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In-game blog: Giants at Jags

Nov. 20, 2006 5:43 PM
(pregame) -- Hi and welcome to the Alltel Stadium press box. Kickoff is set for 8:30. I'll have the inactives for you at about seven o'clock. Five Giants players didn't even make the trip: Sam Madison, Brandon Short, Osi Umenyiora, Luke Petitgout and Michael Strahan.

Nov. 20, 2006 7:06 PM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars inactives are: Byron Leftwich (third QB), Terry Cousin, LaBrandon Toefield, Ahmad Carroll, Jamaal Fudge, Jorge Cordova and Richard Collier. I'm waiting on one more.

Nov. 20, 2006 7:19 PM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars' final inactive is James Wyche. I'm still waiting on the Giants' inactives; classic Tom Coughlin intrigue.

Nov. 20, 2006 7:26 PM
(pregame) -- The Giants inactives are: Tim Hasselbeck (third QB), Sam Madison, Tyson Smith, Brandon Short, Osi Umenyiora, Luke Petitgout, Sinorice Moss and Michael Strahan.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:13 PM
(pregame) -- The temperature is 45 degrees and the wind is seven mph from the west. There is no chance of rain. It's a perfect night for football.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:38 PM
(coin toss) -- The Jaguars have won the toss and will receive.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:41 PM
(drive starts) -- At the Jaguars 10-yard line.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:43 PM
(fumbled exchange) -- On third down. The Jaguars will punt from their one-yard line.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:44 PM
(the Giants) -- Will start at the Jaguars 29-yard line. Bad start.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:45 PM
(Marcus Stroud) -- Is in the starting lineup.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:46 PM
(Stroud offside) -- The Giants have a second-and-three at the 22.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:48 PM
(field goal) -- From 40 yards by Jay Feely. Eli Manning threw incomplete on second and third downs.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:51 PM
(the Jaguars) -- Will start at their 27-yard line.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:54 PM
(Garrard complete) -- To Ernest Wilford at midfield, a gain of 18 yards.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:55 PM
(Garrard to) -- George Wrighster for 23 yards to the Giants 26. Garrard has stayed in the pocket and delivered two strikes.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:56 PM
(he had him) -- Deep, but Garrard overthrew Wrighster in the end zone.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:57 PM
(Fred Taylor) -- Is running hard. The Jaguars are facing third and five at the Giants 21.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:57 PM
(pass incomplete) -- For Wilford at the five-yard line. It was in his hands briefly.

Nov. 20, 2006 8:58 PM
(field goal) -- Josh Scobee ties the game from 39 yards. He's converted 12 in a row. Mike Hollis has the team record; 20 in a row.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:06 PM
(Donovin Darius) -- Is down on the field. He's up now and being assisted from the field. Darius is yelling at the Giants. He must've been cut-block.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:07 PM
(Darius) -- Is going directly to the locker room.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:07 PM
(third and two) -- At the Giants 35.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:08 PM
(Brandon Jacobs) -- Is stopped short of the first down. The Giants will punt.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:10 PM
(Darius update) -- It's a right ankle sprain. He'll have x-rays and will not return to the game.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:13 PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars 42. Maurice Jones-Drew gained seven yards. The Jaguars offensive line is poking holes in the Giants front. The Jags should stick with the run.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:15 PM
(first down) -- Garrard sneaked for it. You can see the offensive line gaining momentum. They are in the process of taking over the game.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:16 PM
(first drop) -- By Reggie Williams; third and 10.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:17 PM
(incomplete) -- The Jaguars will punt. Just when it appeared the OL was having its way, the Jaguars throw three consecutive incompletions. Sometimes I don't get it.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:20 PM
(fumble) -- Manning threw to Plaxico Burress, who caught the pass and then fumbled it. He was hit by Gerald Sensabaugh. The ball was returned to the Giants 22.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:21 PM
(coach's challenge) -- By Tom Coughlin. I've already seen a couple of views. I haven't seen one that's conclusive. I've seen one that makes it appear as though Burress' knee may have been down, but the view doesn't show the ball.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:22 PM
(did he) -- Make a football move after the catch? That's the other half of the decision. They could rule incomplete.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:24 PM
(I've just seen another view) -- He appeared to be down.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:25 PM
(incomplete) -- They're ruling no football move.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:27 PM
(fourth down) -- Manning threw behind Burress. That's the end of the first quarter.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:29 PM
(pressure is on the QB) -- And I don't mean Garrard. Manning is the QB under the microscope tonight. In year three, his develo PM
ent has stalled. There were three top quarterback prospects in his draft and the other two, Ben Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers, are excelling.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:30 PM
(the Jaguars) -- Start at their 43.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:31 PM
(nice throw) -- To Wilford for 17 yards at the Giants 37. He threaded the needle.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:32 PM
(Garrard is) -- Five of 10 for 65 yards. Manning has completed just one of five passes for 13 yards.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:33 PM
(nice run after the catch) -- By Wilford for a first down at the Giants 23. Garrard looks very comfortable. He's in control.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:34 PM
(to Wilford) -- At the Giants 10.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:36 PM
(touchdown) -- Fred Taylor up the middle; there was a big hole. The Jaguars saw something. They went with a one-WR set on a second-and-goal play from the 10-yard line. You don't figure that to blow wide open, but it did. The offensive line is dominating.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:39 PM
(remember) -- Back in the preseason when everybody was criticizing the Jaguars offensived line? They know their stuff, huh?

