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It only matters when you lose

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Billy from Jacksonville:
What can Del Rio do to get these guys to play with a little heart and intensity? I saw him question Stroud, Henderson and Peterson after the second touchdown. They all just walked by him throwing their hands up in the air and showing him their backs, total lack of respect. I have to believe that after a loss like Sunday's Vince Lombardi would have had the team on the field after the game running sprints. What is Del Rio gonna have to do to get these guys to play with emotion, like he did?

Vic: I'm hearing the saying complaints already this year that I heard last year: no fire, no emotion, bad play-calling, etc. Is there any chance the problem is people's perception? Billy, I watched Lombardi's teams and I can tell you I never saw Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Ray Nitschke or any of the Packers show any emotion. If you judge a football team's emotional intensity by its display of emotion, then the Packers of the 1960s were asleep. But no one ever questioned their heart. I think you're looking too deep. Stop looking at the intangibles and start looking at the tangibles. For example, the Jaguars' wide receivers, which is largely a group of cast-offs, were being covered by two star cornerbacks who were first-round picks. There's your difference.

Hicham from Dubai, UAE:
Good to see improvement with the running aspect of the game defensively, but just one question: Why isn't Fred Taylor getting the ball more? Fourteen carries in a game? That's ridiculous.

Vic: Some people want a wide-open offense, some people want three yards and a cloud of dust. But it only matters which one it is when you lose.

Ken from Jacksonville:
I agree with your comments about patience because we just played two very tough teams. The only good thing I can see is they weren't divisional losses. The loss to the Bills was so hard to take because it was a solid defeat on all sides of the ball. It just seems we haven't started to gel. Is that a fair assumption or am I just too optimistic about our team?

Vic: Ken, I get the feeling that if you had been on the Titanic you would've been passing out chewing gum. Stay just the way you are. This column needs people like you.

Luis from Green Cove Springs, FL:
I went to support my Jaguars last Sunday. Despite the loss I saw a Jaguars team that kept fighting. In my view, the Bills were better, period. Where am I wrong? By the way, I'm planning to go back this season.

Vic: Ken, meet Luis.

Christian from Toronto, ON:
A friend of mine recently asked (I guess I'm saying I don't want to take responsibility for this question) why Jacksonville would use the abbreviation Jax, when there is no x in Jacksonville. Someone would have had to make this decision at some point, and I bet there might even have been some disagreement about what abbreviation to use. Can you shed some light on this for me so we can put this to rest?

Vic: Wow, Christian, you really got me on that one. All I can guess is that "Jacks" sounds like "Jax." But that couldn't be it. By the way, maybe you can answer this question for me: Why does your hockey team call itself the Toronto Maple Leafs, instead of the Toronto Maple Leaves?

Steve from Jacksonville:
Some say Byron Leftwich's performance against the Bills was meaningless since he faced little pass-rush and was playing against second and third-stringers. However, it seems to me he helps negate the rush with his quick release. He also seems to see the field extremely well for a rookie and he seems to be a natural leader. I have no problem with Mark Brunell but this kid is extremely talented. If we are going to get whacked every week, why not give him a shot?

Vic: Steve, that's a decision that had to be made in August. It's too late now.

Elaine from Waycross, GA:
My husband and I love reading "Ask Vic." Do any other NFL team websites have anything similar to "Ask Vic" or are you the only one out there?

Vic: I think the Vikings have an "Ask Sven." Just kidding, Elaine. I think I'm the only idiot.

Jack from Toronto, Canada:
I was wondering what Jaguars are still left from the first season?

Vic: Mark Brunell and Jimmy Smith.

Lynn from Jacksonville:
I think the Jaguars were simply beaten by a much better team last Sunday. They aren't the only ones with an 0-2 record, however, are they truly devoid of talent, as some are suggesting, or, as I suspect, is it just going to take awhile for things to gel?

Vic: Ken and Luis, meet Lynn.

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