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In-game blog: Jags vs. Broncos

Sept. 23 2007 1:10PM
Hi and welcome to the press box at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium. As the Jaguars leave the locker room for the field today, they will see on a wall right in front of them, "Elevation 5,280 feet." This is the seventh season the Broncos have played in this new facility. What strikes me is its resemblance to old Mile High Stadium. It&39;s what old Mile High would&39;ve looked like had it been renovated.

Sept. 23 2007 1:35PM
The weather is real nice right now but it may not stay that way. It&39;s in the mid-70s and there&39;s a chance of rain later in the day.

Sept. 23 2007 1:50PM
John Henderson is "doubtful" but don&39;t rule him out. He passed an examination on Saturday that would allow him to play today.

Sept. 23 2007 1:53PM
The Broncos have won their last 10 homes games in September. They could be ripe, or they could be unbeatable. We&39;ll see.

Sept. 23 2007 2:12PM
Today&39;s game is the first of five road games in the next seven games. Clearly, the Jaguars will have to do some winning on the road to stay in the AFC South title race.

Sept. 23 2007 2:47PM
Henderson is inactive. He did not pass the next phase of examination earlier today. Rob Meier will start in Henderson&39;s place. Matt Jones is the Jaguars&39; third quarterback. I&39;ll check for the rules on his participation and get back to you on that. Other Jaguars inactives: Josh Scobee, LaBrandon Toefield, Clint Ingram, Brad Meester, Richard Collier, Kenny Pettway.

Sept. 23 2007 2:52PM
More on Jones: He can only enter the game as a quarterback. If he&39;s inserted into the game before the fourth quarter, the Jaguars&39; first two quarterbacks can not play again at any position. The bottom line is that Jones is inactive.

Sept. 23 2007 3:05PM
The Jaguars have a bye next Sunday. They will be playing for extended vacation today and that means more than you might imagine. That&39;s their motivation today.

Sept. 23 2007 3:09PM
Here&39;s a stat: In nine of the 12 previous seasons, the Jaguars were 2-1 after three games. The only times in Jaguars history that the Jaguars weren&39;t 2-1 were in 1995 (0-3), &39;96 (1-2) and 2003 (0-3).

Sept. 23 2007 3:10PM
The Broncos inactives: Hamza Abdullah, Andre Hall, Ben Hamilton, Ryan Harris, Stephen Alexander, Brian Clark, Antwon Burton and Tim Crowder.

Sept. 23 2007 3:12PM
I&39;m going to be heading to the radio booth for my "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment, which begins at about 3:30 Eastern Time. You&39;re welcome to join me. I&39;ll be back just before kickoff.

Sept. 23 2007 4:05PM
The Jaguars won the toss and will receive. Enjoy the game, everybody.

Sept. 23 2007 4:07PM
Maurice Jones-Drew returns the kickoff to the Jaguars 23. Here we go.

Sept. 23 2007 4:09PM
David Garrard to Ernest Wilford on third down for a first down at the 36. That&39;s Wilford&39;s 100th career catch.

Sept. 23 2007 4:11PM
Right in Marcedes Lewis&39; hands; he dropped it.

Sept. 23 2007 4:12PM
Sack; Chris Naeole allowed it. The Broncos return the punt to their 33. Montell Owens made a touchdown-saving tackle.

Sept. 23 2007 4:13PM
Paul Spicer is replacing Bobby McCray in the starting lineup.

Sept. 23 2007 4:14PM
Double reverse loses a yard.

Sept. 23 2007 4:15PM
Jay Cutler hit a long pass down the field but the Broncos are guilty of illegal motion.

Sept. 23 2007 4:16PM
Cecil Sapp gains 12 up the middle. Third and five.

Sept. 23 2007 4:17PM
Timeout Jaguars. They&39;re a little out of step right now. On the deep pass, somebody had to have missed an assignment because Justin Durant was left defending against a wide receiver.

Sept. 23 2007 4:19PM
Three and out; that&39;s only the Jaguars defense&39;s second three and out of the season. The punt sailed into the end zone.

Sept. 23 2007 4:23PM
Fred Taylor with a major spin move to break loose on a 19-yard run. First down at the Jaguars 47.

Sept. 23 2007 4:23PM
Garrard scrambles for six yards.

Sept. 23 2007 4:24PM
Jones-Drew on the draw. Third and two. Gotta run, Mo.

Sept. 23 2007 4:25PM
Garrard to Wilford for a first down. The Jaguars are playing on a very short field. They better go deep.

Sept. 23 2007 4:25PM
Garrard to George Wrighster for seven yards.

