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Is Colston still marquee enough for you?


Week 10 of the NFL season showed us some highs (Bengals over the Steelers) and some lows (Jay Cutler and his 5 INTs). Those who own Maurice Jones-Drew wish he would have picked fantasy stardom over an NFL win, but this is just a game of the game and that is the difference between a win and a loss. Could Marion Barber and Pierre Thomas possibly be any more disappointing? What could have been better than that Sunday night game between the Patriots and Colts? Did I mention that the three teams I write for (Bengals, Jaguars, and Chargers) all won this weekend? What that means is I can take away a 3-0 record as a fan!


### Losers

Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben has been a solid fantasy QB all season, but this week he managed to put up just 174 yards, one INT, and no scores. I normally stay away from Roethlisberger because while he is a great NFL QB, he doesn't offer the flashy fantasy stats.

Jay Cutler: Cutler was able to give his owners the yards (307), but without a TD and a whopping 5 INTs. The problem with Chicago is their lack of an O-Line, their lack of top quality WRs, and Cutler's decision making seems to have taken two steps back this week.

Rashard Mendenhall: Mendenhall and the Steelers faced off against those pesky Bengals this week. Not only did his team lose the game, but Mendenhall lost respect from his fantasy owners as he managed to run for just 36 yards and no scores. He is a better fantasy RB than he showed this week, so there is no need for panic just yet.

Pierre Thomas: Thomas is in a 3-headed monster of a problem down in New Orleans as he has to fight for stats with Reggie Bush and Mike Bell. Thomas finished with 37 yards rushing and is making his owners think twice about playing him again, not to mention owning him in general.

Marques Colston: In a game where the Saints should have totally dominated, Colston finished the night with 2 catches for a mind-blowing 17 yards and no scores. I've been warning people about the Saints not having much to play for down the stretch and weeks like these don't help owners counting on stats from their big guns.

Vincent Jackson: Jackson was bound to have a bad game eventually, and this was the one. V-Jax finished the day with one catch for 10 yards and no scores. I have no problems with him as the season winds down, so chalk this one up to a defense showing him no love.

Vernon Davis: Davis was a victim of a terrible passing attack from San Francisco. His freakish athletic skills netted him just 16 yards on 3 receptions. This wasn't a game for anyone not named Frank Gore, so don't feel too bad if you started Davis.

New Orleans Saints defense: The Saints defense has been top-notch all season long, but the loss of Darren Sharper this week proved to be more than they could handle. St. Louis put up 23 points while limiting the Saints to just 2 sacks and 1 INT. Even with the sacks and the pick, the points allowed knocked the defense way down on the fantasy points list.

A TERRIBLE week for me as I fell closer to those "other guys" as I went 11-7 on my 16 picks. I will take credit for picking CORRECTLY on Brett Favre, Ray Rice, Ricky Williams, Wes Welker, Sidney Rice, Kellen Winslow, Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton (193 yards and 2 TDs still puts him around #22 for fantasy QBs), Kevin Smith, Mike Sims-Walker, and Visanthe Shiancoe. I hate… I mean HATE falling out of the 80% correct range for my picks, but I will rebound and lead you to the promised land come fantasy playoff time!

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