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Jags have league's attention

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tyler from Neptune Beach, FL:
I've been saying this all season but, after Sunday's game, do you think people finally realize that we are a team that everybody should be scared to play?

Vic: I think the Jaguars have the rest of the league's attention, but I think it's an overstatement to suggest that other teams would be "scared" to play the Jaguars. Let's slow down a little bit. It's going well right now and it's a lot of fun, but let's not get too full of ourselves.

Robert from Jacksonville:
The season is not over and the Broncos have decided to let go of their head coach. Do you think the 2010 draft was a contributing factor in this decision?

Vic: I don't think it helped him. He had a team that had need in every phase except the passing game, and he spent his first-round picks on a quarterback most draftniks thought was grossly overdrafted and a wide receiver.

Matt from Orlando, FL:
I think the biggest reason for the high ratings for the Pittsburgh and Baltimore game was because I think people enjoy the anticipation of a low-scoring game. Both teams were in it until the last second and I believe that really makes for a better game than a game in which both teams score 40-plus points.

Vic: A 41-40 game is great for ratings, but the great thing about low-scoring games is that they guarantee the issue will remain in doubt into the fourth quarter. Monday night's game had a lot of points, but one team did all the scoring. That doesn't work for me or for most people.

Joe from Jacksonville:
Vic, can you explain what happened on that tuck-rule play in Sunday's game?

Vic: On third and three, Kerry Collins fumbled and was judged to have recovered his fumble for a five-yard loss. Jeff Fisher sent the punt team onto the field for what would've been a fourth-and-eight play, but then Jack Del Rio challenged the recovery and I understand why he did it because it appeared that Daryl Smith had possession of the ball. The official play-by-play mistakenly reads that the Jaguars challenged the ruling of an incomplete pass. If that had been the case, it would not have been fourth-and-eight and the Titans would not have been in punt formation. As soon as I saw the replay during the challenge review, I knew the call would be reversed to an incomplete pass because Collins was clearly in the act of tucking the ball when it came loose. The only suspense then was whether or not Fisher would go for it on fourth and three, which he elected to do.

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How do they determine the TV ratings? How can they tell how many households are actually watching the game?

Vic: Meters are distributed to participating households in "metered markets." Viewers that agree to participate in a metered survey then log their viewing on the meters. Jacksonville is a metered market. Viewing diaries are also another means for determining TV ratings.

Jay from Baltimore, MD:
Don't worry about not selling out a playoff game. If the Jags host one, I will be there. If the Jags play the Ravens, I will be bringing about 2,000 friends; just look for the guy in teal in the middle of a purple section.

Vic: Come on down, and bring your friends.

Brian from Jacksonville:
First off, let me state that I'm a season-ticket holder. Why are playoff tickets more expensive than regular-season tickets? Obviously, they're in higher demand and football games are in lower supply, but doesn't it seem like a double standard to charge the same amount for a preseason and regular-season game and then up the charge for a playoff game? I'm willing to admit I might be missing something here, so please educate me on this one.

Vic: Why do women get more expensive wedding rings than men? They just do. That's one way to look at it. Or you could look at it like this: Jaguars regular-season tickets are underpriced in an expensive league and, therefore, are at a bargain price. For the playoff games, tickets are priced closer to the league average.

Kevin from Norfolk, VA:
The difference between last year's team and this year's team is that the AFC South is down this year.

Vic: That's a good point. The Colts' fall from 12-0 to 6-6 has opened the door for the rest of the division. I'm still pretty sure, however, that this year's team is better than last year's team.

Alex from Jacksonville:
Did Belichick make Brady or did Brady make Belichick? Does it take a great QB to make a coach great?

Vic: Most great coaches are tied to a great quarterback. Bill Belichick wasn't a great coach when Bernie Kosar and Vinnie Testaverde were his quarterbacks. He was 5-13 and on his way to being fired in New England when Tom Brady became the starter.