Nov. 20, 2006 9:41 PM
(behind his receiver) -- Manning is wild with his throws.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:41 PM
(third and 10) -- The Giants are going nowhere.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:42 PM
(this isn't what Coughlin wanted) -- His offense just had to take a timeout because it was disorganized.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:43 PM
(punt time) -- The throw was short of the sticks. The Jaguars can take control of this game right now with a scoring drive.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:45 PM
(total yards) -- Jaguars have 143 and the Giants have 30. Tiki Barber has 10 yards rushing and Taylor has 48.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:49 PM
(third and five) -- Big play with about 5:20 to play.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:50 PM
(first drop) -- For Matt Jones.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:51 PM
(I don't get it) -- That ball hit Jones right in the chest. It should've been an easy catch.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:53 PM
(false start) -- The Giants are in complete disarray.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:55 PM
(batted down) -- Manning is now two of seven.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:55 PM
(correction) -- Make that two of eight.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:56 PM
(goof by the Jags) -- They sent the house on third down and the Giants caught them with a screen pass for 20 yards and a first down.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:56 PM
(interception) -- Burress was wide open deep and Manning couldn't get the ball to him. Deon Grant picked it. The ball is at the Giants 30 after the return.

Nov. 20, 2006 9:57 PM
(this is a nightmare) -- For Manning. He's dissolving on national television.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:01 PM
(first down) -- Garrard to Wrighster for 11 at the Giants 14. That was easy. Wrighster was wide open on a slant. We're at the two-minute warning.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:02 PM
(Garrard) -- Has completed nine of 16 for 101 yards and a 75.3 passer rating. He looks sharp. Manning has a passer rating of 5.0.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:04 PM
(fumble) -- Garrard shoveled the ball to Taylor. It was going to go for a touchdown but Taylor lost the ball at about the four-yard line. It rolled into the end zone and the Giants recovered.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:06 PM
(personal foul) -- Head butt penalty on an unnamed Jaguar. The ball is at the Jaguars 49.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:09 PM
(punt) -- The Jags will get the ball back with about 50 seconds to play in the half. I expect them to take a knee.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:12 PM
(halftime) -- I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Giants locker room. Tom Coughlin is going to be very forceful in his halftime address. His team has played horribly.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:14 PM
(but the Jaguars) -- Are only leading by a touchdown. They've dominated the game but have no breathing room. The Jaguars need to get a bigger bang from their yardage.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:27 PM
(busted play) -- Manning missed the handoff. This is sad.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:29 PM
(punt time) -- The Jaguars will start at the Giants 47.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:31 PM
(the aliens have returned) -- And they've abducted Jaguars fans at halftime, again.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:31 PM
(Garrard to Wilford) -- For 17 at the Giants 30.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:33 PM
(Garrard to Wrighster) -- To the nine.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:38 PM
(field goal) -- Scobee from 24 yards.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:44 PM
(penalty on Mathis) -- nullified a touchdown by the Jaguars. Manning fumbled and Paul Spicer returned it 18 yards for an apparent touchdown.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:48 PM
(the Giants have a first down) -- At midfield. They only trail by 10 points. They're still in this one.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:50 PM
(Giants are on the move) -- They're at the Jaguars 25, first down.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:51 PM
(he threw into triple coverage) -- It's as though Manning has regressed. He knows not to do that.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:52 PM
(touchdown) -- What a move by Burress. He caught a short pass at the sideline, then made a move around Brian Williams and then another one around Gerald Sensabaugh. With 6:32 to play, we have a ballgame. That illegal-use-of-hands penalty against Mathis really hurts now.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:55 PM
(we have a Marcedes Lewis sighting) -- He just caught a pass for nine yards.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:57 PM
(near interception) -- Garrard got away with one there. It's third and five at the Giants 39; big play.

