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In-game blog: Jags at Colts Senior editor Vic Ketchman followed the action live as the Jaguars defeated the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Here's what he wrote.

9/21/08 at 12:53pm

Hi, everybody, and welcome to the press box high atop, and I really do mean high atop, Lucas Oil Stadium. I'm gonna take a look around and I'll give you my thoughts on the new ballpark a little later. The blog begins now.

9/21/08 at 1:37pm

Lucas Oil Stadium is a beautiful facility. It is sized perfectly for the market (63,000) and it has a lot of charm for an indoor stadium. Clearly, Reliant Stadium is its prototype. One of the strongest features of this stadium is an end zone wall of glass that affords a view outside that helps brighten the building and softens the dome feeling.

9/21/08 at 1:40pm

Now for the negative: The press box is higher than any seat in the building. I think I had a better view from my hotel room window. Considering the speed of light, I may be a little slow in my observations today. I'll call it the Andromeda factor.

9/21/08 at 1:45pm

I'm watching the Texans-Titans game on TV and with Kerry Collins at quarterback, the Titans look very, very strong.

9/21/08 at 2:15pm

Excuse me, I have to go to the men's room because my nose just started to bleed. It must be the altitude.

9/21/08 at 2:15pm

If you're looking for steals in the draft, you might start with Steve Slaton in the third round by Houston.

9/21/08 at 2:19pm

Cover a game in the RCA Dome and my ears bleed. Cover a game in Lucas Oil Stadium and my nose bleeds. Go figure.

9/21/08 at 2:53pm

Jaguars inactives: Justin Durant, Brad Meester, Chris Naeole, Troy Williamson, Chauncey Washington, Charles Spencer, Jimmy Kennedy, Jerry Porter (third quarterback).

9/21/08 at 3:09pm

Clint Ingram, of course, will start at linebacker in place of Justin Durant.

9/21/08 at 3:09pm

Melvin Bullitt will start at safety in place of Bob Sanders.

9/21/08 at 3:11pm

I apologize in advance for not being able to provide video of this game on Our cameraman was denied sideline access by the Colts.

9/21/08 at 3:14pm

The roof is going to remain closed because there's a threat of rain. I'll let you know if it rains.

9/21/08 at 3:18pm

Miami is beating New England, 35-13. I think the Patriots miss Tom Brady.

9/21/08 at 3:22pm

I'm heading over to the radio booth. I'll be back for the coin toss.

9/21/08 at 4:08pm

Colts fans have filled the building. No empty seats here.

9/21/08 at 4:09pm

The official weather forecast calls for a 10 percent chance of rain. Why lie? Just close the roof and turn up the speakers. Everybody knows it.

9/21/08 at 4:10pm

The Jaguars won the toss and deferred. The Colts will receive. Enjoy the game.

9/21/08 at 4:13pm

The Colts start at their 20 and Dallas Clark makes a fabulous one-handed grab at the Colts 49.

9/21/08 at 4:15pm

Joseph Addai rushes twice and gains a first down at the Jags' 39. That's not going to get it done. Then Manning follows with a pass to Reggie Wayne for 14; poor defense.

9/21/08 at 4:16pm

The Colts are running at Drayton Florence. He's got to come up and make the hit.

9/21/08 at 4:16pm

Offside; now the ball is at the 15.

9/21/08 at 4:18pm

Manning to Clark to the eight-yard line. When are the Jags going to get a stop on one play, let alone the drive?

9/21/08 at 4:19pm

Touchdown! Marvin Harrison beat Rashean Mathis. Awful start; just what the Jaguars didn't need.

9/21/08 at 4:20pm

That was so easy that if I'm Jack Del Rio I'm going to have a talk with my defense right now. Nobody hit anybody.

9/21/08 at 4:22pm

First play, David Garrard was nearly sacked; close to a fumble.

9/21/08 at 4:24pm

Three and out; Jags have to punt. They need a big punt and a quick stop.

9/21/08 at 4:24pm

There's the big punt part; 60 yards by Adam Podlesh. Quentin Groves make a quick tackle and the Colts will start at their 13.

9/21/08 at 4:26pm

The Colts are running the ball. They were dead last in the league going into the game.

9/21/08 at 4:29pm

Third and one, Addai ran right at Derrick Harvey. He was slanting inside. Gain of 11.

9/21/08 at 4:29pm

Sack! Daryl Smith got it. That's the first positive thing to happen in this game for the Jaguars.

