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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Sunday, December 27, 2020

(On what the offensive line needs) "I think that's a question for the general manager and after the season, honestly. I'm trying to win football games with the guys that we have, so that's my job and that's what I'm working on. I can't really give you a need or anything like that. That's not my role."

(On QB Mike Glennon) "I thought early on we did some good things. I think it was tight and then we got a turnover in the second quarter at the end of half. So we got the turnover, then we came back but we gave it back to them and they wound up getting a field goal out of it. But I thought we were making some throws there. I thought really once they came out [in the second half], there was four straight touchdowns and it's really just not the defense. It's on all of us. I mean that's on the offense too and everyone that's above because they got down the field and scored and then we get about an 8-yard gain and we get a penalty and now it's first-and-20. It's very difficult and challenging for us to overcome that stuff. Then we end up punting, they go down and score and then we come back with two guys in the same area. It's poor communication on our part. Next thing you know, it's another score and next thing you know the game's out of it [reach]. Once it was out of it, was there a point where I'm like should I put Gardner [Minshew II] in there? I was thinking about it, but there wasn't enough possessions and I don't want to put him in there in that type of situation."

(On RB Dare Ogunbowale's performance today) "I thought he did a nice job, he really did. I thought he had about 12 or 15 carries. I thought he averaged about five yards a carry. He had a nice 25-yard run. He was running hard. I think it would have been nice to see if the game was close and then now all of a sudden, he's at 28 or 25, what he does there. But I think he did a nice job going in there."

(On the Bears pulling away) "We go out there and we're fighting hard and then all of a sudden we just can't sustain it when you look at on the field. There's opportunities there. There's a third down play. There's a fourth down play where all of a sudden now that breaks that momentum and they can get the ball around the 30-something yard line and go. They throw it to A-Rob [Bears WR Allen Robinson II] and he gets a first down and keeps the chains moving. They did a good job of keeping the chains moving most of the day. I think they had a bunch of first downs. They were able to make some big plays, were able to get behind us. We had two pass interference calls that gave them some big yards and we gave up some big plays. We can fight for so long and then we just have to continue and get 60 minutes out of it. We have one more game left. Like I told the team, I told them after the game 2020's been shitty. We all know that. I said but the way I look at it is we have ourselves a game starting in 2021, so let's make this change. Let's just change this thing. I think these guys, they care about each other in the locker room. They're consoling each other. It's difficult, but again, you're not getting a lot of people pointing fingers. You're not getting people that want to pick themselves out of the game. You're getting guys that are going in there and trying. We're just not making plays and at the end of the day, we're not playing well enough. That's on all of us."

(On loud cheers for Bears' scores) "I don't really think about it. I think in this time, the time that we're in right now with COVID, a lot of these fans don't get a chance to see their team play. They have an opportunity to come to what I believe is probably one of the greatest cities to enjoy. You have the beach, you have the river. I really love this town and if I was a fan for another team and I have the choice to go into a game in the cold weather or come down here in Jacksonville and watch my team play, I think those things would happen. I think they're probably happening for a lot of these teams that are letting people into the stadium, so I don't look at it as a big thing, negative, or distracting for us. Our focus is on the field and trying to win football games, but that's fine. I think this year, with COVID, we've seen that and I think I would expect that, at least I do."