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"I've got to get that ring"


Kassim Osgood has no problem with his role.

Osgood, one of the NFL's top special teams players, said he knows that not only is that how he is known around the NFL, but it's what has enabled him to forge a solid career.

Still, there's another reality for Osgood, and that's this:

He believes he can do more.

And doing more – and contributing in a bigger way – remains a goal, one toward which he continues to work and one he said he still believes is attainable.

"I played a lot more offense last year than I had in a couple of years," Osgood told this week. "I was able to contribute on offense, and they like what they've seen as far as being a good run blocker, making catches and going out and contributing in any way possible."

Osgood, a wide receiver entering his ninth NFL season, spent the first seven seasons of his career with the San Diego Chargers. He made the Pro Bowl each season from 2007-09, then signed with the Jaguars as a free agent before the 2010 season.

He was the first Pro Bowl alternate this season behind Jaguars fullback Montell Owens.

Osgood, who played collegiately at San Diego State, caught 28 passes in his first two seasons in San Diego, but it wasn't until this past season that he again caught more than two in a season.

He caught six passes for 60 yards for the Jaguars in 2010, and his 24-yard touchdown reception on opening day was his first touchdown since 2004 – his second NFL season.

That was progress for Osgood, and it's a move forward he wants to continue.

"For me, it's just being consistent," Osgood said. "When they call your play and you're out there, you have to be consistent and reliable. The coaches have to have full confidence and know you can go out there and make plays.

"I'm always going to be equated with special teams. That's something I take care of when it comes time for it, and when it comes time for being a receiver, that's something I enjoy doing. For me, whatever they call me to do I want to be available and ready to do it."

However he develops as a receiver, Osgood said he knows the reality is special teams likely will remain his way of staying on an NFL roster – and of being able to contribute.

He also said he absolutely doesn't mind that.

While some veterans – even ones who have made a name for themselves on special teams – bristle at the notion of being called a "special teams guy," Osgood said that's not the case for him. He not only doesn't mind playing special teams. He likes it.

"I've been in the league a long time, and I know the more you can do the longer you'll stay," Osgood said. "For me, special teams is like recess. You go out there and have fun and I enjoy doing it. Special teams is an important part of the game. I love doing it, because I know how it helps on game days, the hidden yardage and the way it changes the game."

Osgood, who has registered double-digit special teams tackles in six of eight NFL seasons, finished this past season with 14 tackles in that area. He also turned in one of the Jaguars' most critical plays last season, stripping the ball from Oakland Raiders returner Jacoby Ford on a kickoff return.

Owens recovered, and five plays later quarterback David Garrard passed 10 yards to wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker to give Jacksonville a third-quarter lead.

Osgood finished that game with three special teams tackles.

"It's something the head coach doesn't want to have to worry about, so I go out there and do my job," he said. "When you do your job, you're helping the whole team.

"There are a lot of team players on special teams and I enjoy it."

It is that approach that Osgood said not only drew him to special teams, but drew him to the Jaguars a season ago. In the NFL in the salary cap era, relatively few players not considered core offensive end defensive players get extended careers with multiple teams. Osgood, after seven seasons with San Diego, said he knew immediately in the 2010 off-season Jacksonville was a good fit, and that he had found a home for the foreseeable future.

"Guys on the team are great guys," Osgood said. "Everybody's all about the team with selfless attitudes. It's fun being a part of that."

Which is why Osgood said when he talks of goals, although he'll discuss individual objectives, they aren't at the forefront of his thoughts. Eight years in, he said his focus is on just one thing – and it's not Pro Bowls or post-season individual accolades.

"I want to get to the Super Bowl," Osgood said. "I've been chasing that ring for a long time. What we learned about ourselves last season set us up for expecting to win, and when you do win, how to deal with that going into the next game.

"I've got to get that ring."

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