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In-game blog: Jags at Bucs's Senior Editor Vic Ketchman kept up with the action live as the Jaguars took on the Bucs in Tampa. Here's what he wrote.

8/23/08 at 4:42
Hi everybody and welcome to the press box at Raymond James Stadium. The weather forecast this evening is for rain, but that could be an off and on thing. Right now, it's just sprinkling. Of course, rain is nothing new for the Jaguars, who had plenty of practice time in the wet and wind this week. I'm glad you're with me.

8/23/08 at 5:28
If you read my game preview story, you have a pretty good idea where my interests lie in this game. I want to see evidence that left tackle, wide receiver and defensive end aren't trouble spots.

8/23/08 at 5:29
We just got a brief cloudburst. It stopped just as quickly. I think that's what we're looking at tonight in the way of weather.

8/23/08 at 5:50
Cole Pepper hit Brian, Jeff and I with an interesting question on radio: Who needs to have a big game tonight? Think about it for a few minutes and then I'll come back at you with my answer.

8/23/08 at 5:54
This was my reply to Cole's question: If it's who has to have a big night to win a roster spot, my answer would be Ryan Hoag. If it's who has to have a big night to hold his starting job, my answer would be Khalif Barnes. If it's who has to have a big night to keep the fans off his back, my answer would be David Garrard.

8/23/08 at 6:02
These Jaguars will not dress for tonight's game: Chad Nkang, Brad Meester, Derek Landri, Jerry Porter, George Wrighster, Jeremy Mincey.

8/23/08 at 6:23
It's official: Tampa Bay has the best press box food in the league.

8/23/08 at 7:34
The Jaguars won the coin toss and deferred. Tampa Bay will receive the kickoff. Enjoy the game.

8/23/08 at 7:36
The Bucs start at their 14 after a tackle by Montell Owens.

8/23/08 at 7:36
Jeff Garcia is making his first appearance of the preseason and he completed his first pass.

8/23/08 at 7:38
Earnest Graham fumbled on third and one. Reggie Hayward forced the fumble and Paul Spicer recovered at the Bucs 23.

8/23/08 at 7:39
A great run for a first down by Fred Taylor; a lot of stop and start. It's first and goal on the 10. Reggie Williams and Matt Jones are the starting wide receivers.

8/23/08 at 7:42
On third and goal, David Garrard throws to Williams but short of the goal line at the five. Josh Scobee is on for a chip shot attempt. It's good.

8/23/08 at 7:43
I'm not quite sure what they were trying to accomplish with that underneath pass. I don't think that's something they would've done on third and goal in a regular-season game.

8/23/08 at 7:47
Garcia just threw a horrible pass and Reggie Nelson intercepted. He just lobbed it into the air. Justin Durant got a penalty after the pick and the Jags have it at the Bucs' 27.

8/23/08 at 7:48
Maurice Jones-Drew has a sprained ankle and will not return.

8/23/08 at 7:49
Fred looks quick. The Jags have a first down at the 16.

8/23/08 at 7:50
Garrard throws to Matt Jones at the six for a first down.

8/23/08 at 7:53
Touchdown! Garrard threw to Dennis Northcutt short of the goal line and Northcutt made a defender miss.

8/23/08 at 7:54
This is classic Jaguars football. This is how they play and I don't see any reason to change. I'm talking about tough, opportunistic defense, aggressive special teams and ball-control offense.

8/23/08 at 7:56
The kickoff coverage has been fantastic. Gerald Sensabaugh made a big hit at the 16. The Bucs' starting spots have been the 14, 16 and 20. Any questions about the Jaguars' intensity?

8/23/08 at 7:59
Great food, bad view. The press box is in a corner of the end zone. I've never felt so far from the ball in my life.

8/23/08 at 8:00
The Bucs finally get a first down. The Jags defense is playing hard.

8/23/08 at 8:01
The Jaguars front seven is dominating; especially Tony McDaniel.

8/23/08 at 8:02
Garcia looks terrible. This has got to be reason for concern for the Bucs.

8/23/08 at 8:03
The guy next to me just said there's a reason they wanted Brett Favre.

8/23/08 at 8:05
After the punt, the Jags have it at their 21. This will be a better test for the offense; a long-field opportunity.

