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Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL:
The first instant replay was used during the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia in 1963.

Vic: That's correct.

Daniel from Portland, IN:
I love the column and read it every day between my college classes. We all know Mark Brunell is going to play next year, it's just where. I think Mark can make an impact with many teams. What team do you feel can benefit most from Mark, and what team do you feel Mark can benefit the most from?

Vic: In my opinion, Mark Brunell would fit best and would benefit most from one of two kinds of teams: One with a strong roster that needs a veteran quarterback to put it over the top, or a team with an already established starting quarterback and a strong roster that has need of a quality backup at the position. Baltimore is an example of the first and New England is an example of the second.

Matt from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I was wondering if a Super Bowl team has ever played in its hometown in the Super Bowl?

Vic: The Los Angeles Rams played the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIV at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Though the Rose Bowl wasn't the Rams' home stadium, Pasadena certainly fit the criterion for a home location. Pittsburgh won the game, 31-19.

Mike from Hilton Head, SC:
I don't care if I didn't learn a thing from your "Ask Vic" column, your replies keep me laughing all day.

Vic: Even during the Jets' final drive yesterday?

Eric from Columbus, IN:
Why is it that Giants Stadium, which was built 15 years ago, is called Giants Stadium when the Jets also play there?

Vic: Eric, Giants Stadium was opened in 1976. It was built exclusively for the Giants, who were lured to New Jersey by the state's promise to build the team a new stadium. When Giants Stadium opened, the Jets were still playing at Shea Stadium in Flushing. The Jets didn't move to Giants Stadium until 1984. I was fortunate to have covered the Jets' final game in Shea Stadium in 1983. It was an unbelievable scene.

D.J. from Brunswick, GA:
The least you can do is answer this question because you get me in trouble with my wife every night for sitting up and reading your column. I understand we're rebuilding and Leftwich is the quarterback of the future, but when do you realize Leftwich is just having a bad day and give Garrard a shot? Not only is Garrard a good passer, but an excellent runner. He would've run all over the Jets defense.

Vic: I won't be able to answer your question to your satisfaction because I believe that when you draft a quarterback as high as this team drafted Byron Leftwich, you commit to him completely. Now, start paying more attention to your wife.

Juan from Charleston, SC:
After watching another collapse by the Jags, I am curious to know how many times the defense blitzed during the last Jets drive?

Vic: The issue isn't blitzing. In that situation, you don't blitz and invite the big play. The issue is a three-man rush vs. a four-man rush. The Jaguars had been getting pressure with their front four, but went to a three-man rush for the Jets' final drive.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Where do you think Fernando Bryant would rank among NFL cornerbacks? A lot of people try to tell me he's good, but all I ever see is Fernando giving up the big play; Tennessee receiver juggling the ball on his back in the end zone, Cleveland "Hail Mary" last year, etc. Also, I understand cornerback is a position where the fans forget your successes and remember your failures, but how many big plays is enough already. Rashean Mathis looks great, so far, what is your opinion there?

Vic: I think Fernando Bryant is a player worth signing, for any team in need of a cornerback. I can tell you this about the Cleveland "Hail Mary:" Bryant wasn't even supposed to be in coverage on that play. He was supposed to settle at 10 yards, but was smart enough to see he was free to help out downfield. Marlon McCree was responsible for over-the-top coverage on that play, but everyone blamed Bryant. As far as Rashean Mathis is concerned, he's been outstanding since making the move to cornerback from safety, but he got beat for the deciding touchdown yesterday. It happens that way for cornerbacks. They get beat. Ultimately, the free agency market will answer your question about Bryant.

Lonnie from Jacksonville:
Vic, for the first few years I subscribed to "Jaguars Inside Report" and really enjoyed the publication, although I ultimately decided to cancel a couple of years ago because of the inconsistent delivery habits of the party responsible for actually getting it to my home. My question is: Is the "Report" still available for subscription and have any improvements been made in terms of delivery service?

Vic: We'll get it to you; I guarantee it. Call 1-888-846-5247.

Eric from Durham, NC:
I guess they must pay you along with Leftwich because you won't post my e-mails about why they are continuing to play the leader in turnovers in the NFL and not Garrard. I thought you were independent but I guess not.

Vic: Well, Eric, you made it into "Ask Vic." Unfortunately, you will be leaving "Ask Vic" because you did the one thing you can't do; you questioned my credibility. That's a no-no. You may disagree with my opinion, call me an idiot and a lot of other names that only cause me to laugh, but no one questions my credibility. Goodbye, Eric.

Holger from Bad Vilbel, Germany:
Against the Jets, the Jaguars stopped the run, again. Against the Jets, the Jaguars were able to run the ball, again. Against the Jets, the Jaguars lost the football game, again. What's wrong with your theory of stopping the run and running the ball?

Vic: I see what you mean. If they hadn't run the ball and hadn't stopped the run they would've won that game.

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