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In-game blog: Jags at Chiefs

Oct 7 2007 11:21AM
Hi and welcome to the press box at Arrowhead Stadium. The Jaguars should feel right at home today because rain is in the forecast. We had a brief shower a few minutes ago.

Oct 7 2007 11:50AM
Jaguars inactives: Josh Scobee, LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Justin Durant, Brad Meester, Derek Landri, Richard Collier and Kenny Pettway. Mo Williams is starting at left tackle for Khalif Barnes, who has an ankle injury.

Oct 7 2007 11:51AM
Chiefs inactives: Tyler Thigpen, Benny Sapp, Dimitri Patterson, Herb Taylor, Kyle Turley, Bobby Sippio, James Reed and Keyaron Fox.

Oct 7 2007 12:14PM
I&39;m watching the Jaguars in pregame and I see a lot of energy. I don&39;t know if it&39;s playfulness or readiness, but they are making a point of expressing it.

Oct 7 2007 12:28PM
I&39;ll be heading to the radio booth for my "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment with Brian Sexton and Jeff Lageman on the Jaguars Radio Network. I&39;ll be back just before kickoff.

Oct 7 2007 1:03PM
Skies are overcast, the temperature is 78 degrees, winds are from the south at 10 mph and the humidity is 76 percent. Showers are likely. Folks, it may even be steamier than Jacksonville. It is not comfortable in Arrowhead.

Oct 7 2007 1:04PM
The Chiefs have not scored a point in the first quarter this season. The Jaguars have only allowed three points in the first quarter.

Oct 7 2007 1:05PM
Kansas City won the toss and returned the kickoff to their 23-yard line. Enjoy the game, everyone.

Oct 7 2007 1:06PM
Kris Wilson hauls in a pass from Damon Huard for 30 yards to the Jaguars 47 on the first play of the game. Huard follows with a pass to the other tight end, Tony Gonzalez, to the 30. Ouch!

Oct 7 2007 1:08PM
Sammie Parker catches one in the middle of the field for a first down at the Jaguars 12; gain of 15.

Oct 7 2007 1:11PM
The Jaguars hold firm and force a field goal attempt. Dave Rayner misses wide left from 31. The Jaguars dodged a serious bullet.

Oct 7 2007 1:12PM
The Chiefs clearly went after the Jaguars safeties in that drive. That&39;s something we have to keep an eye on.

Oct 7 2007 1:15PM
David Garrard to Maurice Jones-Drew for a first down on third down; gain of 12 to the Jaguars 36.

Oct 7 2007 1:17PM
Jared Allen with the sack. He beat Mo Williams around the left edge.

Oct 7 2007 1:18PM
Allen and Tamba Hali are really quick. I am really impressed with their energy. Tony Pashos is going to have a handful today with Hali, too.

Oct 7 2007 1:20PM
Garrard to Dennis Northcutt for a first down on third and 15. Garrard picks up right where he left off in Denver.

Oct 7 2007 1:22PM
Fred Taylor rips up the middle for a first down at the Chiefs 32. The Jags offense looks sharp.

Oct 7 2007 1:23PM
Garrard moved away from trouble but should&39;ve just thrown it out of bounds instead of taking the sack for two yards.

Oct 7 2007 1:23PM
Jones-Drew tears up the middle for a first down. He ran behind Mo Williams.

Oct 7 2007 1:25PM
The Jags are facing a third and inches at the eight-yard line.

Oct 7 2007 1:26PM
Garrard sneaks for a first down, just across the Chiefs eight-yard line.

Oct 7 2007 1:32PM
The Chiefs hold. John Carney kicks a 20-yard field goal. That&39;s the 18th play of the drive, which ties a Jaguars record for most plays in a scoring drive in Jaguars history. That&39;s twice this year.

Oct 7 2007 1:33PM
That&39;s the first time the Jaguars have scored on their opening possession this season. Everything about the Jaguars offense looks good. Taylor and Jones-Drew are off to strong starts. Garrard is four of five for 46 yards.

Oct 7 2007 1:35PM
Carney has just kicked his fifth touchback of the season in three games.

Oct 7 2007 1:37PM
Jack Del Rio is wearing sunglasses. It&39;s so overcast I&39;m surprised he&39;s not wearing a miner&39;s helmet.

Oct 7 2007 1:38PM
Huard to Gonzalez, first down. The Jaguars are clearly focused on stopping Johnson. They&39;re going to make Huard beat them.

Oct 7 2007 1:39PM
Huard to Gonzalez for 18. The Chiefs have targeted Sammy Knight.

Oct 7 2007 1:39PM
Larry Johnson has carried four times for one yards.

Oct 7 2007 1:43PM
The Jags have it at their 20 following a punt.

Oct 7 2007 1:45PM
Garrard to Northcutt; first down. Garrard is beginning to amaze me.

Oct 7 2007 1:47PM
Garrard to Greg Estandia; first down. That&39;s five receivers who&39;ve already caught passes. I&39;m next.

Oct 7 2007 1:48PM
Jones-Drew goes the distance. He left the Chiefs safeties grasping at air. That&39;s his first touchdown of the season. The run gained 52 yards, the second-longest run of his career.

Oct 7 2007 1:49PM
I have never seen the Jaguars offense look better. There are gaping holes up front. Taylor and Jones-Drew have fresh legs. Garrard continues to be on fire.

Oct 7 2007 1:54PM
Three and out; the Chiefs want the ball in Johnson&39;s hands but the Jaguars are bound and determined to stop him.

Oct 7 2007 1:56PM
First down for the Jags at their 23.

Oct 7 2007 1:59PM
Garrard hits Estandia with a lovely throw and the Chiefs rough the passer. First down for the Jags at their 47. They are in complete control. I&39;d like to see them lean on their running game now.

