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I surrender: Run it, baby

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jack from Jacksonville:
What are concussion tests? I keep hearing about them but what do they consist of?

Vic: There are six segments to the test. One of the segments defines a player's reaction time, so let's use that as an example of the test. When healthy, all players take what's referred to as a baseline test. For example, they take a reaction-time computer test in which they are to use the "mouse" to click on an image that suddenly appears on the screen. The time it takes to react to that image appearing on the screen becomes their normal reaction time. After sustaining a concussion, they are given the same reaction-time test and if they don't click on the image as quickly as they did when they were healthy, they fail that part of the test. Fail enough such examples and a player is ruled "out" for the next game. That's what happened to Eugene Monroe.

Daniel from Jacksonville:
It happened on this day 17 years ago. Vic, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was seven-years-old and my mom was car-pooling us to basketball practice when the announcement was made on the radio. Can you imagine the excitement in a car full of boys when they made that announcement? That's one of those moments I will never forget. Where were you when it happened?

Vic: I was working at a newspaper in the Pittsburgh area. As part of my morning routine, I was clearing the AP photo wire and noticed that one of the photos that had been transmitted during the night was a photo of people in the old Gator Bowl celebrating the acquisition of an NFL franchise by the city of Jacksonville. The people were holding up signs or newspapers or something like that, I seem to remember. I also remember having used the picture on an inside page. I thought it was cool. I never considered the possibility that I would spend 16 years of my life covering the team everybody in the picture was celebrating.

Wallace from Jacksonville:
Randy Moss has played for three NFL teams this season and it looks like all three of those teams had a better chance of winning when they did not have him on their roster. The Titans are 0-2 with Moss. Has New England lost since trading Moss?

Vic: Here's the crazy part: If we took a poll right now, asking people if the Jaguars should trade a low-round draft pick for Moss, I have no doubt the overwhelming response would be yes. In today's society, we have an affection for the notorious.

Doug from Jacksonville:
In your opinion, shouldn't the Jags have at least tried to maintain their first-half momentum by pounding the ball and maintaining time of possession to start the second half?

Vic: Yes, they absolutely should have done that. I've changed my mind. The play-calling was terrible. They should've run it on every down and that's exactly what they should do this week. I have no doubt that if the Jaguars run the ball 50 times this Sunday and pass it only 15 times, the team's fans will be delighted. All of this only goes to prove that if you badger me long enough, I'll surrender. The crazy part is that I was ridiculed for years for my run-the-ball/stop-the-run philosophy. They called me old-school, out of touch. In recent years, I've modernized my belief to allow for more passing of the ball because, in my opinion, it's easy to see the league has done everything to promote the passing game. I can see now that Jaguars fans want the "dust" back, so I'm changing back to what I used to be. Pound it, baby, pound it.

Kevin from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Do you have any details on the status of Kerry Collins for Sunday? I see that he is listed as questionable, but do you have any additional insight as to who the Jags will most likely see under center for the Titans?

Vic: I have no insight, just the feeling that he'll be the Titans' starting quarterback, even if it means playing on crutches.

Scott from Carbon Cliff, IL:
What is your opinion of how the NFL handled the Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan situation?

Vic: Fighting's not a big deal to me. If they wanna fight, go ahead and fight. What's bothering me is that every week brings another round of fines. The commissioner is in a big push to clean up player behavior, both on and off the field, but the behavior just gets worse. Has anyone considered the possibility that this zero-tolerance stance toward player behavior may not be working? In my opinion, the league should be less concerned about fining players and more concerned with identifying these players before they come into the league and making sure they are kept out of the league.

David from Jacksonville:
Will this game be won on the legs of Mojo, or on the arm of David Garrard?

Vic: On the legs, of course, of Maurice Jones-Drew. I think it's easily understood now that had the Jaguars run the ball on first and 10 at the Giants 29-yard line, instead of passing the ball, the Jaguars would've won the game. The ball must be run and the ball must be run hard. Hey, this is a run-the-ball town. Everybody knows that. This town has always been about running the ball up the middle. That's how Jacksonville plays football and that's how Jacksonville wins. Just run, baby, run.

Patrick from Jacksonville:
Derek Anderson went off on a reporter after the reporter questioned him about what I would call a fake laugh to his teammate. Did the reporter go too far?

Vic: No, he didn't. He asked a gutsy question. He asked the question to which every Cardinals fan wanted an answer. I've seen a tape of the interview and I like the way the question was asked and I'm not offended by the way the question was answered. It was journalism with an edge and it provided us with a snapshot of a player-reporter relationship at a tense moment. It's good for fans to see that. They need to know that both sides care about their profession and that we're not in this together, so to speak.

