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I've changed my mind

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Daniel from Orlando, FL:
Is it just me or do you sometimes tell us things without telling us?

Vic: Quite often.

David from Jacksonville:
If Mike Tice is hired, you mentioned he could possibly be named assistant head coach. What then happens to Dave Campo?

Vic: Dave Campo is assistant head coach/secondary. I would expect Mike Tice to be assistant head coach/offense.

Jordan from Lincoln, NE:
Sinorice Moss really impressed me in the Senior Bowl. I think this guy could be that touchdown-maker the Jags need on offense.

Vic: He represented himself well at the Senior Bowl. He is, however, 5-7 and change and that's going to lower his draft stock, which could turn out to be fortuitous for some lucky team. Maybe the Jaguars will be that team.

William from Savannah, GA:
As a journalist, can you be completely objective in your analysis of the big game, having a long history with the Pittsburgh organization? I know as fans it is almost impossible to be objective when comparing your team against someone else's.

Vic: I think I'll be able to pull it off. Frankly, your question puzzles me. If you don't think sportswriters are capable of being objective, why would you read any of them?

Courtney from Jacksonville:
I know the Jags have holes to fill on the offensive line and at corner, however, I'm concerned with the play at linebacker. What do you think about somebody like Will Witherspoon in a Jaguars uniform?

Vic: Witherspoon is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent and the obvious connection that will be made is that Jack Del Rio coached Witherspoon at Carolina in 2002. The linebacker crop in free agency doesn't appear to be strong. Witherspoon is one of the top candidates; so is Julian Peterson. Witherspoon is very similar in style to Mike Peterson, both of whom are inside guys who make a ton of tackles. Julian Peterson is a pass-rusher.

Jack from Baltimore, MD:
What do you think the impact of adding Mike Tice to the coaching staff is? Will this improve the offensive line like I hope it will?

Vic: The impact of adding Mike Tice, or any coach, to the staff is that you add all of his information to your team. Tice is a veteran coach who has ideas from which the Jaguars will draw. He'll have ideas about blocking techniques, coping with crowd noise, etc. He's not going to re-invent the wheel; he's going to add information about the wheel. He'll be a pair of new eyes to add new evaluations to players. Maybe he'll see something in somebody's game that'll help that guy be a better player. That's what you hope you'll get from any coach.

Steve from Maitland, FL:
Do you see Gerald Sensabaugh's future in the strong or free safety role?

Vic: Mike Smith says Sensabaugh can play strong or free. I see him being used at strong safety next summer, as the Jaguars evaluate Donovin Darius' recovery from ACL surgery. Sensabaugh has all of the physical tools; now he has to prove he can use those tools in a productive way.

Jimi from Jacksonville:
When is it time to push the panic button for the lack of a CBA and revenue-sharing plan? Should we even bother worrying about it until March?

Vic: I've dedicated a lot of space to the CBA and revenue-sharing issues recently. The reason I've done that is because this is clearly the time of year to re-acquaint ourselves with those subjects. Free agency is a month away and we haven't even reached the point that the tags have been announced. The draft is three months away and teams won't even begin arranging their value boards until after the February scouting combine. The CBA, the salary cap and revenue-sharing are absolutely the most critical items on the league's immediate agenda, but I have received several e-mails from readers who harshly criticized me for continuing to bore them with that stuff. These are people who don't understand the inner-workings of these critical financial matters, mostly because they're too lazy to attempt to understand. So they say they're bored, which bores me. I'm going to let them have their way for awhile. I'm going to stay off the CBA thing. Let's talk about whether or not the Jaguars are going to bring back Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor. Let's re-visit the Byron Leftwich/David Garrard saga. Let's decide now, right now, who the Jaguars are going to draft in the first round, then let's change our mind every day until April 21. The most important thing is that we not make any attempt to understand the issues involved in one of the most critical matters confronting the NFL in the last 20 years. I guess there's no video game about the CBA.

Nathan from Palm Desert, CA:
It's about players, huh? What would one year with Brett Favre do for the Jags?

Vic: Oh, no, you're one of those can't-let-go guys. You're one of those fans who think all players are frozen in time; that their bodies don't get old until their hair gets gray. Well, what did one more year with Favre do for the Packers?

Ricko from Vipperod, Denmark:
You've mentioned this missing play-maker on the Jaguars offense a lot of times now, and with the rumors about Denver and KC being interested in Terrell Owens, I began to think about the opportunity of the Jaguars signing him. I don't hope so, but what are your thoughts? Is he worth signing with the huge need for a play-maker?

Vic: Now you're talkin'. This is the kind of stuff we need to talk about day after day after day. In fact, I've just changed my mind. I think the Jaguars should absolutely sign Terrell Owens because he'd do something ridiculous every day and that would give us something to talk about all year and we'd never have to talk about the CBA. I'm picturing myself interviewing him outside his Jacksonville home, bending over to hear him as he does sit-ups in his driveway. Who wouldn't want that?

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