Oct 7 2007 2:00PM
Garrard scrambles for 10. First down at the Chiefs 43.

Oct 7 2007 2:02PM
The Jags are facing a third-and-three at the Chiefs 36. This might be four-down territory. We&39;re in a timeout right now.

Oct 7 2007 2:05PM
Garrard shovels to Jones-Drew on third and six after a false start by Vince Manuwai. First down at the 30.

Oct 7 2007 2:07PM
Fourth down; Carney is on for a 48-yard field goal attempt. The kick is wide right.

Oct 7 2007 2:08PM
The Chiefs may have found something on defense. They got home with a couple of blitzes that went unblocked. They&39;ll come back to them.

Oct 7 2007 2:09PM
Huard to Gonzalez again. This one goes to the Jaguars 40 for 22 yards. Gonzalez is clearly their star player today.

Oct 7 2007 2:13PM
The Chiefs are facing third and nine at the Jags 39 with 1:15 to play in the first half.

Oct 7 2007 2:14PM
The Chiefs are going to punt. How about that for a little respect for the Jaguars offense? KC just called another timeout.

Oct 7 2007 2:16PM
Just kneel down and go to the locker room, please. The Jags have rushed for 113 yards to the Chiefs&39; seven. They&39;re kneeling. I need a hot dog.

Oct 7 2007 2:17PM
Garrard is 10 of 13 for 98 yards, 97.6 passer rating. Huard is eight of 12 for 118 yards, 98.6 rating. Taylor has nine rushes for 30 yards; Jones-Drew five for 72 and a touchdown.

Oct 7 2007 2:31PM
Sack. The Chiefs pass-rush has a taste of blood. This could become a major problem.

Oct 7 2007 2:33PM
Garrard to Reggie Williams on third down for a first down. I&39;m amazed at Garrard&39;s accuracy.

Oct 7 2007 2:35PM
Incomplete on third and six. The Chiefs were in an all-out blitz. While the defense is on the field, the Jaguars offensive coaches have to address the pass-rush.

Oct 7 2007 2:36PM
Adam Podlesh&39;s punt goes out of bounds at the Chiefs three-yard line. That should give him a boost of confidence. That 56-yard punt is his longest as a pro.

Oct 7 2007 2:39PM
Huard to Dwayne Bowe for a first down on third and long. That was a big play. If the Chiefs had failed, the Jags would&39;ve been in position to put the game away.

Oct 7 2007 2:42PM
Gonzalez has six catches for 86 yards. He grabbed another one for a first down, then Paul Spicer sacked Huard on first down.

Oct 7 2007 2:42PM
Screen pass to Johnson goes nowhere. Anywhere Johnson goes, so do a lot of Jaguars.

Oct 7 2007 2:44PM
Northcutt returns the punt to the Jags 26. This is a big drive. The Jags can put it away.

Oct 7 2007 2:47PM
Sack; the Jaguars can&39;t block the Chiefs rush.

Oct 7 2007 2:47PM
Three and out. This one may be in the hands of the defense now.

Oct 7 2007 2:48PM
Good punt by Podlesh; 48 yards to the Chiefs 20.

Oct 7 2007 2:52PM
Three and out; the defense is dominant.

Oct 7 2007 2:53PM
The Jags won that change of possession. They have it at their 40.

Oct 7 2007 2:56PM
Jones-Drew almost popped through the line. He would&39;ve gone all the way. It&39;s third and one.

Oct 7 2007 2:56PM
Taylor gains nothing. The Jags will punt. This is a field position game now.

Oct 7 2007 2:58PM
Podlesh kills it at the eight. He&39;s a weapon today.

Oct 7 2007 3:01PM
Great catch by Bowe for a first down. Rashean Mathis was all over it.

Oct 7 2007 3:02PM
That&39;s the end of the third quarter. I&39;ll take this chance to tell you what I think is happening. The Jags don&39;t think Huard can get the ball to his wide receivers. They&39;ve only caught four passes for 58 yards so far. As a result, the field the Chiefs are playing on is very small.

Oct 7 2007 3:08PM
Punt time again. Eventually, something has to happen.

Oct 7 2007 3:10PM
Garrard to Matt Jones for 11. There it is. I predicted he&39;d have a breakout game.

Oct 7 2007 3:11PM
Garrard to Ernest Wilford for 12 yards and a first down.

Oct 7 2007 3:12PM
Garrard to Northcutt for a big one; 40 yards to the Chiefs 15.

Oct 7 2007 3:13PM
Garrard to Jones to the six. Garrard is back on rhythm.

Oct 7 2007 3:16PM
Touchdown! Garrard to Northcutt; precision execution. The ball was there when Northcutt came out of his break. With 8:26 to play, the Jags appear to have win number three in the bag. This is a real big win.

Oct 7 2007 3:18PM
Garrard is 17 of 22 for 190 yards, one touchdown and 117.6. He is about to become the first Jaguars quarterback not to have thrown an interception in the first four games of any season. Folks, he&39;s playing at a level higher than any quarterback I&39;ve seen since Mark Brunell was in his prime.

Oct 7 2007 3:19PM
Northcutt has already surpassed his 2006 yards receiving total.

Oct 7 2007 3:21PM
The David Garrard I&39;m watching play today bears no resemblance to the guy I watched play in this same stadium on last New Year&39;s Eve. Reggie Nelson just intercepted Huard.

Oct 7 2007 3:26PM
The last time the Jaguars shut out their opponent was against the Jets last season, 10-8-06.

Oct 7 2007 3:30PM
It&39;s raining with 6:08 to play. The Jags have the ball.

Oct 7 2007 3:33PM
We&39;re inside five minutes. The Jags have a first down. I&39;m gonna pick it up and head downstairs. Thanks for joining me.

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