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In-game blog: Jags at Bills

Nov 26 2006 11:20AM
(pregame) -- Hello, from Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, NY. The weather is balmy; no need for sideline heaters today. We're waiting for the inactives. Rumor is Brian Williams will not play today.

Nov 26 2006 11:44AM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars inactives are: Byron Leftwich, Terry Cousin, LaBrandon Toefield, Brian Williams, Kenny Pettway, Richard Collier, Cortez Hankton and James Wyche. Dee Webb will start at cornerback in place of Williams.

Nov 26 2006 11:46AM
(pregame) -- The Bills inactives are: Craig Nall, Ashton Youboty, Keith Ellison, Tutan Reyes, Josh Reed, Eric Powell, Jason Jefferson and Matt Murphy.

Nov 26 2006 12:43PM
(pregame) -- It's 60 degrees in Buffalo; 15 degrees warmer than it was in Jacksonville at kickoff on Monday night. I forgot my sun-block.

Nov 26 2006 1:02PM
(coin toss) -- The Jaguars have won the toss and will receive.

Nov 26 2006 1:05PM
(kickoff) -- Maurice Jones-Drew takes it back from his seven-yard line to the Bills 43. That's the best kickoff return of his career, 50 yards.

Nov 26 2006 1:06PM
(the Jaguars) -- are 9-1 in the last 10 games when they score on their first possession.

Nov 26 2006 1:06PM
(first down) -- Fred Taylor bounced it outside nicely for a first down at the Bills 25.

Nov 26 2006 1:07PM
(holding) -- On Maurice Williams puts the ball back at the Bills 35.

Nov 26 2006 1:10PM
(fumble) -- By David Garrard, but the Jaguars recover at the 24. Josh Scobee is on to attempt a field goal.

Nov 26 2006 1:10PM
(wide right) -- From 42 yards. He missed badly. That ends Scobee's streak at 15 consecutive field goals.

Nov 26 2006 1:15PM
(three and out) -- The Jaguars take over at their 24 following a block in the back during the return.

Nov 26 2006 1:19PM
(three and out) -- Back at ya, Buffalo.

Nov 26 2006 1:24PM
(Losman to Evans) -- The Buffalo quarterback has a gun.

Nov 26 2006 1:27PM
(interception, fumble) -- J.P. Losman threw a pop-up way short of his receiver. Dee Webb intercepted it but was hit and fumbled. Buffalo has it at the Jaguars 28, first down.

Nov 26 2006 1:30PM
(Losman to Evans) -- On a slant at the nine. The Bills are picking on Webb, no question.

Nov 26 2006 1:31PM
(touchdown) -- Willis McGahee scores from four yards out. There were missed tackles.

Nov 26 2006 1:33PM
(quick analysis) -- The Jaguars have to do something to help Webb. Evans is an outstanding route-runner. This is the first I've seen him in person and he's really smooth. Losman moves well, too.

Nov 26 2006 1:38PM
(three and out) -- Buffalo got a rush out of a four-man front. The Bills' energy may be higher right now.

Nov 26 2006 1:39PM
(Hanson's punt) -- Was into the wind and it was blown back at him. Scobee's field goal attempt waffled in the wind, too. Buffalo has it at its 43.

Nov 26 2006 1:41PM
(end of the first quarter) -- Buffalo has a third and five at its 48. This is a big play because the Bills would have to punt into the wind.

Nov 26 2006 1:43PM
(Webb interference) -- The kid is struggling. He's up against one of the top receivers in the league. The ball is at the Jaguars nine-yard line.

Nov 26 2006 1:45PM
(fourth down) -- The Bills are going to attempt a chip-shot field goal.

Nov 26 2006 1:45PM
(Rian Lindell) -- Is good from 21 yards.

Nov 26 2006 1:48PM
(tricky kick) -- Kyle Brady got to it just in time. It was a pooch into a soft spot. The Jags have it at their 38.

Nov 26 2006 1:49PM
(first down) -- Taylor's cutting back everything but it's working. The Jags should stick with him. First down at the Bills 43.

Nov 26 2006 1:50PM
(Jones-Drew to the 14) -- Right up the middle. That's where the Bills are soft.

Nov 26 2006 1:51PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew around right end. Nice play-calling by Offensive Coordinator Carl Smith. The Jags needed to stick with the run and they did.