Sept. 23 2007 4:27PM
Now that&39;s a run. Jones-Drew had to have broken four tackles for 10 yards and a first down at the Broncos 23.

Sept. 23 2007 4:30PM
Third and one, Jones-Drew gains nothing. The Jags are going for it.

Sept. 23 2007 4:31PM
Garrard sneaks for a first down at the 13.

Sept. 23 2007 4:31PM
Impressive decision by Garrard. He had no one open, thought about doing something bad, then scrambled for five yards.

Sept. 23 2007 4:33PM
Garrard scrambles into the end zone but the Jags called for illegal motion.

Sept. 23 2007 4:35PM
First down; nice pass from Garrard to Jones-Drew to get the yardage at the two-yard line. That&39;s the end of the first quarter; nice start for the Jaguars offense, which held the ball for 13:02 of the quarter. The Jags have shown a nice mix of run and pass. The Jags have rushed for 65 and passed for 35. Garrard is five of six.

Sept. 23 2007 4:37PM
Illegal procedure on Greg Estandia. Those are stupid touchdown-killers. You can&39;t do that on the two-yard line.

Sept. 23 2007 4:40PM
Touchdown! Garrard rolled to his right away from trouble and threw a beautiful touchdown strike to Reggie Williams in the back of the end zone. Garrard is hot again; six consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass.

Sept. 23 2007 4:41PM
That&39;s a play Byron Leftwich could not have made. You have to have a mobile quarterback to make that play happen. If Garrard can continue to plat at this level of efficiency, the Jaguars will have something at the position. They do right now.

Sept. 23 2007 4:42PM
That 18-play scoring drive ties a Jaguars record for number of plays; it&39;s also the longest in time, 11:44.

Sept. 23 2007 4:46PM
The Jaguars are quick off the ball up front right now. They&39;re out-quicking the Broncos front and getting disruptive penetration.

Sept. 23 2007 4:48PM
Cutler to Brandon Marshall. He was all alone way downfield. It looks like Reggie Nelson blew the coverage. It&39;s at the Jaguars 35.

Sept. 23 2007 4:49PM
Cutler to Marshall again for a first down at the 17. The Broncos have their eye on Nelson.

Sept. 23 2007 4:50PM
That holding penalty is going to help.

Sept. 23 2007 4:52PM
Cutler to Marshall, who broke several tackles to get to the two-yard line. He broke tackles by Nelson, Sammy Knight and Brian Williams. Rashean Mathis pushed him out of bounds.

Sept. 23 2007 4:54PM
Touchdown! Cutler to Nate Jackson, who beat Mathis. That&39;s too easy. The Jags had them backed up to their 10-yard line. The Broncos love to run the football but you&39;re going to see more passes now.

Sept. 23 2007 4:57PM
Jones-Drew returns the kickoff to near midfield. We might be seeing the emergence of Jones-Drew. When are we going to see the emergence of this defense?

Sept. 23 2007 4:59PM
Fred is runnin&39; hard. That&39;s my Fred, baby.

Sept. 23 2007 5:01PM
Khalif Barnes is being helped off the field. I&39;ll give you an update as soon as I get one. Mo Williams is now at left tackle.

Sept. 23 2007 5:02PM
Garrard runs the quarterback draw on third and three for a first down at the Broncos 37.

Sept. 23 2007 5:03PM
No one open; he throws it out of bounds. Garrard&39;s mobility is a major factor in this game. He needs to stay calm.

Sept. 23 2007 5:05PM
Fantastic throw to Dennis Northcutt for a first down at the Broncos 16. Garrard put it right between two defenders and in Champ Bailey&39;s face.

Sept. 23 2007 5:06PM
First and goal at the four. Taylor with a hard run around left end. Fred&39;s on his game today.

Sept. 23 2007 5:07PM
This is what I meant recently when I said the time has come for the offense to carry the defense. The Jaguars offense is dominating time of possession. It&39;s keeping the defense off the field. It&39;s very important that the Jaguars score a touchdown here. I think it&39;s going to be an up and back kind of game.

Sept. 23 2007 5:07PM
Barnes has a sprained right ankle and will return.

Sept. 23 2007 5:09PM
John Lynch, groin strain; return questionable.

Sept. 23 2007 5:09PM
Touchdown! Greg Jones plows up the middle. Great motion in disguise by Dirk Koetter. It made you think about everything but a dive play.

Sept. 23 2007 5:11PM
The Jaguars&39; TOP is 19:37; that&39;s amazing. This is one of the most efficient halves of football I have seen this offense display in a long time. Can they keep it up?

