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Henderson tells media he's 'in'


John Henderson said he's "in" and Jack Del Rio said his team's star defensive tackle's "got to be." So ends the four-day saga of Henderson's mysterious shoulder injury.

Henderson returned to practice on Thursday, though he took no reps in the team portion of the drills. Henderson then met with reporters following practice and provided details of the injury he sustained on Monday and reaffirmed his commitment to Del Rio's program.

"A little upset but we talked about it and everything is all right. He saw the x-rays. It was dislocated a little bit; grade two," Henderson said when asked about his coach's post-practice comments on Tuesday and the extent of the shoulder injury that caused Henderson to miss most of Monday's practice and all of Tuesday's.

Del Rio was critical on Tuesday of Henderson taking himself out of drills. The coach didn't mince words in describing his disappointment that one of his top defensive players declined to practice.

How would Henderson react to his coach's criticism? It was a question that produced a large media turnout for Thursday's practice. Henderson's participation in practice and his address to the media following practice will likely calm the waters, at least for now.

"Was I surprised? I was a little surprised. It was like your dad getting on you. Let it be," Henderson said. "Yeah, I want to be here. I love this team. I'm in. Everybody hear? I'm in."

He was using phraseology to mean he has bought into Del Rio's program for the team's recovery in 2009 from a 5-11 record in 2008. Del Rio did not soften his stance on the subject.

"There's nothing to add to the story. I said what I said. I feel what I feel. We're going to pick, prod, demand and expect from every person in this organization. I'm not going to have any tolerance for anything but total commitment," Del Rio said. "I expect our team to work. There will be no exceptions."

Henderson injured his shoulder while rolling on it. "Just landed on it with all this weight," he said.

"He just wants us to be in," Henderson said of his coach. "He wants me to be that leader. I understand that. I'm ready for it."

Henderson addressed the question of not having been the player the past two seasons that he was in 2006, when he was one of the most dominant defensive tackles in the game.

"A lot of stuff going on, maybe; two years ago, off the field; Stroud gone and all that (last year). I had to deal with it," he said.

Del Rio said he's satisfied that Henderson is dedicated to winning. "He indicated it to me a half hour after I blew up," Del Rio said. "I know what I want from this football team. I'm going to fight to get it. He's all in. He's got to be."

The Jaguars announced the addition of safety Marlon McCree, who the team cut back in 2003, Del Rio's first year as head coach. The Jaguars cut defensive tackle Nader Abdallah and safety Kevin Patterson, both of whom were undrafted rookies.

"It's a position we'd like to address with some depth," Del Rio said of safety.

McCree was cut after voicing dissatisfaction to losing his starting job to Rashean Mathis, then a rookie second-round pick.

"He had a very high opinion of himself. We selected Rashean Mathis and (McCree) didn't receive it well. He's on board. We're happy to have him here," Del Rio said on Thursday.

Wide receiver Troy Williamson was excused from practice to be with his wife following a C-section delivery.

First-round draft choice Eugene Monroe took a few reps at left tackle with the first team offense. Third-round pick Derek Cox was the right cornerback in the Jaguars' number one "nickel" defense.

The Jaguars will practice six times in the next two weeks to close the OTA season.

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