8/23/08 at 8:06
Holding on Vince Manuwai. Mike Walker is in the game for the first time.

8/23/08 at 8:07
Nice throw to Walker along the sideline. It gained 13 yards.

8/23/08 at 8:08
Perfect throw to Troy Williamson; couldn't hold on after the hit.

8/23/08 at 8:09
Sacked on third down. The rush came from Garrard's blind side. This was not a good series. Short-field stuff won't happen all the time. You have to be able to move the ball on a long field.

8/23/08 at 8:10
Jack Del Rio is right about Daryl Smith. He's one heckuva linebacker; stopped that short pass immediately.

8/23/08 at 8:12
That's the end of the first quarter. The Bucs have a first down at the Jaguars 35. My impressions? Great defense, great special teams, good running game, not enough suddenness in the passing game.

8/23/08 at 8:15
Garcia is starting to warm to the occasion.

8/23/08 at 8:16
The Bucs are moving it a little bit, but the Jaguars are flying to the ball. This is good to see.

8/23/08 at 8:17
First down at the 16.

8/23/08 at 8:17
Nearly intercepted by Drayton Florence on the tip. Garcia threw it high.

8/23/08 at 8:18
Intercepted in the end zone by Reggie Nelson. I can't imagine what Garcia saw. He threw another lob.

8/23/08 at 8:22
Garrard to Northcutt for a first down. Garrard looks fine. He made that throw on the run. He's been on target tonight.

8/23/08 at 8:23
Terrible throw by Garrard. Intercepted by Ronde Barber. It was intended for Walker. Barber read it all the way and stepped in front of Walker. The ball is at the Jaguars' 43.

8/23/08 at 8:24
It was an unforced error. The protection was fine. It was a long throw to the sideline. He just got too aggressive. That's a pass he didn't attempt last season.

8/23/08 at 8:26
The defense is playing fantastic football. Quentin Groves is in the game.

8/23/08 at 8:27
Garcia throws behind Michael Clayton but Clayton makes the catch for a first down. Time out Bucs.

8/23/08 at 8:28
I've been told that Jones-Drew's sprain is thought to be mild.

8/23/08 at 8:30
There have been 15 completed passes in this game and none have been for more than 13 yards.

8/23/08 at 8:31
Garcia throws for a first down at the Jaguars' 14. It would've been defensive holding if the pass hadn't been complete.

8/23/08 at 8:33
Touchdown! Garcia to Clayton; Florence was in single coverage. There was no pressure on Garcia. Groves was shoved deep.

8/23/08 at 8:37
Williamson went nowhere with the kickoff. He doesn't appear to be running full speed.

8/23/08 at 8:38
Garrard to Marcedes Lewis; third and two. Where has he been?

8/23/08 at 8:39
Sacked! Nobody was open and he couldn't wait any longer. This kind of pass-rush is going to force Garrard to run. I'd hate to see that happen.

8/23/08 at 8:40
Just a so-so punt. The Bucs have it at midfield. Brian Griese has replaced Garcia at quarterback.

8/23/08 at 8:41
We're at the two-minute warning.

8/23/08 at 8:45
First down at the Jags' 27 with 1:07 to play. The Bucs are nibbling.

8/23/08 at 8:46
The ball is inside the 10 now.

8/23/08 at 8:49
Fourth and goal from the five. It's kick time. He missed it to the right. I guess that's why they play the preseason.

8/23/08 at 8:50
Garrard is seven of 11 for 65 yards, one touchdown, one interception and a 72.2 passer rating. He's been sacked twice.

8/23/08 at 8:53
The analysis is easy. The passing game is lagging. There's an inability to stretch the field, get separation or do anything after the catch. The field is getting smaller and smaller for the offense and it's now hurting the running game. The pass-blocking has contributed to the failures.

8/23/08 at 8:55
Garrard was fine until the bad throw and the subsequent interception. It was a classic case of forcing a pass he shouldn't have thrown; the receiver wasn't open. My concern is that he might start relying on his running ability and that, in my opinion, would be a step backward. It's real simple: The Jaguars must stretch the field with their passing game.