Sept. 23 2007 5:13PM
John Carney is killing the ball. That&39;s two touchbacks in a row. I really believe Carney is putting flubber in the ball.

Sept. 23 2007 5:14PM
Selvin Young went a long way with a screen pass, but then fumbled and Marcus Stroud recovered at the Broncos 42.

Sept. 23 2007 5:14PM
There&39;s a minute to play. This is a good test for Garrard.

Sept. 23 2007 5:15PM
Garrard to Northcutt for 16 yards to the 21.

Sept. 23 2007 5:16PM
Garrard to Reggie Williams at the 18. Timeout Jaguars with :48 to play. The Jags have two times out remaining.

Sept. 23 2007 5:16PM
Jones-Drew to the nine.

Sept. 23 2007 5:17PM
Garrard pulled away from Elvis Dumervil as though he was a child, then threw it away.

Sept. 23 2007 5:19PM
Garrard spiked the ball on third down. He must&39;ve lost track of the downs. It&39;s fourth down. The Jags have to kick. That&39;s a big mistake.

Sept. 23 2007 5:21PM
Field goal! It has a kind of bad taste, though. Garrard played one of the best halves of football in his life, but he&39;s going to carry that mistake to the locker room with him.

Sept. 23 2007 5:22PM
I think I just read Jack Del Rio&39;s lips to say, "That&39;s on me." He was talking to Garrard. Hey, I&39;m not a lip reader. I&39;ll ask, obviously, after the game.

Sept. 23 2007 5:24PM
Garrard is 10 of 14 for 91 yards, a touchdown, no interceptions and a 112.5 passer rating. Taylor has 54 yards on 11 carries.

Sept. 23 2007 5:26PM
Making matters worse on the spike is that it followed a Denver penalty, which meant the clock was stopped anyhow. Something had to have come in from the sideline that confused Garrard. That&39;s all I can figure, but you gotta know the circumstances there. By the way, the Jaguars&39; 17 points are a season high.

Sept. 23 2007 5:37PM
Excellent brat. The choice was dog or brat. I went for the brat. It seems to have made it way down peacefully. By the way, the second half has begun and the Jaguars have recovered a fumble at the Broncos 15.

Sept. 23 2007 5:38PM
Denver is challenging the call, as I expected. I haven&39;t seen anthing revealing, yet.

Sept. 23 2007 5:39PM
Ruling stands. Denver loses a timeout. The Jags have it at the 18. Nelson forced the fumble.

Sept. 23 2007 5:41PM
The Jaguars have rushed for 114 yards. So much for can&39;t run against eight in the box.

Sept. 23 2007 5:42PM
Garrard runs for four; fourth and one. Carney is on. It&39;s good. Right down the middle. Carney was a great acquisition.

Sept. 23 2007 5:43PM
Kickoff return and kickoff coverage set up the last two field goals. Joe DeCamillis&39; guys get pats on the back for that.

Sept. 23 2007 5:44PM
So far, Carney has been automatic and he&39;s kicking the heck out of the ball. What am I not supposed to like?

Sept. 23 2007 5:45PM
Jamaal Fudge made a touchdown-saving tackle on the kickoff. It&39;s on the Denver 26.

Sept. 23 2007 5:47PM
Cutler completes way short of the first down. Huh? I hear boos. I think it&39;s time to run the ball a lot.

Sept. 23 2007 5:51PM
Beautiful play by Marcedes Lewis. He caught a short pass from Garrard, stopped, cut it back and made it out to the 41 for a first down. Reggie Williams threw a block.

Sept. 23 2007 5:52PM
Garrard on the draw for nine and a first down at the Denver 49. Garrard is in control.

Sept. 23 2007 5:53PM
He got away with a mistake. He threw back across the middle as he rolled right. That&39;s a no-no.

Sept. 23 2007 5:55PM
Garrard sacked hard, fumbles and Denver got it. Tony Pashos&39; called for holding. Dumervil got the sack. I think he was Pashos&39; guy. The ball is at the Jaguars 44.

Sept. 23 2007 5:57PM
Cutler to Marshall at the 32.

Sept. 23 2007 5:58PM
Denver does not quit on the run. It&39;s not working for them but they remain committed to it. That&39;s why they usually run it so well.

Sept. 23 2007 5:58PM
Marshall is killing the Jaguars. Cutler is now nine of 11 for 149 yards and one touchdown. Marshall has six catches for 125 yards.

Sept. 23 2007 6:00PM
Timeout Denver; that&39;s two. They&39;re at the four-yard line. Cutler is a really good-looking quarterback. If they score here, the game is on.

