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In-game blog: Jags at Texans

Dec 30 2007 9:56AM
Hi and welcome to the press box at Reliant Stadium. The list of Jaguars who won't play today is long. Fred Taylor? David Garrard? Maurice Jones-Drew? Forget about 'em. Stay healthy is the intent in today's game, as the Jaguars wait to find out later today whether they're going to Pittsburgh or San Diego for their first-round playoff game.

Dec 30 2007 10:40AM
The roof is open at Reliant Stadium. It's a beautiful day in Houston. It's cool but it's likely to be a lot cooler next week in Pittsburgh, which I think is the Jaguars' likely destination for the first round of the playoffs.

Dec 30 2007 10:44AM
The question on the pregame radio show a little bit ago was: What was the Jaguars' watershed moment this year? The answer is obviously the move from Byron Leftwich to David Garrard, but the more I think back on this season the more turning-point moments I recall. The win in Tennessee is, in my opinion, the biggest win of the year. It put the Jaguars on course for the playoffs. It truly has been a great year.

Dec 30 2007 11:52AM
Jaguars inactives: Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Daryl Smith, Mike Peterson, Tony Pashos, Dennis Northcutt, Paul Spicer, Rashean Mathis.

Dec 30 2007 11:56AM
Quinn Gray will start at QB. LaBrandon Toefield starts at running back. Matt Jones and Chad Owens will share time returning punts. Richard Collier starts at right tackle, Dennis Norman at center, Reggie Williams starts at WR in place of Northcutt. Reggie Hayward starts at DE for Spicer, Brian Iwuh at LB for Daryl Smith and Aaron Glenn at CB for Mathis.

Dec 30 2007 11:58AM
Texans inactives: Matt Schaub (third QB),Jamar Fletcher, Kasey Studdard, DelJuan Robinson, Brandon Frye, Jeb Putzier, David Anderson, Anthony Weaver.

Dec 30 2007 12:26PM
John McClain of the Houston Chronicle just asked an interesting question: Has any team ever won twice in one season in Pittsburgh? I've gone through it in my head and I think the answer is no. The Jaguars -- I'll check it more thoroughly -- may have a chance to become the first team in history to ever win twice in Pittsburgh in the same season.

Dec 30 2007 1:04PM
You could hit a golf ball in the parking lot and not worry about hitting a car. The crowd here is very, very small. The Jaguars have won the toss and will receive.

Dec 30 2007 1:06PM
Uche Nwaneri is starting at left guard in place of Vince Manuwai.

Dec 30 2007 1:07PM
There are going to be a lot of runs and punts. I won't bore you with every two-yard gain.

Dec 30 2007 1:08PM
Gray throws to Ernest Wilford for a first down. It was a sharp pass.

Dec 30 2007 1:09PM
Gray to Matt Jones on a slant. The Jaguars have it at their 41-yard line.

Dec 30 2007 1:09PM
With one more reception Wilford will establish a career-high.

Dec 30 2007 1:11PM
It's fourth and one. They're going for it, of course.

Dec 30 2007 1:11PM
Gray throws to Wilford for a few yards and a first down.

Dec 30 2007 1:14PM
Toefield runs for a first down on third and one. The Jags are moving the ball freely. Gray is very sharp. He's completed five of six passes.

Dec 30 2007 1:15PM
Mario Williams hasn't made a move. Gray hit Richard Angulo in the hands. He dropped it.

Dec 30 2007 1:16PM
Greg Jones gets the first down on third and one. The Jags are cutting through the Texans with ease. Are the Jaguars so good that their backups can beat these guys?

Dec 30 2007 1:17PM
Touchdown! Gray to Reggie Williams for 22 yards. That's the most touchdown passes in team history, 25.

Dec 30 2007 1:18PM
That was impressive; 84 yards in 14 plays. This team is beginning to make me wonder how high is high. Am I looking at an unbeatable team?

Dec 30 2007 1:20PM
The Texans were called for holding on the kickoff return. They're off to a good start. Next year looks very promising.

Dec 30 2007 1:25PM
Sage Rosenfels has passed the Texans down to the Jaguars 38.

Dec 30 2007 1:28PM
Rosenfels is sacked by Rob Meier on third down. The Texans have to punt. Owens makes a fair catch. The Texans' long-snapper is down.

