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In-game blog: Jags at Dolphins

Dec 3 2006 12:59PM
(pregame) -- Hi, everybody, I'm in the press box at Dolphin Stadium. With this game today, the Jaguars will have played a regular-season game every NFL city.

Dec 3 2006 2:57PM
(pregame) -- Jaguars inactives: Charles Sharon, LaBrandon Toefield, Montell Owens, Ahmad Carroll, Nick Sorensen, Richard Collier, James Wyche and Tony McDaniel.

Dec 3 2006 2:58PM
(pregame) -- Dolphins inactives: Daunte Culpepper, Marcus Vick, Ronnie Brown, Keith Newman, Frederick Evans, Geno James, Kevin Vickerson and Dan Wilkinson.

Dec 3 2006 4:05PM
(coin toss) -- Miami won the toss and will receive.

Dec 3 2006 4:06PM
(the Dolphins) -- Will start at their 20. Josh Scobee got a touchback.

Dec 3 2006 4:09PM
(Miami is) -- Driving. The Dolphins have a first down near midfield.

Dec 3 2006 4:11PM
(third and 10) -- Joey Harrington completes a pass for 10 yards and a first down at the Jaguars 35-yard line. Harrington is sharp in the early going.

Dec 3 2006 4:13PM
(Cleveland has) -- Just beaten Kansas City in overtime. That's a big win for the Jaguars.

Dec 3 2006 4:16PM
(that's another) -- First down for Miami. Harrington hit Wes Welker again. The ball is at the Jaguars 24.

Dec 3 2006 4:17PM
(third and three) -- This is the first big play of the game.

Dec 3 2006 4:18PM
(touchdown) -- Harrington hit Marty Booker coming over the middle and underneath the pass-defense. Harrington barely got the snap off in time.

Dec 3 2006 4:19PM
(the drive) -- Covered 80 yards in 14 plays. It ate up 7:20 of the clock.

Dec 3 2006 4:21PM
(that's the ) -- Greatest number of plays in any scoring drive against the Jaguars this season. Jack Del Rio complained the officials that the play clock had expired, but it is not a reviewable circumstance.

Dec 3 2006 4:24PM
(the Jaguars) -- Start with the old end around. It gained four.

Dec 3 2006 4:26PM
(first down) -- Reggie Williams made a diving catch of a short pass for a first down.

Dec 3 2006 4:27PM
(David Garrard) -- To Ernest Wilford over the middle for 19 yards. The ball is at the Miami 39.

Dec 3 2006 4:29PM
(Garrard to) -- Kyle Brady, who continues his pursuit of Lynn Swann. It's third and five.

Dec 3 2006 4:30PM
(Garrard to) -- Matt Jones for 20 yards and a first down at the Miami 14. Garrard is four of four.

Dec 3 2006 4:31PM
(sacked) -- Jason Taylor got him. The ball is back at the 21, third and 16.

Dec 3 2006 4:32PM
(sacked again) -- Kevin Carter got him this time. Scobee is on to attempt a field goal that appears as though it'll be 47 or 48 yards.

Dec 3 2006 4:34PM
(Scobee is) -- 10 of 13 from 40-plus yards. Here it comes.

Dec 3 2006 4:35PM
(it's good) -- From 48 yards.

Dec 3 2006 4:40PM
(Sammy Morris) -- Bursts up the middle for 17 yards to the 50. Hmmm.

Dec 3 2006 4:42PM
(Alvin Pearman) -- Fields the punt at the Jaguars 12.

Dec 3 2006 4:47PM
(Jason Taylor) -- Is a great player. He just knocked down a pass. As far as I'm concerned, he's a Hall of Fame type player.

Dec 3 2006 4:48PM
(offensive pass interference) -- On Matt Jones.

Dec 3 2006 4:50PM
(punt time) -- Matt Jones has to learn the importance of hustle. He didn't run hard on a fly route that was intended to clear out the area underneath. As it turned out, his guy was able to come off the coverage and assist on the tackle.

Dec 3 2006 4:53PM
(long pass) -- From Harrington to Chris Chambers. The ball is on the Jaguars nine. Chambers beat Rashean Mathis.

Dec 3 2006 4:55PM
(pass interference) -- On Mathis. First and goal at the four.

Dec 3 2006 4:56PM
(third and goal) -- Big play.

Dec 3 2006 4:57PM
(intercepted) -- By Gerald Sensabaugh, off a tip. Harrington tried to force the ball in. Mathis had the tip. Harrington shouldn't have thrown the ball.

Dec 3 2006 5:01PM
(Garrard to) -- Matt Jones for 17 yards.

Dec 3 2006 5:02PM
(to Jones) -- Again. The Jaguars may have a mismatch on the outside.

Dec 3 2006 5:02PM
(the Dolphins) -- Are loading the box against the run. Garrard may be loosening them up with these completions.

Dec 3 2006 5:03PM
(Garrard to) -- Williams. Nice catch. He took a hit. Garrard got rid of it on the roll just in time. Taylor was after him. The ball is at the Dolphins 28.

Dec 3 2006 5:04PM
(to Derrick Wimbush) -- For nine yards. The Dolphins can not defend against the pass. Garrard is 10 of 13.

Dec 3 2006 5:04PM
(Fred Taylor) -- Picks up the first down at the 17.

Dec 3 2006 5:06PM
(Jason Taylor) -- Has a hand injury. He's going right to the locker room.

Dec 3 2006 5:06PM
(third and eight) -- Big play. We're at the two-minute warning.

Dec 3 2006 5:09PM
(touchdown) -- Garrard to Jones. Beautiful pass. One of the best I've ever seen Garrard throw. He dropped it right over Jones' head in the back-right corner of the end zone.