9/21/08 at 4:31pm

Manning's pass is a yard shy of the first down. The punt team is on. Dennis Northcutt makes a fair catch at the Jaguars 16. OK, time to start over.

9/21/08 at 4:35pm

Three runs produce a first down. Maurice Jones-Drew cut it back for a sizeable gain on third and three.

9/21/08 at 4:38pm

The Jags are running the ball. That's the way to do it. Stick with it.

9/21/08 at 4:40pm

Jones-Drew gets the first down on third and two. He popped off about wanting more carries and now he's producing.

9/21/08 at 4:41pm

Holding on Tony Pashos. That really hurts in a ball-control drive. The call is ridiculous. What was the official watching?

9/21/08 at 4:41pm

Fred Taylor bursts into the open. He ran over a guy at the Colts 40. It's a 27-yard run to the Colts' 25.

9/21/08 at 4:42pm

That's the end of the first quarter. Why did they defer? Why not take the opening kickoff, run the ball and put the Colts in a hole?

9/21/08 at 4:44pm

The Colts are very active on defense; lot of blitzes, stunts, games. They're vulnerable to the big play.

9/21/08 at 4:45pm

And there it is. A little dump to Jones-Drew into the face of a heavy rush. The gain carries to the Colts 10.

9/21/08 at 4:47pm

If the Jaguars had one receiver who could do something, they'd blow these guys out.

9/21/08 at 4:48pm

Nobody open on third down. Garrard had no choice but to dump it for Jones-Drew; incomplete. Josh Scobee kicks a chip-shot FG.

9/21/08 at 4:51pm

The kickoff goes out of bounds; come on. They have no weapons in the return game.

9/21/08 at 4:53pm

Bad pass by Manning for Harrison. He was all alone down the sideline. The Jags were blitzing.

9/21/08 at 4:54pm

Dropped by Reggie Wayne. It's third and 10.

9/21/08 at 4:55pm

Punt time. The Jags are starting to get some hits on Manning.

9/21/08 at 4:59pm

Jones-Drew is having a huge game.

9/21/08 at 5:01pm

The run is causing the Colts to commit more men to the line of scrimmage. At some point Garrard should be able to take advantage of it, but why stop running?

9/21/08 at 5:01pm

Jones-Drew blows through a huge hole. The Colts defense is a sieve.

9/21/08 at 5:02pm

Even when the Colts make the stop, the Jaguars gain 3-4 yards. The ball is at the Colts' 17.

9/21/08 at 5:03pm

Why do that? Why do that end around play with Reggie Williams? It never works. It's third and eight.

9/21/08 at 5:03pm

On fourth and two, the Jags are going for it. Hmmm.

9/21/08 at 5:04pm

Fred didn't get it. Neither do I.

9/21/08 at 5:05pm

The Jags have already rushed for 100 yards. They've got to find a way to take advantage of that in the passing game.

9/21/08 at 5:08pm

The bomb from Manning to Wayne. He beat Florence. The play gained 40 yards to the Jags' 47.

9/21/08 at 5:08pm

Touchdown! Mathis stepped in front of Harrison, intercepted the pass and ran down the sideline.

9/21/08 at 5:09pm

Manning's stats look pretty good, other than for that interception, but he is not the same guy. He doesn't look comfortable in the pocket and I'm starting to wonder about his arm strength.

9/21/08 at 5:11pm

People ask me, what is it that makes you doubt a guy's arm strength? The answer is his percentage of completion outside the numbers. Manning is beginning to "live" between the numbers.

9/21/08 at 5:15pm

I'm not crazy about the Jags' run-defense. Two runs get a first down.

9/21/08 at 5:20pm

Florence and Gerald Sensabaugh; same honey hole as the Lee Evans catch. It's cover two and they've got to pinch tighter.

9/21/08 at 5:21pm

How did Mathis not get called for pass interference on that one? It was a long ball for Harrison in the end zone. Mathis reached out and tackled Harrison.

9/21/08 at 5:22pm

They got him that time. Mathis reached out and grabbed Harrison. First down at the Jags' 20. You weren't going to get away with it twice.

9/21/08 at 5:23pm

The Colts' line has had a bunch of false starts. The Jags are getting some rush but they're not getting home.

9/21/08 at 5:24pm

Dominic Rhodes blows around left end to the five. We're at the two-minute warning. The Colts' game plan would appear to be run at Florence, throw at Mathis.