Scott from Jacksonville:
"When are the Jaguars going to wise up and start signing guys like Moss and T.O.? I mean, look what they've done for the Titans and Bengals." T.O. has actually been very effective and easily the best weapon on that offense. Just saying.

Vic: See what I mean? Just saying.

John from Jacksonville:
It seems like the wide receiver slant route is one of our favorite plays. Do you feel that we utilize that play too much?

Vic: Yes, I do. It's the easiest of passes to complete and I don't like wearing it out for two reasons: 1.) It's a good play for converting on third down when you absolutely must convert. 2.) Because you're throwing the ball into an area of high traffic, incompletions run a much greater risk of being tipped or deflected and resulting in an interception.

Alex from Jacksonville:
Watching college games, I noticed the kickers seemed to be lined up outside the goal posts. Are the hash marks wider in college than in the NFL?

Vic: Yes.

Kevin from Firenze, Italia:
I hear next year Brady and Manning will get their own yellow flags so the refs don't have to make any tough calls.

Vic: I'm hearing they'll have flags attached to the tops of their helmets, like flags on golf carts for old guys that need to be able to drive to their ball, wherever it is. When a defensive player sees the flag on the top of the helmet, he'll know not to hit that player.

Jimmy from Orlando, FL:
Do you believe you may have counted out the Texans too early?

Vic: Why, because they won one game? If they win in Philadelphia this week, I'll consider the possibility.

Mitch from St. Johns, FL:
Vic, let me tell you something about football. There are people who know the game and there are people who don't know it. Sir, you don't know football.

Vic: Sir, you are a wise man.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL:
I recently read an article that asked the question, "Who is the most dominant athlete of all time?" There were plenty of candidates mentioned, however, the author came to the conclusion that it was the surfer Kelly Slater. Slater won his 10th world title this year and the author made the point that he believes nobody has retired for multiple years and come back to still be as dominant as Slater has. I'm a big Slater fan, so I may be biased when I agree with this. Who are some people you would consider?

Vic: A lot of people who aren't surfers.

Allen from Jacksonville:
I'd like to hear more about "first-downs or touchdowns," too. Did GM Gene stay to talk a little longer about that?

Vic: Yeah, we talked about it. I know what he means. He's saying that if you can't score touchdowns, you better gain first downs and dominate time of possession. Once upon a time, that would've worked, but it won't work today, which is what I told GM Gene. It won't work today because the league won't allow it. You have to score points in today's game or you won't win. Time of possession is great, but only if it results in points. Long drives that stall in the red zone won't win games for you. The old way of playing – get a lead and sit on it – is exactly the kind of football the league is legislating against. Everything is intended to quicken the pace and heighten the action. That's my opinion.

Michael from Silver Spring, MD:
What has happened to the Titans? They seem like a disaster, all of a sudden.

Vic: Are you serious? They lost two quarterbacks and they were down last Sunday to a rookie. Don't take these guys lightly. These are the Titans and they are coached by Jeff Fisher. They love to stick it to the Jaguars. Don't count on them being a disaster on Sunday.

Roch from Jacksonville:
How do you feel about today's officiating (I already know the answer). What would you do to change it?

Vic: I would steal their yellow flags so they couldn't call any penalties and I'd steal the coaches' red challenge flags so they couldn't challenge any calls and I'd steal the batteries out of the referee's speaking device so he couldn't describe to fans why a catch wasn't a catch and I'd cut the cord to the thing under the hood and kidnap the booth-review guy so there couldn't be any replay reviews. I think if you do all those things the officiating would be just fine.

James from Jacksonville:
I am not a fan of allowing the regular public to vote for Pro-Bowl selection. Do you believe the NFL could still allow fan voting, but weight it so insignificantly that it doesn't cheapen the selection of a player?

Vic: I don't think fans should be allowed to vote. Early indications are they're not voting for Maurice Jones-Drew and that means they don't know enough about football to be worthy of voting for the Pro Bowl. There, I said it. Go ahead, hate me.

Bobby from Jacksonville:
It was reported that James Harrison was fined $25,000 for his hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Do you believe he should've been fined for that hit? What was so wrong about that hit? I think he has a target on his back and it's ridiculous.

Vic: Once upon a time, football players were taught to tackle by hitting a tackling dummy that was suspended from an upright by a rope that went over a pulley and was connected to a bucket of cement. The idea was to run through the dummy and raise the bucket of cement to the top of the upright. That's what Harrison did. He is a great football player and he's the closest thing we have today to Lawrence Taylor. It's a shame what's being done to him.

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