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It's all about the prom

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jordan from Kill Buck, NY:
When was the last time the Jaguars had a kick-return for a touchdown? Don't you think the Jaguars should look into their kick-return game sometime, because you know a kick-return sets up how you will be doing on that drive?

Vic: Yes, I know that, Jordan. The last time the Jaguars returned a kickoff for a touchdown was in Pittsburgh on Nov. 18, 2001, in Pittsburgh, when Elvis Joseph went 95 yards. The last time the Jaguars returned a punt for a touchdown was last season, against the Eagles, on Oct. 6, when Bobby Shaw went 69 yards. The Jaguars addressed the return game this offseason when they signed Jermaine Lewis to a rather pricey contract.

Kent from Oviedo, FL:
What's going to be the best part of all the new renovations in the stadium?

Vic: In my opinion, the sports bar in the south end zone will be the big hit.

Daniel from Rowland Heights, CA:
Vic, I'm a senior offensive lineman for my high school. I'm only 5-7 and I'm 190 pounds. I'm starting, but I feel I'm way too small to play offensive line. I can't play any defense because I'm a true offensive lineman. In your opinion, should I gain weight? Should I concentrate more on my upper body strength or lower body strength?

Vic: At 5-7, if you put on any more weight you may have trouble getting a date for the prom. Stay where you're at. You're made to play guard. Have a great senior year and concentrate on your classroom strength.

Brian from Jacksonville:
If Byron Leftwich doesn't sign this year, will the NFL give the Jags the seventh pick of the draft next year? Because if that was to happen, that would be great for the Jags because they could have two first-round picks and possibly pick up Roy Williams, Eli Manning, Reggie Williams or Derrick Jackson. Also, I would prefer Mark Brunell under the helm when we host the Super Bowl.

Vic: If a drafted player is not signed by the team that drafted him before the next year's draft, that player goes back into the draft pool and the team that originally drafted him receives no compensation. But that's not going to happen. The Jaguars will sign Byron Leftwich. By the way, Brian, just because Jacksonville will be hosting Super Bowl XXIX doesn't mean the Jaguars will be playing in it.

Dan from Holley, NY:
Are there any particular songs or music the Jaguars like to practice to?

Vic: Tom Coughlin liked to conduct nine-on-seven to the sound of "My Fair Lady." Dan, it's football, not a dance recital.

Todd from Reno, NV:
I recently was in an argument with a friend about the salary cap. My friend seems to think signing bonuses do not count against the salary cap. I disagreed with him, stating what you have said, "You pay it, you claim it." Could you please clear this up for my friend and explain how the signing bonus can be spread out over years of the contract? Thanks for the great column.

Vic: You pay it, you claim it. It's that simple. In the case of signing bonuses, they must be amortized equally over the life of the contract, up to seven years.

Jimmy from Brunswick, GA:
I was shocked by how nice and soft the FieldTurf actually is. I'll have to admit, I thought it was a stupid idea when I first read about it. How long has FieldTurf been around and is it used in any NFL stadiums?

Vic: FieldTurf rose to prominence in the last couple of years. The colleges were the first to expose it. Dallas, Detroit and Seattle have used it in the NFL. Pittsburgh had it installed for this season. The Jaguars played on it in 2001 for the first time, when they played against the Seahawks at the University of Washington's Husky Stadium.

Cortez from Orlando, FL:
Are players paid from the Jags organization or are the funds sent to the NFL office and redistributed to the players, and are fines deducted from the players' pay or are they required to pay on their own? Lastly, what is the pay cycle for the players receiving their salaries?

Vic: Salaries are paid directly from the Jaguars' payroll, payday is Thursdays following regular-season games, and fines are deducted from players' pay.

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