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Jags must maintain cap discipline

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brian Skelding from Mobile, AL:
I haven't seen anyone take interest in Hardy and Wynn. Do you see someone picking them up or will the Jaguars have a chance at re-signing them?
Talking to Renaldo Wynn last week, he said he had received interest from Indianapolis, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle and New Orleans. I don't know what Kevin Hardy's situation is. He's coming off significant knee surgery and that will probably cause teams to be more cautious in their interest in him. I don't expect either player to re-sign with the Jaguars.

Thomas Wolansky from Orange Park, FL:
Now that Jason Craft is most likely gone, then with the cut of Beasley, the Jags' depth at defensive back is thinning out. But Craft, in little time, has done well for the Jaguars. Even though I like Fernando Bryant, he gets injured a lot and is a significant cap hit to the Jags. My question is, how much would the Jags save if they dropped Bryant and Hardy Nickerson now, and how much would they save after June 1st?
Cutting Fernando Bryant now would save the Jaguars about $100,000. He is due a $349,500 roster bonus on June 1. Once that money is paid, there would be no savings in cutting him. He is a $1.23 million salary cap hit, which isn't that significant. Hardy Nickerson represents $4.4 million in remaining amortization, but $750,000 of his 2002 salary is guaranteed. Nickerson is a $5.86 million cap hit. Cutting him now would save only $700,000. Cutting him after June 1 would result in a $3.3 million savings in '02, but would push $2.9 million onto the Jaguars' '03 cap.

Keith Johnson from Jacksonville:
The Jags just got under the salary cap and even though Wayne Weaver swore he would not go into the re-structuring that got us into this mess in the past, it is obvious we still need to do some re-structuring to get under the cap enough to sign the draft class and replace injured players. By pushing money of players like Tony Brackens and Mark Brunell into the future to do this, how do the Jaguars look in terms of the 2003 cap right now? Will we have to go through the same ordeal next year?
The Jaguars' 2003 salary cap is in great shape. That's the result of the Texans assuming $12.5 million of combined remaining amortization when they selected Tony Boselli, Gary Walker and Seth Payne in the expansion draft. Re-structuring a contract or two isn't going to damage the '03 cap, but the Jaguars must continue to discipline their spending if they are to continue their cap repair process.

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