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Jags visit Boys and Girls Club

National Football League players have just one day off each week, and many of them like to contribute time to their community on their off day. On the eve of Halloween, Jacksonville Jaguars Derek Landri, Lester Ricard and Brian Smith spent time at Woodland Acres Boys and Girls Club for some after-school games and fun with the kids. The players and kids played a variety of games together including basketball, dodge ball and ultimate football, which is like ultimate frisbee except with a football.

Landri and Ricard both spent time on the basketball court, shooting free throws and playing dodge ball, while Smith showed his abilities during the ultimate football game. The Jaguars believe that the visits are time well spent, and the great interaction between the kids and players shows why. When asked about the activities, Smith knew exactly how the kids felt based on his past experience.

"I used to go to the Boys and Girls Club myself and I know how important it would be for NFL players, rookies, veterans or special guests to come and hang out with the kids," said Smith. "It means a lot to me because I know how much they enjoy us coming out. It is important to come out to the neighborhoods to play with the kids and get to be a kid again."

This was the second time this year that Jaguars players have visited the Woodland Acres Boys and Girls Club. Previously, they hosted the annual Hometown Huddle event which involved players helping the club build a new playground for the facilities.

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