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Jaguars GM honored by NY State Senate


"As the nation's eyes turn towards New York and the lead-up to this year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, I rise to honor two western New Yorkers who have worked their way to the top of their respective NFL franchises. Tom Telesco, a 1992 graduate of St. Francis High School was introduced last season as the general manager of the San Diego Chargers, while Dave Caldwell from St. Francis class of 1991 was hired as the general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The future is bright for these men and the franchises they lead. After Tom graduated from high school he went onto John Carroll University where he joined the football team as a wide receiver. He spent his summers interning for my hometown team and everyone's only New York state team, the Buffalo Bills. Soon after Tom graduated he joined the Indianapolis Colts as a scout, eventually working his way up the ladder with the Colts highlighted by a 2006 Super Bowl victory.  In 2013 he was finally handed the reins to a team when he joined the Chargers. His success has been quick. This year the Chargers reached the AFC division round of the playoffs.

Dave Caldwell also attended John Carroll University where he played as outside linebacker before graduating in 1996. Very soon after, he joined the Panthers of Carolina as a scouting assistant. Later he joined Tom and the Colts organization and eventually moved on to the Atlanta Falcons where he became the director of player personnel. His hard work was rewarded when he joined the Jaguars, a team in the mix of a turnaround much like our beloved Bills. Dave and Tom both attribute their success to their football coaches back in Buffalo; Jerry Smith and John Scibetta. Also to Bill Polian and his family who have a major influence on Buffalo football. I speak for everyone in Buffalo when I say how proud we are to be turning out such high caliber talent that it's being recognized across the National Football League. I predict great things in the years ahead for both Tom and Dave and the franchises they lead. I believe they're going to take their teams, the Chargers and Jaguars, to even greater heights in 2014 only to be knocked out in next year's playoffs by the Bills, the Super Bowl XVIX victors. We wish Dave and Tom the best of luck as we work to strengthen the teams throughout the NFL and we commend their leadership and hard work for their coaches and teachers in Western New York who have helped support them along the way. Football is a proud tradition in Western New York, in Buffalo and across the New York state. These two men epitomize that tradition and we congratulate them and their families."

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