9/21/08 at 5:25pm

All four of the Jaguars' receptions are by Jones-Drew. That's not what you want.

9/21/08 at 5:27pm

Touchdown! Addai makes it on the second try. This isn't the Jags defense I know.

9/21/08 at 5:30pm

They're running with 1:20 to play. That tells me they're afraid to pass.

9/21/08 at 5:31pm

They're letting the clock expire. Why aren't the Colts stopping the clock? I don't get it on both sides.

9/21/08 at 5:47pm

Fred is 32nd in NFL history in yards from scrimmage. He just passed Herschel Walker and Roger Craig.

9/21/08 at 5:47pm

The Jags are doing a nice job up front and the backs are running hard. Now they need to get somebody loose in the passing game.

9/21/08 at 5:49pm

Unless I'm missing something, there's a major flaw in this stadium: There's no out-of-town scoreboard.

9/21/08 at 5:49pm

Garrard throws to Matt Jones for eight yards on third and seven. Back to the run.

9/21/08 at 5:51pm

Big third and three play at midfield. This may be four-down territory.

9/21/08 at 5:52pm

Jones-Drew gets it. The line moved the line of scrimmage.

9/21/08 at 5:54pm

Same pass to Jones for a first down. Right on the money, right on the sticks. This is the Garrard of last season. Of course, he has a runnin game today.

9/21/08 at 5:55pm

The drive is now 13 plays old and it's only to the Colts' 30. It's third and six.

9/21/08 at 5:57pm

Interception! Garrard was throwing for Reggie Williams. Kelvin Hayden stepped in front of Williams to make the pick. Garrard was rolling to that side. He obviously should've thrown it away.

9/21/08 at 5:59pm

That's the only mistake Garrard has made today but it's a big one. It's the kind of mistake he didn't make last season. At this point, he's not the same quarterback.

9/21/08 at 6:00pm

Interception! By Brian Williams. It was a beautiful play. Williams read Manning's eyes all the way. Manning threw into triple coverage. He's not the same quarterback, either.

9/21/08 at 6:01pm

Right now, we've got two quarterbacks with very poor passer ratings. Garrard is at 38.1 and Manning has fallen to 62.5.

9/21/08 at 6:02pm

Reggie Nelson was injured on the play. It's a leg injury.

9/21/08 at 6:03pm

Eventually, the Jags have to open up the field. It's beginning to close.

9/21/08 at 6:04pm

Garrard to Marcedes Lewis for a first down.

9/21/08 at 6:05pm

Garrard to Jones for a first down. Garrard has been very sharp on most of his passes.

9/21/08 at 6:06pm

Long run by Fred. He cut it back to the left. A classic Fred cutback. Fred is over a hundred yards and the ball is at the Colts' 10.

9/21/08 at 6:10pm

Touchdown! Jones-Drew cut back and breezed into the end zone. The Colts are over-pursuing everything.

9/21/08 at 6:11pm

Has anyone seen Dwight Freeney? Is he even playing?

9/21/08 at 6:13pm

This is a game the Jaguars should be winning handily. If they get a play by the defense here, the flood gates could open.

9/21/08 at 6:14pm

Now is when you rush the passer.

9/21/08 at 6:17pm

Three and out. Manning looks jittery. That's the end of the third quarter. The Jaguars have a chance to make this the end of the Colts. Do the Jags have the killer instinct to do it?

9/21/08 at 6:20pm

Big punt and Brian Witherspoon did nothing with it. He went the wrong way. The ball is at the Jags' 14.

9/21/08 at 6:23pm

Big third-down play right now.

9/21/08 at 6:23pm

The QB draw play; works every time.

9/21/08 at 6:24pm

Garrard's got to stay in the pocket. He ran right into a tackle; got two yards but he would've had more time to throw.

9/21/08 at 6:25pm

Here's another third-down play. The Jags just can't do anything big in the passing game.

9/21/08 at 6:25pm

Garrard to Jones; right at the sticks. It was a nice catch by Jones, who left his feet.

9/21/08 at 6:26pm

Jones-Drew breaks loose for 14 yards.

9/21/08 at 6:27pm

The Jaguars have doubled up the Colts in time of possession. They're seven of 11 on third down.

9/21/08 at 6:28pm

A little flip forward to Greg Jones to avoid the rush and Jones gains a first down. This is like building a brick wall.

