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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Sunday, January 3, 2021

Opening Statement:

"Floyd Little passed away the other day and he was a – he with us to London, he was close to our program and my thoughts and prayers. Obviously he's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he's been around our program. His wife, DeBorah, and his family – our thoughts and prayers go out him and their family. I just wanted to make sure I said that before we get started."

Obviously 15 straight losses, have you talked to Shad Khan? Do you have any times set up tomorrow where you're going to meet with Shad about your future?

"Yeah, when all that stuff started coming out yesterday, I gave him a call. He said it was news to him and he would talk to me on Monday. He didn't really give me a time yet."

It was one more game where you guys showed good effort. Being 1-15 there's not a lot to be proud of, but how proud are you of cleaning up the locker room and getting this team where it looks like it is potentially close?

"Well, I think a lot of things. I appreciate the effort and the professionalism of all of the players. I feel that we have some really good coaches on this staff that have done a nice job of keeping everything together. Whatever happens is going to happen. I know that the record doesn't reflect it. I know I am a good football coach and I'm looking to have an opportunity and we'll see where it goes."

Are you prepared for whatever happens and was there a distraction for you to hear all the talk about Urban Meyer that came out yesterday and Friday?

"Well, I think it's the same thing. I'll tell you, I give a lot of credit and I want to make sure I say this to —- and I don't really ever go outside, Ian Rapoport wound up texting me the other day before he broke the story with his sources and I'll tell you what, I have a great amount of respect for that, I really do. In other words, he was able to get that to me so I can prep my family, my children so they don't have to hear it from their friends or anything like that and I think that's something I'll always appreciate. I think that when the record is what it is, you have to be able to expect those things. But like I said before, I asked about it and it was new news for us. So we'll see what happens."

We were in this same situation last year with that ESPN report. Do you just deal with it or what? It's like the second year in a row with a report and obviously you have to alert your family, but you've been in this same situation two years in a row.

"I worry – I'll tell you, the way I look at it is this way. First of all, the person that really comes to my mind is obviously my family. The second thing that comes is the coaches and players. I don't ever want to be a distraction to them. As far as myself, I've been very fortunate and been gifted with great opportunities and I know who I am as a coach, but I know I'm not going to make excuses and the one thing that always – and I'll be honest – saved me in difficult situations or anything with adversity is where I grew up. I didn't grow up with getting things handed to you and all of that stuff. I mean, you had to earn (expletive) and you had to work your butt off. If you're a bad player or couldn't play a sport, people abuse you, you know what I'm saying, made fun of you. You didn't run home and cry. You didn't cry to the coaches and you didn't do those things. So there's a lot of things that happened in my life growing up that prepared me that were a hell of a lot tougher than the situations that I'm going through now and I think that's just me. That's how I personally look at it. Growing up where I grew up, it's tough and I was fortunate that I always had good friends, I had great coaches, I had great teachers that cared for me, but you've got to have a callus when you're brought up in the Bronx."

What was the message to the guys postgame? I know you had said last week the concept of a new year, it's 2021, let's get a win here. What was the message to them today?

"Yeah, I think we talked about it. I normally end the season – the record is obviously terrible, we understand that, but there's always a relationship, a family type of atmosphere that's created amongst players and coaches and I usually end the year with one thing, hey listen, there's going to be changes, there's change everywhere. We understand that when you don't play well and I told them, look, the one thing that I hope at the end of the day and I said this many years to many teams that I have coached is first thing, be a great family man. Be a great father. Be a great husband. Have faith. Go back to your communities and do well and make change. This game has taught us so much and it gives us the opportunity to do that. So that's kind of what I spoke to the players about afterwards and tomorrow we start at 7:30 a.m. We have our team meeting and then we go with our exit interviews. So that's pretty much our schedule, but that's always what I've believed. I think that when we walk away and we look at games and scores and records, but what has the game done and how have we improved as individuals from our character standpoint as we go through life? Because me, I'm probably on the back side. Like I always tell my wife, 'Big dogs die early,' you know what I'm saying? So that's probably going to be me — that's a pretty good one wasn't it? I say it all of the time and she gets pissed, but anyway these players have most of their lives ahead of themselves, so you always want to leave with a good message."

What happened to stopping the run all year long and did it have to do with guys opting out or guys getting hurt?

"I think that there's a couple of times where I think crack-replace –we're in man-coverage and the corners get caught inside and the ball gets outside on us, where we just have to keep that discipline. Obviously, missed tackles. I think when you look at – when you go back and you look at things and you look at the yardage, the first thing you say is, 'Hey, listen is there anyone there?' If there's no one there, it's obviously schematics and you haven't put your players in the best position and then I think you look at it and when all these yards are given up in any game, you have to look to see how they are – like crack-replace, missed tackling on an unblocked player on a sweep, the toss play, which is a good play, a good call and then the three missed tackles on some of those runs. So at the end of the day, those are the things that you can't have because if you're looking at it defensively, the way that my philosophy has always been, everyone is responsible for a gap. So someone's in that gap and then they ought to be able to make that play and everyone else is doing their job, it's going to be very difficult for people to overcome that unless you're going to a two-deep, two-gap type defense, which we're a one-gap defense."