Nov 26 2006 1:55PM
(different story) -- Throwing the ball into the wind. Losman has struggled on two throws.

Nov 26 2006 1:58PM
(Losman to Evans) -- On a deep out. Nice throw into the wind. The gain is 13 to the Bills 47.

Nov 26 2006 1:58PM
(Evans, again) -- This time against Rashean Mathis. Evans is a special receiver.

Nov 26 2006 2:00PM
(touchdown) -- McGahee went 30 yards around left end. He bounced out of the middle and beat the secondary to the goal line.

Nov 26 2006 2:01PM
(this is the first time) -- Since 10-10-04 the Jaguars have allowed two rushing touchdowns in the same game.

Nov 26 2006 2:02PM
(I'm impressed) -- With Losman. He has an interesting energy to his play. He has a Doug Flute-like style but a much better arm.

Nov 26 2006 2:03PM
(How windy is it?) -- Lindell's kickoff came down at the 20.

Nov 26 2006 2:04PM
(David Garrard) -- Is two of three for 13 yards.

Nov 26 2006 2:06PM
(most points) -- Allowed by the Jaguars in the first half this year.

Nov 26 2006 2:07PM
(Garrard to) -- Jones-Drew on a swing pass to the Bills 31. Gain of 28.

Nov 26 2006 2:08PM
(Garrard to) -- George Wrighster. First down at the Bills 21. This is now a shootout.

Nov 26 2006 2:10PM
(Jones-Drew) -- To the one. He was sent in motion and took an end-around kind of handoff. The Bills bought the fake up the middle.

Nov 26 2006 2:11PM
(the Jaguars) -- are averaging 7.9 yards per carry. Taylor has 68 yards rushing and Jones-Drew has 62.

Nov 26 2006 2:14PM
(touchdown) -- Garrard to Marcedes Lewis. Buffalo bit on the play-fake and Lewis was all alone in the end zone.

Nov 26 2006 2:16PM
(there's 1:11 left in the half) -- Let's see what the Bills decide to do from their 20. The Jags have three times out.

Nov 26 2006 2:18PM
(end of first half) -- Garrard is five of six for 53 yards, one touchdown and a 143.1 passer rating. The run is a powerful tool.

Nov 26 2006 2:21PM
(McGahee) -- Has 43 yards rushing and an 8.6 per carry average. He was a very unpopular first-round pick because his rookie season was lost to a knee injury. Nobody in Buffalo is complaining now.

Nov 26 2006 2:34PM
(Jags take over) -- At the 50.

Nov 26 2006 2:37PM
(just short of the first down) -- What to do?

Nov 26 2006 2:38PM
(that was close) -- Garrard just got it.

Nov 26 2006 2:43PM
(Bills rise up) -- The Jaguars lose yardage on three downs. They'll have to punt. They're downwind.

Nov 26 2006 2:45PM
(Roscoe Parrish returns) -- To the Bills 37. That was a big turnaround and this game. It looked like the Jags were headed toward a score.

Nov 26 2006 2:45PM
(the Jaguars) -- Must win the third quarter. They have the wind, then the Bills will have it in the fourth quarter.

Nov 26 2006 2:50PM
(Scott Starks) -- Has replaced Dee Webb. The Bills have to punt.

Nov 26 2006 2:54PM
(the Bills) -- Have tightened their run-defense. They're loading the box. Garrard may have to throw more. It's third and one.

Nov 26 2006 2:55PM
(they stopped it) -- They had nine in the box. They're daring the Jaguars to pass.

Nov 26 2006 2:57PM
(touchdown) -- Roscoe Parrish took it back 82 yards. He went right, he went left and got a block, then took it up the sideline. It was very reminiscent of the Antwaan Randle El punt return for a touchdown last season. That's the second-longest punt return by an opponent in Jaguars history.

Nov 26 2006 2:58PM
(Jack Del Rio) -- Warned us of the Bills' return ability. He sounded as though that was his main concern about the Bills.

Nov 26 2006 3:00PM
(good starting spot) -- After a celebration penalty and kicking into the wind, the Bills have allowed the Jaguars to start at the Bills 42. This is big.

Nov 26 2006 3:02PM
(late hit on Garrard) -- First down at the Bills 37.