Dec 30 2007 1:31PM
The Jaguars' offense is a well-oiled machine. This is a very well-coached unit.

Dec 30 2007 1:34PM
Podlesh's punt was kind of low. The coverage was solid. Texans start at their 32.

Dec 30 2007 1:36PM
The Texans ripped off two sizable runs. First down just across midfield.

Dec 30 2007 1:39PM
Chad Owens just made a ridiculous blunder. He tried to dive on a punt that was rolling dead. He missed and the Texans recovered at the Jaguars seven.

Dec 30 2007 1:40PM
That's the end of the first quarter. I can't imagine what Owens was thinking, so I won't try to explain. He obviously had a moment of confusion.

Dec 30 2007 1:43PM
Touchdown! Ron Dayne goes two yards.

Dec 30 2007 1:48PM
Rushing yards are coming grudgingly for the Jaguars. I don't see a lot of surge up front.

Dec 30 2007 1:49PM
Gray to Jones for 10 yards. Gray is really sharp today. If I need a quarterback, I wanna take a look at him in free agency.

Dec 30 2007 1:52PM
That didn't make much sense. Williams ran a route two yards shy of the first down. Oh, well. Podlesh is on to punt. He hit a beauty. Montell Owens made the tackle at the Texans 16.

Dec 30 2007 1:55PM
Justin Durant with a nice stop on the run; no gain. The guy can really play. He's a gem of a pick.

Dec 30 2007 1:57PM
The Texans are a team I really liked coming out of the preseason, but this isn't the same team. I think what I'm seeing is a team that just wants to end the season. It's a rush for the Jaguars knowing their next stop is the playoffs.

Dec 30 2007 1:58PM
Houston is running the ball well. I don't like that.

Dec 30 2007 2:00PM
John Henderson and Grady Jackson are the tackles. That's another first down with the run. The ball is at the Jaguars 19.

Dec 30 2007 2:00PM
Montell Owens has a sprained ankle and is questionable to return.

Dec 30 2007 2:01PM
Rosenfels to Andre Dawson to the one-yard line. He beat Brian Williams to the inside.

Dec 30 2007 2:03PM
Dayne is really slow off the ball. The whole was there and he couldn't get to it. It's fourth and goal from the two.

Dec 30 2007 2:04PM
Touchdown! Rosenfels to Owen Daniels. It was a little drag route.

Dec 30 2007 2:08PM
Nice return by Chad Owens. That makes me happy because I really like the kid. Unfortunately, there are multiple penalties. Holding against the Jags, unsportsmanlike by the Texans. The ball is spotted at the Jags 35. It was still a nice return.

Dec 30 2007 2:12PM
Gray to Matt Jones for a first down. Jones has played better in recent weeks.

Dec 30 2007 2:16PM
Gray is 11 of 17 for 123 yards, one touchdown and a 105.8 passer rating. That's pretty good. Let's not forget what Gray's contribution was to this season: 2-1 in that three-game road stretch, including a win in Tennessee I consider to be the big win of the season.

Dec 30 2007 2:17PM
He's moving the offense down the field and I haven't seen him throw a dangerous pass, yet, in this game.

Dec 30 2007 2:18PM
Right through Matt Jones' hands. I don't get it. He's supposed to have such good hands but he always seems to have a drop or two.

Dec 30 2007 2:18PM
Gray to Jones for a first down at the six. The Texans need help at safety.

Dec 30 2007 2:19PM
Touchdown! Gray to Wilford. The Jaguars have just set a team record for most points in a season.

Dec 30 2007 2:20PM
Should the Jaguars attempt to re-sign Gray? I think they should. I think he's a quality backup QB. They've spent a lot of years developing him and now they're reaping the rewards. Gray will want a team in free agency to tell him he'll be their starter, but I don't see that happening. Money usually works.

Dec 30 2007 2:22PM
Touchdown! Andre Davis takes the kickoff back 97 yards. I don't see a lot of subs on that kickoff team. Chad Nkang, Scott Starks, Lamont Thompson were out there. Montell Owens was the missing player. Davis cut left and out-ran everybody.

