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It has to come from within

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Honu from Lewisburg, PA:
I was wondering what the ruling is for stopping the clock when the QB throws the ball away. It was a big deal in the Texas-Nebraska game and I was wondering when exactly the clock should stop when the QB throws the ball away. They made it sound like it was once the ball hit the ground out of bounds, but in that specific game it seemed like they didn't even make a call and just went straight to replay to see. So what is the rule for that?

Vic: The clock operator is in the press box and he stops the clock when the official closest to the ball signals for the clock to be stopped. It's like that for every incomplete pass, not just the one at the end of the game. If the clock operator is asleep at the switch and an excess of time runs off the clock, then the situation needs to be rectified by review. In this case, I saw no excess of time run off the clock. The transition appeared to be efficient.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
Sam Bradford, Daryll Clark, Jimmy Clausen, Armanti Edwards, Matt Groethe, Max Hall, Dan LeFevour, Jake Locker, Colt McCoy, Ryan Perrilloux, Tony Pike, Patrick Pinkney, Todd Reesing, Zac Robinson, Riley Skinner, Rusty Smith, Tim Tebow, Joe Webb, Juice Williams and possibly Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallet, Greg Paulus, Christian Ponder, Jevan Snead and Tyrod Taylor. Could the 2010 NFL draft have the most talented quarterback class ever?

Vic: Whoa! More talented than the 1983 class that produced John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino? Let's have a little respect for history. As I have said, next spring's draft class looks real strong at quarterback, but you've got a lot of stiffs in that group you've put together, and some underclassmen that may not enter the draft. It's a good, deep crop, but I don't see an Elway, a Kelly or a Marino, let alone three of them.

Brandon from Charlotte, NC:
Will GM Gene have the freedom to draft the players he wants in the upcoming draft? I tend to trust his judgment more than that of the governor.

Vic: Yes, GM Gene has the freedom and I have no doubt he will pick the best player available on his draft board.

Matthew from West Lafayette, IN:
This isn't meant to be a slight, but can we expect to see a filled stadium for the prime-time game against the Colts?

Vic: Ticket sales are better for that game than for any other this year. Certainly, the goal is to sell out the stadium and get the game on TV. The Jaguars and others are working very hard in attempting to accomplish that goal. I guess that's supposed to make me feel good, but it doesn't because I won't feel good until I see a long line of people buying tickets because they want to see the game, not because they want to save the whale. As Chuck Noll always said, it has to come from within.

Steve from Jacksonville:
About the Steelers, I'm a little stumped. Have they gotten too old, too injured or does the one lead to the other?

Vic: Injured and old often goes hand in hand and it's a devastating combination. You'll know it when you see it and the Steelers know it. They've been without Aaron Smith and Troy Polamalu most of the season and Thursday night they'll play rookies at both corners, defensive end and guard, and a first-year player at safety. Hines Ward will likely miss Thursday's game with a hamstring injury. I thought age had caught up to them last year, but they were able to squeeze one more championship out of their roster. I don't know how they did it against that killer schedule, but they did. Now they can see they need to commit to youth. The team that'll be on the field Thursday night in Cleveland will bear little resemblance to the one that won last season's Super Bowl. Don't worry about the Steelers. Worry about the Dolphins. They're young, on the rise and coming to Jacksonville for a game that'll likely determine each team's fate.

Ray from Jacksonville:
I heard the comment on "Jaguars Monday" about "cost vs. performance." Look at NFL prices and records. You can't just recruit championships in the NFL. One college senior is the only possible savior despite what NFL scouts say? We don't get value enough from the Jaguars? What about the kids who have great access to NFL players at training camp? What about seeing NFL greats visit our field? Sorry to rant, Vic, I just hate the idea that some people think an NFL team is a disposable item.

Vic: The Jaguars bid farewell to a valued employee this week. I'm talking about Glen Fisher of the ticket department, who has been with the team since its days in the trailers. Glen has sold more than $12 million in ticket revenue during his years with the team. He came to the Jaguars from the local TV industry and I think everyone knows his interest in working for the Jaguars was more about his heart than his career. The guy loves Jacksonville and the idea of having an NFL team in this town. Anyhow, Glen is retiring and on Tuesday, during the noon to one o'clock lunch hour, his workmates threw him a surprise going away party. I thought the guy was gonna cry. Fortunately, he was able to control himself and spare us the embarrassment. When I got back to my office, I had an e-mail from someone who was furious that he couldn't get through to the ticket office. As it turned out, he should've been able to get through but there was some kind of glitch. Be that as it may, it was just one hour out of the day. Glen has been sitting in the ticket office every day for 16 years answering the phone and servicing customers. What is making everyone so angry? Is it the heat? The humidity? I'd blame President Obama but our 401(k)'s are on fire. Come on, folks, we're all in this together. You want it to succeed, Glen wants it to succeed and I do, too. Call back after lunch. That's all. Let the man have his 60 minutes of love before security walks him to his car.

Mike from Bridgeport, CT:
When you write your "10 things" article this week, please make number one, "Just win, baby."

Vic: I will, baby.

Jordan from Charlotte, NC:
Your asterisk on the Gators and the note you added was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for your great wit and humor and thanks for how much more enjoyable you make all of our days. Who do you think are some of the better defensive ends entering the draft, and who do you think has the most upside compared to where they are projected to go?

Vic: There are a lot of good ones that have caught my eye this year, some of them underclassmen, but in addition to the Nebraska defensive lineman, Suh, there's one other college defensive lineman that has jumped out at me. I'm talking about "Ironhead's" kid, Cameron Heyward. He can be Joe Greene.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
I'm not sure if I am the only Jags fan that feels this way but I just can't jump on the Jags bandwagon just yet because in the past when I've done this they always let me down. I really love the Jags and hope they do well and win the next few games to get into the playoffs, but I just can't make myself believe they are a legit team in the NFL. They just haven't shown me this year that they can hang with the big boys of the NFL or just play a competitive half of football against the worst division in the NFC. Now, if they can beat the Dolphins and the Colts, I will feel a lot better about my team. Is there something wrong with me or am I like a lot of other Jags fan?

Vic: Do you really want an answer?

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
I just watched "The Blind Side," Vic. What an amazing story; seeing Michael Oher rise all the way to the NFL. Have you had the chance to see it?

Vic: I read the book a year or two ago and there was much about the in-depth story I did not like.

Z. from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I have a question about short-yardage situations. I know football is a game of confrontation, but what is the logic behind teams bringing in three tight ends and bunching up the defense with 11 in the box? Wouldn't spreading out the field with at least a couple of receivers force the safeties off the line and create better running lanes?

Vic: The theory is that by bunching everyone at the line of scrimmage, you wall-off the defense and move it as one. Spreading the field creates running lanes, but it also allows for penetration.

Carl from Jacksonville:
Will we break 50,000 this Sunday?

Vic: Yes.

Dan from Jacksonville:
Why did you put the Cowboys in front of the Bengals in your rankings?

Vic: I think the Cowboys are better. The Bengals will have a chance to prove me wrong this Sunday in Minnesota.

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