Nov 26 2006 3:03PM
(first down) -- At the 18. Taylor up the middle for 13.

Nov 26 2006 3:05PM
(fourth down) -- At the nine. What to do? We'll find out when the fourth quarter begins.

Nov 26 2006 3:08PM
(field goal) -- Scobee hits it from 27 yards. The Jaguars are within a touchdown.

Nov 26 2006 3:15PM
(three and out) -- Jags have it at their 15 after holding by Ahmad Carroll on the return.

Nov 26 2006 3:18PM
(they'll have to throw it) -- Eventually. The Bills are choking the line of scrimmage. The pass is there.

Nov 26 2006 3:19PM
(three and out) -- Watch out. Here's Roscoe.

Nov 26 2006 3:20PM
(punt dead) -- At the Buffalo 38-yard line.

Nov 26 2006 3:23PM
(It looks like the Bills) -- Have decided to protect the lead.

Nov 26 2006 3:23PM
(what a play) -- By Lee Evans. He caught a short pass and made Mathis miss. First down for the Bills who will use the opportunity to take more time off the clock.

Nov 26 2006 3:24PM
(first down) -- At the Jags 38. Losman hits the tight end with a pass over the middle.

Nov 26 2006 3:26PM
(real conservative call) -- Draw play on third down. The Bills have to punt. Dick Jauron can get real conservative.

Nov 26 2006 3:27PM
(into the end zone) -- That strategy by the Bills really backfired.

Nov 26 2006 3:30PM
(third and 12 at the Jags 42) -- Big play of the game for the Jags. They must convert.

Nov 26 2006 3:31PM
(punt dead at Bills 15) -- There's 5:13 to play. The Jags will get one more chance to tie the game, but they must first stop the Bills.

Nov 26 2006 3:33PM
(third and seven) -- The Bills are being real conservative.

Nov 26 2006 3:34PM
(punt coming up) -- With that possession, Jauron effectively put the game in the hands of his defense.

Nov 26 2006 3:34PM
(the Jags have it) -- At their 38 with 2:58 to play.

Nov 26 2006 3:36PM
(Taylor's over 100) -- That's his 41st career 100-yard game; third of the year.

Nov 26 2006 3:37PM
(Jones-Drew) -- Gains 13 to the Bills 31 for a first down. We're at the two-minute warning.

Nov 26 2006 3:38PM
(as expected) -- The Bills are now playing pass, and the Jaguars are running the ball.

Nov 26 2006 3:40PM
(Garrard to) -- Wilford for 12.

Nov 26 2006 3:41PM
(too high) -- Garrard had Wrighster open at the goal line but the pass was too high. Third down.

Nov 26 2006 3:42PM
(false start) -- On Wrighster. The ball is moved back to the 24. It's third and 15.

Nov 26 2006 3:43PM
(false start) -- On Wrighster, again. The ball is moved back to the 29.

Nov 26 2006 3:43PM
(it's fourth down) -- This is it.

Nov 26 2006 3:44PM
(first down) -- Garrard scrambles to the Bills seven.

Nov 26 2006 3:45PM
(second and goal) -- At the four. Garrard gained 16 on fourth and 13. He broke a tackle to get the first down.

Nov 26 2006 3:45PM
(here's the story) -- There's :34 to play. We're in a time out. The ball is at the four, second down.

Nov 26 2006 3:46PM
(touchdown) -- Lob to Matt Jones.

Nov 26 2006 3:47PM
(I think) -- The Jags are lucky. They didn't get a booth review on that catch. I'm not sure Jones caught it. There was a bobble. Did he get both feet down after the re-catch?

Nov 26 2006 3:48PM
(the ball is at the Bills 40) -- There's :22 to play.

Nov 26 2006 3:49PM
(they're calling catch) -- We'll see.

Nov 26 2006 3:50PM
(review time) -- Parrish was ruled to have caught the ball along the sideline. The play is now under review. The ball is at the 24 with 10 seconds to play.

Nov 26 2006 3:52PM
(if it's a catch) -- The kick would be from about 41 yards. They just said it. It's a catch.

Nov 26 2006 3:53PM
(time out) -- Here we go. It'll be a 40 or 41-yard attempt.

Nov 26 2006 3:54PM
(it's good) -- From 42. Game over.

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