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Jags try to boost growth


While the Jaguars are aiming to become champions on the field this season, the team is also looking to find "Champions" off the field with the launch of a new initiative that will be introduced during this Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Jaguars Champions Club will give supporters a unique opportunity to make a direct impact on the success of the team, by helping the Jaguars remain competitive and ensuring the long-term growth of Jacksonville as an NFL community. Members of the Champions Club will have an opportunity to work directly with the Jaguars front office in supporting season ticket sales and renewals and providing assistance to the Fan Services department during critical times of the year.

In return for their services to the Champions Club, members will earn unique rewards and special access to team events, and a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XLI. The Champions Club will also be a part of Jaguars game days next season, with qualified members forming the new Walk of Champions to help introduce the team onto the field at home games.

Champions Club members will be recruited from existing Jaguars season ticket holders and will be invited to attend special Champions Club sales campaigns at Alltel Stadium to help sell and renew season tickets. Champions Club director Steve Livingstone helped introduce a similar and successful program for the NFL in Europe, which resulted in a dramatic rise in season tickets sales for the Scottish Claymores.

"We are looking for fans who are dedicated and committed to becoming Jaguars Champions and who will assist Jaguars front office staff in achieving the organization's goals," Livingstone said. "Champions Club members will have a direct impact on keeping the team competitive and ensuring the success and growth of the team here in Jacksonville."

For every season ticket Champions help to renew or sell, they will receive points that qualify them for unique benefits and rewards. The more points Champions earn the higher Champions Club status they will attain, making even greater rewards and benefits available. A special section on the Jaguars website will be created to keep Champions Club members informed and up to date.

Fans interested in joining the Champions Club will also be able to get more information by visiting, or by calling 904-633-6333 for an application form.

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