Dec 3 2006 5:12PM
(Matt Jones) -- Has four catches for 75 yards and a touchdown. He was on his way to his best day as a pro. He's at his season high for receiving yards.

Dec 3 2006 5:14PM
(interception) -- By Mathis. The Jags have it at the Dolphins 34.

Dec 3 2006 5:15PM
(Garrard scrambles) -- All over the field to the 16.

Dec 3 2006 5:16PM
(touchdown) -- Garrard to George Wrighster.

Dec 3 2006 5:17PM
(Garrard is) -- Having what I think is the best day of his career. He's 12 of 15 for 152 yards, two touchdown passes and a 148.5 passer rating. He's also scrambled for 23 yards.

Dec 3 2006 5:18PM
(Jason Taylor's) -- Return is questionable. That would be a big loss for Miami.

Dec 3 2006 5:21PM
(end of the first half) -- Harrington realy fell apart late in the half. That's always been the rap against him. All of a sudden, he goes goofy.

Dec 3 2006 5:23PM
(the importance) -- Of this game is very clear. The Bengals, Chiefs and Jets are all 7-5. The Broncos are 7-4 and play the Seahawks tonight. The Jaguars must win to stay in the wild-card race. It's that simple. So far, so good.

Dec 3 2006 5:27PM
(the Jaguars) -- Have more than a four-minute time of possession advantage. The Dolphins have to make some serious halftime adjustments. They can't continue to load up against the run and leave themselves vulnerable to the pass.

Dec 3 2006 5:36PM
(Jason Taylor) -- Is back in the game. The Jaguars tried a flea-flicker pass for Matt Jones. It was broken up.

Dec 3 2006 5:37PM
(The Dolphins) -- Are still loading the box. They're still man to man in the secondary. I'm surprised.

Dec 3 2006 5:38PM
(pass to) -- Matt Jones. He made the catch and then fumbled it away at the Dolphins 17.

Dec 3 2006 5:42PM
(sacked) -- The Jaguars defense is taking over the game now. It's punt time.

Dec 3 2006 5:44PM
(I'm going to) -- Watch the Miami defense closely on this Jaguars possession. When will they back off the run?

Dec 3 2006 5:46PM
(they backed off) -- That time and Fred Taylor gained seven up the middle. Miami was in a back cover two. This is a cat and mouse game.

Dec 3 2006 5:48PM
(Garrard scrambles) -- For a first down. He's using his feet more and more every game.

Dec 3 2006 5:48PM
(near interception) -- That was very close. Second down at the Jags 37.

Dec 3 2006 5:49PM
(punt time) -- Garrard's pass for Jones was incomplete.

Dec 3 2006 5:54PM
(Miami is) -- At the Jaguars 41; second and four.

Dec 3 2006 5:57PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars 23.

Dec 3 2006 5:58PM
(sacked) -- The Jaguars blitzed and Harrington didn't pick it up.

Dec 3 2006 6:00PM
(wide left) -- Olindo Mare missed from 42 yards. He's had a really bad year.

Dec 3 2006 6:05PM
(sacked) -- The Jaguars will have to punt. There's about a minute and a half to play in the third quarter.

Dec 3 2006 6:08PM
(sacked) -- By Kenny Pettway.

Dec 3 2006 6:10PM
(first down) -- The Jags went soft on third and 12 and Miami got the first down at midfield.

Dec 3 2006 6:12PM
(end of the third quarter) -- The Jaguars have to hang on for this win. Their playoff hopes are at stake. There can be no letdowns. Miami is struggling on offense. This one, in my opinion, is in the hands of the defense.

Dec 3 2006 6:15PM
(sacked) -- It's punt time, again. Bobby McCray just got his eighth sack of the season.

Dec 3 2006 6:19PM
(Fred Taylor) -- Gains 13 and a first down. This is a big drive. Time to run the ball.

Dec 3 2006 6:21PM
(first down) -- Garrard to Jones. That's his sixth reception, a personal high.

Dec 3 2006 6:23PM
(Garrard to) -- Wilford for 14 yards and a first down at the Miami 35. Garrard is having the game of his life.

Dec 3 2006 6:25PM
(touchdown) -- Maurcie Jones-Drew popped out of the pile and scored; right up the middle. He kept his legs churning. Hmmm, I smell quit.

Dec 3 2006 6:25PM
(Jones-Drew) -- Has had a rushing touchdown in four straight games, which ties a team record. He has nine touchdowns in the last 10 games.

Dec 3 2006 6:27PM
(as it stands) -- The Jaguars are going to move into a four-way tie with the Bengals, Chiefs and Jets in the wild-card race. Denver would make it a five-way tie, if they lose tonight. One month of the season remains to be played. The push for the playoffs is on.

Dec 3 2006 6:35PM
(third down) -- At the Jaguars 28.

Dec 3 2006 6:37PM
(field goal) -- Mare from 42 yards.

Dec 3 2006 6:39PM
(Dolphins got) -- The onside kick at the Miami 45. Oh, goody.

Dec 3 2006 6:40PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars 18. Here we go.

Dec 3 2006 6:41PM
(third and 10) -- Two more stops to go.

Dec 3 2006 6:42PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars eight.

Dec 3 2006 6:43PM
(two-minute warning) -- OK, here's what we got. The Dolphins are facing second and goal at the eight. They trail by two touchdowns and they have all of their times out remaining.

Dec 3 2006 6:46PM
(dropped) -- By Welker. He would've scored. Third down.

Dec 3 2006 6:46PM
(fourth down) -- This is it. We have a timeout by Miami.

Dec 3 2006 6:47PM
(Garrard's best) -- Career passer rating. He's at 136.4.

Dec 3 2006 6:48PM
(incomplete) -- That's it. See ya.

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