Dec 30 2007 2:24PM
Special teams have been a nightmare today. I'm sure Joe DeCamillis is dying a slow death on the sideline right now. Special teams coordinators live and die by their rankings and this game is damaging the Jaguars' special teams rankings big-time.

Dec 30 2007 2:25PM
That's the end of the half. It's what the Jaguars wanted in one big way: No significant injuries.

Dec 30 2007 2:28PM
A couple of thoughts on the Texans: They've got a lot of pieces. They're close to being a playoff contender. They need help in the secondary and they need a true feature running back. That's the big one. They need a big-time running back.

Dec 30 2007 2:40PM
Touchdown! Andre Davis just took the second-half kickoff back 104 yards for a touchdown. I don't think anyone even touched him. Is Montell Owens that important?

Dec 30 2007 2:47PM
The rest of this game can't pass quickly enough. The Jaguars just need to get out of here, find out where they're headed for the playoffs, and begin preparation for that game. The popular belief is the Jaguars will play at one p.m. on Sunday if they play in Pittsburgh.

Dec 30 2007 2:50PM
Houston is running the ball at will. The Jags' heads aren't in this now.

Dec 30 2007 2:52PM
If you didn't stay with me the whole day, I wouldn't be offended.

Dec 30 2007 2:54PM
Andre Johnson is one of the best slant receivers I've ever seen. The ball is at the Jaguars 12.

Dec 30 2007 2:56PM
Touchdown! Dayne ran off left tackle with a kind of pregame ease. There was no resistance. This isn't the Jaguars defense. The Jaguars have allowed 207 total yards. Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith isn't liking this a whole lot either. The Texans have 99 yards rushing.

Dec 30 2007 3:01PM
Gray finds Matt Jones for a big-gainer. Mario Williams was offside. That's the most aggressive thing he's done all day. The ball is at the Texans 33.

Dec 30 2007 3:02PM
Should this score hold up, the Texans would increase their series lead over the Jaguars to 7-5. This would be the Texans' first AFC South win this season.

Dec 30 2007 3:03PM
Gray to Isaac Smolko. Yeah, Smolko.

Dec 30 2007 3:04PM
Gray to Matt Jones. That's a career-high receiving yards and receptions for Jones.

Dec 30 2007 3:05PM
Without Dunta Robinson, the Texans secondary is grossly undermanned. They play very, very soft.

Dec 30 2007 3:06PM
Touchdown! Gray to Matt Jones on the fade. The defender was helpless.

Dec 30 2007 3:09PM
The Jaguars squib-kicked that one.

Dec 30 2007 3:12PM
In my opinion, the Jaguars couldn't be in better shape to begin the playoffs. They are rested and ready to go.

Dec 30 2007 3:13PM
That's the end of the third quarter. I'll hang in there for awhile before I start making my way down to the locker room.

Dec 30 2007 3:16PM
Darius Walker, the rookie from Notre Dame, just gashed the Jaguars for 41 yards to the eight-yard line.

Dec 30 2007 3:18PM
The rush-defense has been a major negative in this game. I'm guessing that it's just a thing, not a concern, but we'll see. There's another rushing touchdown. Walker took it in from four yards out. Jack Del Rio is challenging the touchdown ruling.

Dec 30 2007 3:20PM
Del Rio wins the challenge. The ball is spotted inside the one-yard line. It's third down.

Dec 30 2007 3:21PM
Touchdown! Alrighty then.

Dec 30 2007 3:22PM
Walker has 86 yards rushing. This would be the fourth back to rush for 100 yards against the Jaguars this season.

Dec 30 2007 3:28PM
The next step in Matt Jones' development is sure hands. He drops too many balls. He's had a nice game today. This is something on which he can build.

Dec 30 2007 3:30PM
The Texans sold 70,660 tickets for this game, but the place is half full. The initial commitment ends with this game. Next year, the Texans may have to scramble to sell tickets. The franchise will be under fire for the first time in 2008.

Dec 30 2007 3:33PM
Interception by Scott Starks. He stepped in front of Andre Johnson. The Jaguars are tied for the most interceptions in team history.

Dec 30 2007 3:35PM
We're under nine minutes to go.

Dec 30 2007 3:37PM
I'm going to pack it up. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you'll be with me next weekend for the start of the playoffs.

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