Sept. 23 2007 6:03PM
Denver just called its last timeout. It&39;s fourth-and-one at the three. They&39;re going for it, it would appear.

Sept. 23 2007 6:05PM
He didn&39;t get it. QB sneak. Are you kidding me? That&39;s the play of the game. Jaguars take over.

Sept. 23 2007 6:06PM
They use two times out for those plays? The lights are out on the Broncos sideline.

Sept. 23 2007 6:06PM
Nice hard count by Garrard draws Broncos offside. That buys some room.

Sept. 23 2007 6:08PM
Garrard has seven rushes now for 38 yards. He&39;s a weapon on the ground.

Sept. 23 2007 6:09PM
Third and inches. The Jaguars are grinding it. They need another turn of the grinder.

Sept. 23 2007 6:09PM
They didn&39;t get it. There was holding on Mo Williams that would&39;ve nullified the play anyhow.

Sept. 23 2007 6:11PM
Short punt; out of bounds at the Jaguars 40. The Jags really needed a first down there. They appeared to be on the verge of taking control.

Sept. 23 2007 6:14PM
Cutler throws on the run for a first down at the Jaguars 46. Taylor has a leg contusion and may not return.

Sept. 23 2007 6:15PM
That&39;s the end of the third quarter. The Jaguars have a 13-point lead but it&39;s not safe. They have to make more plays because Denver appears to be able to gain yardage in big chunks with its passing game.

Sept. 23 2007 6:19PM
The Jaguars got lucky. Daniel Graham was wide open running down the middle of the field and into the end zone and Cutler didn&39;t see him. He threw to Brandon Stokley, however, and it&39;s first down at the 19.

Sept. 23 2007 6:20PM
Henry carries to the six; first and goal. The secondary is playing poorly. The middle of the secondary is a problem.

Sept. 23 2007 6:21PM
Touchdown! Henry eases into the end zone over the left side. Hold onto your hats. Here we go.

Sept. 23 2007 6:22PM
The offense now finds itself having to make plays to preserve this win. Garrard is facing crunch time again. Good quarterbacks make plays at crunch time. That&39;s the challenge he&39;s facing.

Sept. 23 2007 6:24PM
Jones-Drew returns to the 17.

Sept. 23 2007 6:27PM
You can&39;t sit on this lead. Taylor&39;s back in the game.

Sept. 23 2007 6:27PM
Great throw by Garrard, great catch by Lewis for a first down. That one quiets the crowd. Big play!

Sept. 23 2007 6:29PM
Garrard to Estandia for a first down. The pass was right on the button. Wow!

Sept. 23 2007 6:29PM
Taylor gains 12 around left end. There was at least eight in the box. Taylor has 84 yards.

Sept. 23 2007 6:30PM
The Jaguars are in serious field goal range. I think they&39;re playing for the field goal. Carney is going to be on the line.

Sept. 23 2007 6:31PM
Garrard dumps it to Wrighster; safe pass. Right now, it&39;s a 37-yard field goal.

Sept. 23 2007 6:32PM
Garrard makes the big play of the game. QB draw and he goes for 19 yards to the one. That should be the game-winner. That&39;s what big-time quarterbacks do at crunch time.

Sept. 23 2007 6:32PM
Garrard has rushed eight times for 57 yards.

Sept. 23 2007 6:33PM
Garrard got away with a major mistake. He threw it up for grabs and the Broncos were called for pass interference. That was lucky.

Sept. 23 2007 6:33PM
Jones-Drew fumbles and Broncos recover. I&39;ll take a look.

Sept. 23 2007 6:35PM
I see no challenge flag. What a terrible mistake. All the Jags needed was a field goal.

Sept. 23 2007 6:36PM
Six minutes to go, no times out and the Broncos run it?

Sept. 23 2007 6:37PM
Sacked by Reggie Hayward. The defense rises. It&39;s third down. This is big.

Sept. 23 2007 6:37PM
Short of the first down. The Broncos are going for it on fourth down. This is it.

Sept. 23 2007 6:38PM
Incomplete; Graham dropped it. Jags have it point blank. That should do it.

Sept. 23 2007 6:41PM
Delay of game. I can&39;t believe how many yards and points the Jags have squandered on the goal line.

Sept. 23 2007 6:41PM
Northcutt to the two on the end around.

Sept. 23 2007 6:42PM
Carney is on. Just make it, OK?

Sept. 23 2007 6:45PM
It&39;s good from 18.

Sept. 23 2007 6:49PM
We&39;re at the two-minute warning.

Sept. 23 2007 6:50PM
Sammy Knight intercepts; that&39;s 51 in his career. Goodbye everyone.

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