Nov. 20, 2006 10:58 PM
(what a run) -- By Garrard. He appeared to be sacked but broke away for 17 yards. That could turn out to be the biggest play of the game.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:00 PM
(first and goal) -- Garrard to Wrighster at the Giants nine-yard line.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:03 PM
(field goal) -- By Scobee from 23 yards. But that leaves the Jags with only a six-point lead. The drive stalled at the five on two incomplete passes; one to Reggie Williams and one to Jones-Drew.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:06 PM
(the bomb) -- Burress makes a sensational diving catch for 53 yards to the Jaguars 28.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:07 PM
(Del Rio is challenging the call) -- And he'll win, I predict. I just saw a view that is conclusive, in my opinion. It was not a catch.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:08 PM
(the Giants were close to snapping the ball) -- And that would've canceled a challenge. The Jaguars are lucky, in my opinion, that Del Rio got the red flag out in time.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:09 PM
(incomplete) -- That was an easy one to overturn. The Giants will have a second down all the way back at the Giants 20-yard line. What a game-changer.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:10 PM
(Tiki Barber) -- Is at 26 yards rushing. He is on his way to his lowest rushing output of the season. His lowest is 51 vs. Philadelphia.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:11 PM
(punt time) -- The Jaguars have it at their 44-yard line. That's the end of the third quarter.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:15 PM
(false start) -- By Matt Jones. It's now third and seven.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:16 PM
(Jones makes the big play) -- He catches a ball over the middle and runs to the three-yard line. That's a gain of 49 yards.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:19 PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew coasts into the end zone with 12:36 to play.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:27 PM
(first down) -- Jeremy Shockey makes a big catch on a third-and-16 to the Jaguars 39.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:29 PM
(Jags got lucky) -- They could've called pass interference against Mathis on a deep ball.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:31 PM
(intercepted) -- By Clint Ingram. Manning threw it right to him.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:32 PM
(crossroads game for Manning?) -- Other than for one drive, he has been horrible. We're talking about a first pick of the draft who plays in New York. That is not the formula for patience.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:34 PM
(Garrard to Hankton) -- Garrard is in control. It's anything he wants.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:35 PM
(another catch by Hankton) -- That was a big-time grab. He caught it at the sideline and took a big hit.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:45 PM
(fourth and one for the Jaguars) -- It looks like the Jags are going for it.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:46 PM
(false start) -- By Kyle Brady.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:46 PM
(field goal) -- From 48 by Scobee. That's 15 in a row. Where are all the people who wanted to cut him early in the season?

Nov. 20, 2006 11:50 PM
(catch and fumble) -- The Jaguars have it. That's gonna do it.

Nov. 20, 2006 11:56PM
what?) -- On third down the Jaguars passed and it was almost intercepted. It could've been returned for a touchdown. I don't get it.

Nov. 21, 2006 12:04 AM
(victory formation time) -- See you from Buffalo on Sunday.

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