9/21/08 at 6:29pm

Holding; that hurts. It's on Dennis Norman; back to the Colts' 40.

9/21/08 at 6:30pm

Jones-Drew bursts off right tackle for a first down. Now he's over 100 yards. The Colts defense is whipped.

9/21/08 at 6:31pm

They need the knockout punch now. I think it's going to take a pass.

9/21/08 at 6:32pm

It's third and eight at the 20. A field goal isn't good enough, in my opinion.

9/21/08 at 6:33pm

Garrard to Matt Jones on the slant, just beyond the sticks. Man, Garrard has been sharp with his short passes.

9/21/08 at 6:33pm

Indy is playing run at all cost now. It's second and goal at the 10 with 3:40 to play.

9/21/08 at 6:34pm

Another run; it's third and goal from the five. I guess we should look for Garrard to Jones.

9/21/08 at 6:35pm

Time out by the Colts with 2:43 to play. That's their first time out. Jones would've been in single coverage against Tim Jennings, who is 5-8.

9/21/08 at 6:36pm

Here we go. Game time.

9/21/08 at 6:38pm

Run? Gains two. It's kick time, I guess. Yeah, here comes Scobee. Indy calls time out number two. OK, but a field goal doesn't clinch anything. Should they have been more aggressive?

9/21/08 at 6:39pm

OK, Scobee's going to make this kick and then the game is going to be in the hands of the defense, just as it was last week. I don't wanna hear about Garrard and the offense. They've done their job. Now it's up to the defense.

9/21/08 at 6:40pm

All right, defense. It's up to you.

9/21/08 at 6:43pm

Longest drive in team history, 12:18. It was 18 plays. I got more gray hair during it.

9/21/08 at 6:43pm

The Colts start at their 23. This is Manning time. He's at the test. Is he his old self?

9/21/08 at 6:45pm

Florence broke up a deep ball for Dallas Clark. The pass hung in the air too long.

9/21/08 at 6:46pm

The fans are booing but it was a clean, shoulder to shoulder hit.

9/21/08 at 6:47pm

Incomplete; Manning is really off his game. Good thing he doesn't QB in Jacksonville.

9/21/08 at 6:47pm

Fourth and about four. They have to go for it. This is it.

9/21/08 at 6:48pm

We're at the two-minute warning. Make it fourth and two at the Colts' 31.

9/21/08 at 6:49pm

If he misses here, I'm gonna fly out of here.

9/21/08 at 6:50pm

Long completion to Manning. He was in single coverage with Will James.

9/21/08 at 6:51pm

Manning scrambles to the 30. How could James be in single coverage on Harrison?

9/21/08 at 6:51pm

There's 1:23 to play and the Colts are at the Jags' 22. I'm stunned by the fourth-down play.

9/21/08 at 6:52pm

Out at the one; Manning to Wayne. Florence pushed him out of bounds. He was all alone. You've got to be kidding me. Where's the pressure? Where's the coverage?

9/21/08 at 6:53pm

It';s third down. He threw it away on second down. There's 1:11 to play. The ball is at the two. My mistake.

9/21/08 at 6:54pm

Touchdown! Addai on a trap play up the middle. As I said earlier, this is not the Jags defense I've known.

9/21/08 at 6:54pm

The kick is good. This is devastating.

9/21/08 at 6:56pm

The ball is at the 20. There's 1:07 to play. Can't run now.

9/21/08 at 6:57pm

Three-yard pass; the clock is moving.

9/21/08 at 6:57pm

He's nibbling. It won't work. Time out Jags with :35 to play. It's third and one.

9/21/08 at 6:58pm

Incomplete; fourth down.

9/21/08 at 6:59pm

Incomplete but interference. That's a gift; late flag.

9/21/08 at 7:00pm

Pass to the 50; time out, second one. The Jags have one left with 19 seconds to play.

9/21/08 at 7:01pm

To Lewis at the Colts 42. Out of bounds with :14 to play.

9/21/08 at 7:02pm

Complete, time out. Garrard to Mike Walker at the Colts' 33. It's kick time. Scobee from 50.

9/21/08 at 7:03pm

Time out, Colts. They're icing him.

9/21/08 at 7:03pm

It's from 51 and Scobee did it from 53 in Indy in 2004, I believe.

9/21/08 at 7:04pm

Good. Bye.

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