Jim from Irvona, PA:
Brady is masterful. Is there any QB from the past that he reminds you of, or is he simply one of a kind?

Vic: I see Johnny Unitas in him. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it. They're both low-round draft picks, they're masters of the precision passing game, they possess similar pocket awareness and in-pocket mobility, fearlessness, no-nonsense intensity and leadership skills and, frankly, I think Brady throws a ball very similar to Unitas'. Give Brady a crew cut, lose the super-model wife and put a pair of black high-tops on him and he's Unitas, especially at crunch time.

Mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Is Vince Manuwai the NFL comeback player of the year?

Vic: That has to go to Michael Vick, I would think.

Matt from Ocilla, GA:
"I have no doubt that if the Jaguars run the ball 50 times this Sunday and pass it only 15 times, the team's fans will be delighted. All of this only goes to prove that if you badger me long enough, I'll surrender." Hats off to you, sir. Even draped in sarcasm, your statements are prophetic.

Vic: How about 53 runs and 19 passes? Pretty close, huh? On the way to the locker room after the game, Dirk Koetter couldn't resist needling me. "All you gotta do is read Vic's column," he said, laughing.

Zhane from Jacksonville:
Aside from now having to pay three head coaches' salaries for the next couple of years, what is the most costly consequence of the Broncos' decisions regarding Josh McDaniels' brief tenure?

Vic: They handed him the keys to the family car and he wrecked it. Now they need a new car.

Dave from Jacksonville:
What was Harbaugh thinking? The Ravens had a fourth-quarter lead and the ball. Run the ball and burn clock and make the Steelers use their time outs. Punt the ball for field position and play defense. Is it really that difficult for these head coaches to figure this stuff out?

Vic: I didn't get it, either. Look at it this way: Ben Roethlisberger was on a broken foot that was wedged between two pieces of steel in an oversized shoe and on a cold night when his nose was broken in the first drive of the game and he had to spend the rest of the night breathing through his mouth. If I'm John Harbaugh, I'm thinking that all "Big Ben" wants is a hot shower, a pain pill, a burger and an aisle seat. I gotta believe the last thing he wants is to have to drive the ball 80 yards with Terrell Suggs running at him on every play. Two runs and a punt would've been a great coaching decision. Whatever happened to not doing "smart" things?

Ian from Jacksonville:
The Jags take Tebow in the first round and Alualu falls to the Broncos. Maybe McDaniels has a job today and possibly Jack doesn't.

Vic: Yeah, but all the games would be sold out.

Craig from Stanley, Falkland Islands:
When do the Colts and Pats start looking at drafting a new Manning or Brady? A couple of years?

Vic: I think the Colts will start looking next spring. You must not allow yourself to get old at that position because if you get old at the wrong time and the quarterback you need isn't available, your period of losing will be extended. Next year's draft will offer a strong class of quarterbacks. If you have an "old" quarterback, you better get your guy.

Bruce from St. Simons Island, GA:
Would you please share any stories you have about Don Meredith?

Vic: I don't have any stories about him, other than having observed him in the press box for those Monday night games when I was a young reporter and I thought he was really cool. He loved to cut up, with anybody, and I remember him squeezing between a couple of us at the bar one night before a game, bummin' a couple of cigarettes and buyin' a round of drinks. He was always on and I think that was a natural state for him. The news that he had passed made me stop.

Marcus from North Pole, AK:
"Is Mojo the best running back in the league? Vic: No one's running better right now." What about Arian Foster, or did MoJo pass him up in yards after this week?

Vic: In the last five games, Maurice Jones-Drew has led the league with a 133.4 yards-per-game rushing average. During that same time, Foster has averaged 98.6 yards per game. That works for me.

Henry from Oakland, CA:
Now the Raiders are coming to town; you told me a few months ago the Raider nation won't be there. We will be there loud and proud. We just beat the San Diego Chargers and they had Philip Rivers. Think David Garrard can beat us?

Vic: Raider nation is just a bunch of people that want every day to be Halloween.

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