8/23/08 at 9:05
The Jags start the second half with good field position at their 31. Yeah, Northcutt does something sudden. He takes a short pass and runs away from defenders for a first down and more. Tack on roughing the passer and the Jags are at the Bucs 33.

8/23/08 at 9:06
Garrard to Matt Jones for 28 yards to the four-yard line.

8/23/08 at 9:08
The bad news is that the Bucs are playing reserves on defense.

8/23/08 at 9:11
Touchdown! Garrard to Lewis.

8/23/08 at 9:18
The action has slowed considerably. It's a dink and dunk fest.

8/23/08 at 9:19
A poor punt gives the Jags great field position at their 42. Cleo Lemon is the quarterback. He's playing with the ones.

8/23/08 at 9:23
It's fourth and one at midfield. The Jags are going for it.

8/23/08 at 9:25
Greg Jones was stopped. The Bucs take over.

8/23/08 at 9:25
Brian Iwuh sprained an ankle; return questionable.

8/23/08 at 9:26
That's the longest pass (in the air) of the night. First down at the Jags' 32.

8/23/08 at 9:26
Reserves in the game on defense. First down at the 21.

8/23/08 at 9:29
The Jags recover a fumble at their seven-yard line. Tampa is challening the call.

8/23/08 at 9:30
It looks like the runner was down before the ball came out.

8/23/08 at 9:31
It's Tampa's ball at the seven. It was an easy reversal.

8/23/08 at 9:32
Nearly intercepted. Griese had all day to throw and then forced one into two defenders. I guess that's why they call it a preseason game.

8/23/08 at 9:33
Griese is sacked by Clint Ingram as Griese attempted to run, er, whatever you call that. It's kick time. Drum roll. It's good.

8/23/08 at 9:34
In my opinion, the first half was the standard we should use to judge this game. That's when the first teams played.

8/23/08 at 9:36
Williamson returns the kickoff. I don't know what the deal is there. He may still be favoring his leg injury. He's not showing much.

8/23/08 at 9:37
The Jags' first team offensive line is still in the game. Tony Pashos just got called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

8/23/08 at 9:38
The pass deflected off Walker and was intercepted, but there's pass interference against the defense. They're calling an early hit. It was real close.

8/23/08 at 9:41
D'Juan Woods catches the ball, breaks a tackle and gets a first down. He's in the mix.

8/23/08 at 9:44
That's the end of the third quarter. The Jags are facing a fourth down. I wonder if we'll see Todd Bouman tonight.

8/23/08 at 9:46
The Jags went for it on fourth and three and Woods caught a four-yard pass for a first down.

8/23/08 at 9:47
By leaving the first team offensive line in the game, the Jags are making sure they get a true look at Lemon.

8/23/08 at 9:49
Scobee is good from 47.

8/23/08 at 9:52
The Jaguars kick coverage tonight has been fantastic. Luke McCown is in the game at QB. False start.

8/23/08 at 9:53
We're down to the shock troops now.

8/23/08 at 9:53
Jimmy Kennedy gets a sack. Punt time.

8/23/08 at 9:56
The second team offensive line is in the game.

8/23/08 at 10:00
The Jags have to punt. This game is grinding to a halt. I think both coaches want it that way. This is when the preseason gets long. Thoughts are turning to the season-opener.

8/23/08 at 10:04
Tre Williams intercepted a pass while I was away. The Jags are inside the 10-yard line. The Bucs have two guys down. One appears to be in a bad way.

8/23/08 at 10:06
We have a lengthy delay. Something appears to be very wrong. The whole Tampa team is coming out to the injured player.

8/23/08 at 10:08
Antoine Cash is the player still down. He's a third-year LB from Southern Mississippi.

8/23/08 at 10:08
Players from both teams have circled Cash. I'm unable to see him.

8/23/08 at 10:10
Cash has been put on a stretcher. He's strapped down. On the replay, Cash's head made contact with another player's thigh. That player had to be helped from the field. This looks bad.

8/23/08 at 10:10
We're back to action; third and goal.

8/23/08 at 10:11
Scobee is on for a short field goal attempt. It's good, 23-10.

8/23/08 at 10:12
I'm going to head downstairs, folks. Thanks for being with me tonight.

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