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I don't need the dance

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Fred from Jacksonville:
I just got off the Browns' website and did not see one shred of information about Kellen Winslow. Medical privacy and confidentiality should be respected in most situations but this can conflict with the needs of stakeholders in a sports franchise (the team itself, season ticket holders, etc.). What are your thoughts regarding these contrasting interests?

Vic: These websites, in my opinion, have an obligation to their readership to provide timely and accurate information on the teams they cover. There can be no conflict of interest without the website suffering a loss of credibility. did stories that updated Kellen Winslow's situation. The most recent story was about his release from the hospital. As far as the actual diagnosis of his knee injury and its prognosis for recovery, I can only guess the Browns want to be absolutely sure of the accuracy of that information before they release it.

Ripley from Daytona Beach, FL:
Great promotion! "Road Warriors" is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time for a pro team to be putting on. Could you give us a weight description of Reggie Williams now as compared to last season?

Vic: He's about 10-12 pounds lighter, which appears to have made him a little quicker off the line and going into and coming out of his cuts.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
Do the Jaguars have anyone in NFL Europe who looks promising?

Vic: Linebacker Tony Gilbert is playing the best of the Jaguars' Europe contingent. Gilbert has been with the team for a couple of years and has been a good special teams player who offers potential as a reserve linebacker.

Terrence from Jacksonville:
I think it's time we had a Ray Lewis-type guy who gets the crowd pumped and plays like it's his last game every week. When I drive from Augusta to Alltel for each game, I want to see a show. Who do we have that fits that bill? I see some of those qualities in "Big John," Marcus Stroud and Reggie Williams.

Vic: I liked Ray Lewis a lot more when he was just a football player. I don't wanna see the dancin'; I wanna see the playin'. These days, I think Lewis does more dancin' than he does playin'.

Steven from Woodstock, GA:
Tom Brady is not the face of the NFL. He may be the posterchild that the NFL is promoting, but I would never watch a game especially to see Tom Brady. However, I have changed my schedule to see a Peyton Manning game and I hate the Colts. Also, I do not like basketball but would always stop to see Jordan play, playoffs or not. I think this is another case where you are giving the book response and not with your heart? This is the only complaint I have about your column; more heart, less kissing up to management (Wayne or the NFL). I know you are too scared to publish this, but I had to get it off my chest.

Vic: I'm trembling with fear.

Duncan from London, England:
Whose salary cap would you least like to have and why?

Vic: Washington's because the worst is yet to come.

Shane from Jacksonville:
In terms of the structure of the contract, isn't what the Jaguars did with Hayward's similar to what the Eagles did with Terrell Owens'?

Vic: Yes, just as the Eagles did with Owens' bonus money, the Jaguars designated a major portion ($7 million) of Hayward's $10 million bonus money as "roster bonus," which must be declared in full in the year it is paid.

Will from Jacksonville:
I just purchased my season tickets, in light of the Jaguars' goal to be sold out with just season ticket holders. How many years do you think it'll take, assuming this team is a playoff contender the next 3-4 years?

Vic: All the Jaguars need is a push; something that will nudge this franchise into hot-ticket status. It could be a period of sustained winning, or it could be a marquee player. Either one or both might do it.

John from Brooklyn, NY:
What would you think if the Jags signed R.W. McQuarters to fill our left corner position?

Vic: First of all, the Jaguars don't need a left corner; Rashean Mathis is their starting left corner. The open position is right corner, but I don't think "J.J." McQuarters is the answer there, even though I've been besieged with e-mails claiming he's just what the Jaguars need. The fact of the matter is McQuarters was going to be the fourth corner in Chicago. Some people think McQuarters should be moved to safety. McQuarters' real value is as a punt-returner. The team that signs him is going to be most interested in him as a punt-returner.

Gavin from Edmonton, Alberta:
With Arizona releasing L.J. Shelton, do you feel his future is as a full-time starter or in a depth-like role? Also, for the right price would you sign him?

Vic: Sure, and how about A.J. Foyt, B.B. King and Z.Z. Top, too? Let's go for an "all initials" team. I know where we can find a heckuva wide receiver. In all seriousness, though, Shelton is someone worth investigating. The big guys are tough to find. You can't have enough of them.

James from Jacksonville:
Please share your thoughts on Jack Del Rio's first two seasons as head coach. I think he has done a terrific job and I like his style. He inspires his players.

Vic: My first inclination is to ask what's not to like? The answer is: that loss to Houston on the day after Christmas. That's all; just that one game. If the Jaguars had won that game they would've made the playoffs last season and the first two years of the Jack Del Rio era of Jaguars football would be a major success story. Everything else about the state of the Jaguars is ideal. This is a team with one of the healthiest salary caps in the league. This is a team with a vastly improved roster; a young quarterback and a nucleus of young star-caliber players on defense. All of the big-picture indicators are positive. I can't help but think back to the 2002 training camp, when Tom Coughlin admitted that the 1995 team had more talent. That's how bad the situation had gotten, as a result of the team's desperate salary cap situation. Three years later, everything about the Jaguars has been reversed, and let's not forget that the process of recovery began with Coughlin's selection of Marcus Stroud and John Henderson in the first round of the 2001 and '02 drafts. This team is poised to do good things. What's not to like?

Kelly from Rohnert Park, CA:
When does "Jaguars This Week" return to airing twice a week? The "Road Warriors" promotion is a great idea. This website has really become a window into the organization and its business functions. The NFL really is an amazing industry, almost as much fun to watch as the games themselves.

Vic: "Jaguars This Week" can be heard every Wednesday at 6 p.m. on 690, WOKV AM. During the season, the show is 6-8 p.m.; during the offseason, it airs from 6-7 p.m. It will return to its two-hour format on Aug. 10. "Jaguars Reporters" is not on the air during the offseason. It can be heard on Mondays during the season from 6-7 p.m. on WOKV and it will resume airing on Aug. 15.

Rick from Rome, NY:
Troy Brown has signed a one-year deal with the Patriots and, according to the story on, his locker was left intact and he didn't negotiate with any other teams. What a breath of fresh air; a player and a team showing loyalty toward each other. I think it's fantastic. Your thoughts?

Vic: I think it's fantastic, too. Jerome Bettis did the same thing in Pittsburgh and it has only made Bettis more popular there. Fans love to see loyalty between player and team. It validates their affection for each. Players such as Brown and Bettis are special. They will not be forgotten. They have cemented themselves in the hearts of their teams' fans.

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