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I'm all yours on Friday, ladies

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bonnie from Jacksonville:
Matt is misinformed and Ernst just doesn't get it. Print something from a female, Vic. I get it.

Vic: You know, I think it's time to have another "Ladies Day." OK, Friday is "Ladies Day." I'll use questions from ladies only in tomorrow's column. Let's see what you got ladies.

Jon from Durham, NC:
Sorry you lost a reader. Regarding the win over the Jets, do you think the Jaguars could have improved the stock and trade price of David Garrard by playing him more in that rout?

Vic: Absolutely not. Who's going to trade for a guy based on his hand-offs in the fourth quarter of a 41-0 win?

Brock from Springfield, MO:
Get a haircut and you wouldn't have to worry about getting your hair pulled. Great play by Larry Johnson; saved a touchdown.

Vic: Yeah, in a 45-7 loss. Girls pull hair.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
Your comment that the NFL does not promote its history reminded me of the story of the Pottsville Maroons and the "stolen championship." What is your take on that legend?

Vic: I think you're referring to the 1925 season, when the Maroons were in first place when they were suspended from the league a week before the season ended for violating league rules by playing an exhibition game within another league team's franchised territory. According to "Total Football," that suspension ended the Maroons' eligibility for the championship. The exhibition game the Maroons played was against a team of Notre Dame graduates, which included the "Four Horsemen." The Maroons won the game, 9-7, which was played at Philadelphia's Shibe Park. I don't have a take on the game, but I've heard the press box hot dogs weren't very good.

Paul from Herndon, VA:
What prevents teams like the Colts and Redskins from pushing all the salary cap hits out as far as possible, then once the CBA is extended, pushing them out again? It seems like they can make that last year worse and worse, but as long as that year never comes it doesn't matter.

Vic: Eventually players retire. That's when you've hit the end of the line and now you've got no room to sign new players. The Redskins had reached the point that they could not have gotten under the salary cap last March, had there not been a new CBA that provided for a higher cap and allowed them more years to push money out. Here's another way to look at it: Were the Redskins really saved by a new CBA? They're 2-4 and just lost to a previously winless team.

J.W. from Jacksonville:
Vic, love the column. I have asked a lot of questions and have never seen them posted. Do I have a ban?

Vic: Nope.

Braylon from San Mateo, CA:
What's up with Jack Del Rio's love for the Oakland A's?

Vic: Coach Del Rio was raised in the East Bay area and was a big Oakland fan. I just had a conversation with him about one of the teams of his childhood, the Raiders. I like the fact that he was a fan.

Tom from Harrison, AR:
Now that you've lifted the Arkansas ban and declared Wampum one of your favorite town names, would you like to help mend our bruised hearts by adding one of our town names to your list of favorites? You could have them in your answer: Bald Knob, Fifty Six and, my personal favorite, Toad Suck.

Vic: I like Toad Suck, too. That's a good one. Intercourse, PA, is my favorite. I think we'd like all like to come from Intercourse.

Eddie from Jacksonville:
You are like a relaxing drink at the end of the day; perfect to unwind to. Thanks.

Vic: That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

Gabe from Indianapolis:
What's more important than winning right now? What I really believe is that you have a Colts complex.

Vic: I have a complex concerning all teams that ascribe to the "future is now" philosophy, going all the way back to George Allen and the Redskins' "Over The Hill Gang." I also have a complex concerning teams that abuse the salary cap, and that includes the Jaguars of the late 1990's, when the team so abused the salary cap that it resulted in having to release some of its best players and endure five consecutive years of not being in the playoffs. I was intensely critical of what the Jaguars were doing back then. I have a very rigid football operations philosophy. I believe in the big picture, which means a snapshot of your football team must include all of the teams in its future. I believe if you take care of the future, the future will take care of the present. The Colts took care of their future back in 1998 when they drafted Peyton Manning. Bill Polian has done a lot of right things. He could've drafted Ryan Leaf, but he drafted Manning. He could've drafted Ricky Williams, but he drafted Edgerrin James. The salary cap pinch they now find themselves in was inevitable, once they started re-structuring contracts. That's when they made the decision to mortgage the future for the sake of the present. Ask the Jaguars about that. Ask the Titans. Re-structuring and pushing money out is the death knell. Once you start, you're on death row. Enjoy what life you have left because you're on the clock.

Dane from Melbourne, Australia:
I do not understand why people like Ernst from yesterday's "Ask Vic" find it necessary to try and feel superior to our esteemed senior editor by abusing him. I, for one, am grateful for the job he does and for the information he provides us fans.

Vic: He is not a liked man. I feel sorry for the guy. I detached myself from him recently; gave him his own niche in life. One day a young man said to me, "You're Vic Ketchman." I said, "No, that's my twin brother. He's a real jerk." You know, it felt good. I felt as though a load had been removed from my shoulders. As far as I'm concerned, he's just a guy who comes into my office every morning, does this column and leaves. I can't stand the guy.

Maritza from Tempe, AZ:
What are your thoughts on the terrorist threats targeting NFL stadiums this Sunday, namely Houston? I believe our responsibility as Americans in the face of our current adversary is to continue life as usual and not let their jealousy or ignorance dictate or alter our way of life. Nonetheless, even the thought of such an atrocity can't make your jobs any easier this week. Your thoughts?

Vic: I'm sending the other Vic to Houston this weekend. He'll be covering the game. My advice to him is to keep an eye on the hot dogs. If they start to darken, get out of there.

Carter from Orange Park, FL:
Is Mercedes Lewis still injured or is he just not progressing in the system like you thought he would?

Vic: Here's what Jack Del Rio said about Marcedes Lewis on Wednesday: "He's healthy and he's talented. We'll look for ways to use the weapons we have and he's certainly one of them."

Joni from Jacksonville:
You said that George Halas, representing the Staleys helped start the Chicago Bears. Is that why the Bears have "GHS" on their jersey sleeves?

Vic: You got it; George Stanley Halas.

Shawn from Jacksonville:
It kind of scares me that "Battle Red Day, Texans vs. Jaguars" on is sponsored by Halliburton.

Vic: Yeah, me, too. They'll probably overcharge for the hot dogs.

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