be a pattern of behavior. That seems to be the case with Jenkins, who some believe is the best cover corner in the draft and whose draft position almost certainly won't reflect that. The good news for him is while the issues seem certain to hurt his draft stock, he still will be on an NFL roster. If he plays at a high level and proves to be an asset, he'll get paid and can have the same career he would have had as an early draft choice.
Scott from Harlem, NY:
Who are the obvious top 6 choices you referred to recently?
John: The general consensus is that the Top Six are Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Matt Kalil, Trent Richardson, Morris Claiborne and Justin Blackmon. I'd say the first three are a lock to be in that Top Six, with Blackmon not quite as much of a certainty.
Matt from Jacksonville:
Did you hear that Pot Roast got injured? Also, I have a suggestion. Why not do a reader mock draft? Just an idea.
John: For better or worse, probably worse, I'm sensing we have a new running joke . . .
Matt from Rockville, MD:
I just can't get enough of your work. I love your writing style. By the way, are you going to do that mock draft thingy again this year? Who do you think the fans that visit this site on a daily basis (like me) are geared up for us to take at seventhoverall pick? I bet you just love having a job with loyal fans that eat up every thing you write (like me).
John: . . . and apparently we do. Or maybe it's just readers named Matt.
Jared from Banning, CA:
Did you really say Blackmon is not a franchise-changing WR and not comparable to A.J. Green? Did you not watch him play the last two seasons?
John: I did say that, and I did see him play. And I was impressed with what he did in college. I also have talked to numerous NFL scouts and read many, many respected analysts and have seen very few who say he is likely to be a franchise-changing wide receiver. This is not an insult to Blackmon. It's just what is being said. Leading to the draft last year, few questioned if Green would be in the Top 5. A lot of people question that about Blackmon.
Job from Malick, Trinidad and Tobago:
I'm getting a sinking feeling that we may draft Upshaw at 7. Your thoughts on that possibility?
John: Don't worry. Be happy.
Peter from Kingston, ON:
Rob Rang on CBS mentioned half the Top Ten may be looking to trade down, but he did not list the Jaguars. This was just an oversight, correct? Because I'm 98 percent sure Gene Smith came out and said they would be open to trading down.
John: You can be 100 percent sure now. Smith indeed said he would be open to trading down. The price obviously would have to be right, because with the rookie wage scale there's no longer any reason for teams to trade out just to move down and not get stuck with a huge salary cap number. The problem is and will remain the same problem most teams have when trying to trade down. With so many teams wanting to do it, you have to find some team with a reason to trade up. This year's reason likely will be Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. How compelling that reason will be on draft night is the question on which much of the first round will swing.
David from Durban, South Africa:
The eye injury to Terrance Knighton surely means that defensive tackle becomes a position to address in the draft. Fletcher Cox and Michael Brockers may also represent the BAP if Claiborne, Richardson and Blackmon have been selected ahead of the Jags' pick. Whaddya say?
John: I'd say I'm not so sure Cox wasn't a possibility, anyway. There are a lot of people who think he could be the best available player at No. 7 if the Jaguars are selecting there, and considering the depth at receiver in the draft and a lack of a pass rusher worthy of the No. 7 selection, Cox makes some sense there whatever Knighton's situation. I wouldn't worry so much about Brockers at No. 7.
Bob from St. Augustine, FL:
What do you have to say about the Jaguars' quarterback situation based off NFL Network's ranking of the top 32 quarterbacks: 32) Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars: Projecting he'll beat out Gabbert. By and large Henne is the same quarterback now he was when he was a freshman at Michigan. Big arm, but erratic and prone to bad turnovers. And still, he could keep Gabbert on the bench.
John: What I have to say is that I don't have anything to say on the Jaguars' quarterback situation based on NFL Network lists. You're going to read "analysis" such as that for the next four months – or, really, until Gabbert has a chance to play next season and start showing improvement. There's not much that can be done about it until then and there's plenty that can be done after that.
Matt from Clemson, SC:
I really hope Knighton is ok. And by that, I mean, I hope his eye heals well. With that said, doesn't this situation serve as a case in point regarding Gene Smith's draft strategy? He took Knighton, Alualu, and then D. Smith within two drafts. Lots of people were not too happy with the decision to draft an additional DT in that round. Now what?
John: It does speak to it. I wasn't here when Smith was drafted, but people who know football wouldn't criticize Gene Smith much for wanting to have more than two defensive tackles. You need a rotation at that position and in the ideal world you wouldn't have three players at the position who can play. In the ideal world, you'd have four or five.
Norm from Dothan, AL:
I need some encouragement. Last year we had like 30 players on injured reserve. Now, we are faced with hoping Gabbert is much improved, Pot Roast out for who knows how long, no defensive end pass rusher, no No. 1 wide receiver, Mathis being a question mark and wondering if offensive right tackle is going to be solid. At this moment it is not looking promising.
John: I can easily offer encouragement. With a second-year quarterback, any team would enter hoping the player would be improved and there's no reason considering the change in environment and coaching staff that he won't be just that. That's the biggest factor, and it's hard to imagine there won't be improvement. There is depth at the defensive tackle position, and while Knighton is key, with Alualu playing alongside Mosley that won't be a weakness. As for the others, the receiver position should be improved, and you're never going to open camp with every question answered. I'm a big believer that in football, a consistent approach and stability is key to success. The Jaguars didn't have that in the past and I believe they will in the future. Within that framework you're going to have issues every week, every month and every year. The framework is solid now. That's what gives me hope.
Justin from Jacksonville Beach and Section 237:
I see from your answer to Renee from Jax Beach that you're a fan of the Dogfish IPAs. Do you normally drink the 60s, or do you ever step it up a notch to the 90s or 120s (when they're out)? I know a 4-pack of the 90s really helps me get to sleep at night.
John: A four-pack of 90s helps me sleep, too. The problem is trying to wake up.

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