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Jaguars Defensive End Josh Allen: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On how he thought the Jaguars defense played) "I felt like we had a real good game defensively. There's a couple stops that we could have prevented. Overall, we get rid of those us-beating-ourselves plays like the penalties, pass interference, jumping offsides. We get rid of those, I feel like we're in the game. Kudos to everybody, but next week we've got to forget about this game, learn from this game and come back next week ready to play against Green Bay."

(On what Myles Jack does for the defense when he's healthy) "I mean, him just being a playmaker. He's obviously, every time he's out there, he's making a lot of big plays for us, and he definitely did today. We're going to need that every week consistently, and we just need everybody else to be on his level. I feel like we're on that way."

(On Myles Jack's forced fumble) "Yeah, he's nasty. Myles is a ballhawk, man. He's definitely one of the best linebackers this year, and he's continued to play like that. When he's healthy, he's a bad man. He's going to continue to show that, and I just love playing with him. Hopefully, he continues to be like that."

(On if he was surprised defensive lineman Taven Bryan was benched and how he felt defensive lineman Doug Costin played in Bryan's place) "I think Doug played a really good game. When Taven came in, I think he played really well too. It's whoever's doing things right is going to play. I don't make that call on who gets in and who doesn't. We've just got to play with the cards that we're dealt. But I think Doug came in and played absolutely well, and then he got hurt, so hopefully he'll be healthy for next week and we can get him back out there."

(On if the play clock running out for Houston and not getting called adds to the frustration the team is feeling) "Yeah, it definitely is. That's something that we can't control. We can't control the refs to call that or see that. So that's most frustrating part about that. It was just a call that needed to be made that they didn't make and they missed it, but like you said, I think after that series, we came back out and got a three-and-out or we got off the field. So we continued to battle. You can't sit there and look at the tape and say we didn't. I'm definitely proud of this defense on all the skills that we had to do, and I think we played a lot better and that we're just going to continue to grow from here."

(On what defensive back Tre Herndon blitzing from the secondary allows him to do on the defensive line) "Tre's a scary blitzer. He's definitely a guy that can really sneak in there and come in there and hit somebody. Obviously, you saw. When Tre's coming down and he's on the blitz, everybody else has to do their part so he can get free because he's going to make a lot of big plays in that position."

(On a follow up to what Herndon blitzing does for him and the rest of the defensive line) "Get out of his way. I mean, those blitzes are made for that nickel to come in and be the free hitter. So it's for us to do our job and occupy the rest of the O-linemen so he can just come in there Scot-free, which we did, and he came in and made the play. I'm just happy that we did and we got to be off that field."

(On if he felt the Jaguars blitzed enough today) "Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, I think so."

(On the talk of the bye week with the defense blitzing even more) "I feel like we could have called anything because when we rush four (players), we were getting pressure. When we blitzed, we were getting pressure. The game plan was definitely swell, and I was liking how everything went. I think we blitzed a lot today, more than what we usually do, and we were getting home. I believe we'll continue to do that."