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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Friday, October 16, 2020

(On the growth from the team thus far even without the results) "Yeah, I mean, I think there's obviously some drives that we're able to sustain and go and score before a half, to be able to go in 2-minute and be able to get points on the board. The completion percentage, yards per carry—you know, you see those things and you just try to put them all together. And we've had guys makes some plays and we've missed some plays out on the field. And I think, defensively, there's times where we've played the run in a game, during a series, where we've done a nice job. There [are] times where we defended the pass, there [were] two games where we were able to get on the positive of turnovers. And we've been doing a better job of really trying to disrupt the quarterback for the opposing teams. I think special teams, we had a good kickoff return. We really don't get a lot of opportunities there. I think Logan [Cooke]'s doing a good job and obviously we're struggling with the kicking game. So, I think you can—when you look at it, you see these pieces, you see these young players where when some of these guys that we're counting on, they do things right, they look really good and you try to speed up that process and you've got to lay that foundation down for those guys to make plays. I think there's definite things that we need to improve upon, but at the end of the day, you try to pick out the things that you're doing well or well at times—is probably the better way to put it—and you try to put that together and be able to play a full game. I think those are the things that I'm trying to bring out and trying to do a better job of getting these guys more consistent."

(On whether he feels the team is on the brink of doing better) "I know it's close, I really feel it. I mean, that's what I told the players, Gene. I mean, we've got to push, we've got to get ourselves over the top, we've got to be able to sustain this. Because I think, like you mentioned the word before, I think anytime you're not winning and you're not getting that success from the wins, [it] does cause—whatever word we want to use—whether it's frustration, anxiety, disappointment, you know, there's a lot of things that go into it. And that's the one thing that you know if you're feeling that or feeling sorry for yourself or feeling sorry in any regard, then you're never going to be able to push yourself to push through it and get yourself over the top. So, we see things during the week that we're practicing and doing a better job of. Now, it's a matter of just bringing it over to Sunday and to the game."

(On K Jon Brown's performance in practice thus far) "Yeah, I was talking about this. You know, each week with all these guys that we've had, they've looked good where like you walk off the field and as a coach, you say 'Gosh, I feel good.' You watch them kick in practice and their making all the field goals and everything. And that's how I've always looked at it and I don't know if that's just jinxed myself, being a person that believes in superstition, but I guess I'll jinx myself again. Yes, he's looked good during the week and I feel like we can put him out there and go. And I think really, the other day I think I explained it well, you go in there and you look good in warmups and you look good in practice and it's kind of like what we can all relate to in our younger days and maybe little league baseball. All of a sudden, oh there's one wild pitch, there's another wild pitch and all of a sudden, the pitcher can't throw a strike. There's a lot that goes on with the pressure of the game, but it's pressure that I've always said you put on yourself—which you can control. So, Jon seems to be real even key or low key. It'll be interesting to see how he is on game day when he goes out there, if that changes. If it doesn't, I feel really good. If it does change, then obviously we could have issues."

(On whether P Logan Cooke has been considered during the kicker process) "Yeah, we've worked on him doing PATs and field goals also. So, we're ready to go that route if it occurs."

(On facing a veteran like Lions RB Adrian Peterson) "You know, I think—John, I'm going to probably get into a little bit of a story here. I remember when I was in New Orleans as a player, so this was 1989, I remember there was a running back, Dalton Hilliard, that we had. And I was standing on the sideline during the game, and I'm just watching him take these hits, and just keep bounding off people and going in there. And the one thing, I think, that this game—even with the sound on the field and all the other things—the one thing until you're close—it's almost like boxing if you can ever get close to a ring or a sparring session—the amount of contact that you have, that thud that you feel, that thud that you hear. I remember at that time, it amazed me to say, 'Gosh, these guys really, it really takes—I mean, they take a lot of violent shots,' because it's not close quarters like myself as an offensive linemen or defensive linemen. There are guys running 15-20 years, laying it all out and hitting these guys. So, then I was fortunate enough, in New York, to play with a guy, Curtis Martin, who is the oldest player to win the rushing title and to watch how he took care of his mind and body. I mean, it was just amazing to be around a player like that and that's why he's obviously a Hall of Famer. I have so much respect for him. And I think when you see Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore, these players that are still productive, that are still playing at a good level. I don't think enough can be said of what they've endured, their body, and how much they've had to take care of their body. Because when they have the football in their hands, someone is going to hit them. So, I think—I always have a great deal of respect for anyone that has played this game for a long period of time. We're fortunate to have Keenan [McCardell] on our staff who played for a long period of time. And I think, like I've always said, there's a lot of characteristics—well, there's a lot of different personalities, and types of people, and body types—but I always used to tell the players, the one thing that's been common with all the players that I've been around that have played over ten years is they've all been able to take care of their bodies, they've all been able to overcome injuries, taking care of their bodies and being able to play, and being able to play at a consistent level, which is difficult to do."

(On his confidence in the wide receivers room) "Yeah, I think those guys are getting better. And I think—I feel good about DJ [Chark Jr.], he practiced in a limited basis today, but we ran some routes in team periods and he looked good. So, he's a guy that always fights to get out there. But I think, obviously, like I said, with Laviska [Shenault Jr.], the limited practices kind of limit us a little bit of going out there and doing a bunch of stuff with them. So, I think once we overcome that, I think you're going to see him really get better. Collin [Johnson] obviously is getting better for us and I think Chris [Conley] is solid and Keelan [Cole] is really doing a nice job. I mean, he's really having a good year. So, you look at that group and they're trying to do everything they can to be consistent and be able to get open and be able to make the plays that we need to make. So, one thing about that group, they're working extremely hard and there's talent in that area."

(On WR Laviska Shenault Jr. being limited) "I don't know if it affects—I'm not going to say that that's the reason of like winning or losing. I'm just saying with any player that's a skilled player, one that has unique skills like Laviska has. As a coach, you want to be able to go out and see it in practice and do it in practice and be able to do it in a game. You know, he's always been able to show up for the games, he's always been able to practice to some extent. So, I just think it's something that we're working through and what he's going through, he's a different type of athlete when you look at him out there. I mean, he's a much bigger, stronger guy than maybe what you see at that position. And that's why we have him in the backfield and we can hand him the football and we can do a lot of things with him. So, I think one of the things you want to be able to do is, when you have these young players, you want to make sure that you're teaching it, they understand it and they can do it and you're not putting too much on their plater where you can keep bringing them along and keep getting them better. So, I think those are the things that you're seeing in a couple of those young guys, whether it be Laviska, whether it be James [Robinson], whether it be Tyler Davis. Defensively it's a little bit different, that might affect you a little bit more when you have some young guys be limited on some of the calls that you're able to do. But these guys are doing a good job and they're trying to get it, they're trying to understand it all."