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Jaguars Linebacker Joe Schobert: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

(On Head Coach Doug Marrone calling the plays for the defense in practice today and not having part of the defensive staff at the game on Sunday) "I think [Head Coach] Coach Marrone did a great bringing an enthusiasm and energy to the defense today. [He] got the calls in quickly and crisply so that's all you can really ask for him. His coaching points in between snaps were not up to par [with] what we're used to but [with] everything else I think he did a good job. As for Sunday, we'll see. I've never been in this position in my career so far, so it's going to be new territory for all us and I think we just have to be professionals about it, go to work understanding that some things are going to be stacked against us and play to the best of our abilities."

(On veteran's stepping up this week) "I think at every level of the defense the veterans really have to step up. You see Abry Jones coaching today out there on the field. All the position groups have the veterans running the individual drills. So, it's going to be a collective effort from everybody, but the veterans really do have to step up and be able to lead the young guys through this kind of situation."

(On if he's seen the amount of injuries this team has in his career) "I don't think so. I've been on a couple teams that have dealt with a few injury bugs, but no I don't think to this extent when you look back at who started the season on the defense playing and who's currently available right now and even the games in between who's been up and down. It's been one heck of an adjustment, a lot of adversity that the defense has had to face. It's the NFL, you get paid to be out there on Sunday and play a football game no matter what's going on, so it's the next man up mentality. Whoever's out there has to be able to do their job and do it well and we have to have trust in them."

(On DT Abry Jones coaching at practice today) "I think he needs to work on his authoritative stance. I don't think the guys were really listening to him as well as they should [listen to] a real coach. I think he had a little bit of struggles with getting talk back and a little chatter, but he was out there enjoying it. Although I think I heard after practice he said that coaching's for the birds, so I don't know if he has a second career after he's done playing."

(On his time with the Browns helping prepare for Sunday) "The only thing that I personally would [bring to Sunday] is just the personnel aspect because I've gone against the guys, but they have a whole new scheme, a whole new system with the coaching staff who came in. Other than the personnel and the players and what their demeanor's are like and playing against them for four years, I don't have a whole lot of the ins and outs of the actual offensive scheme and the lingo or the jargon they might be using."

(On what he's seen from the Brown's new offensive scheme) "Well I think they're a run first offense. They really want to run the ball. That's what they pride themselves in and they do a good job of it. Off of that, the running game, they have a good play action and boot system. [They] get [Browns QB] Baker [Mayfield] moving outside the pocket, set his feet, and throw the ball down the field to they have a bunch of tight ends playing, a couple receivers, deep threats. Jarvis Landy, a slot receiver, running underneath routes, a really quick guy. They do a good job of a good balanced, offensive approach I'd say, and the run game really sets everything up."

(On who he wants to hit on the Browns) "I always want to hit Nick Chubb. I think he just has this reputation as being a good guy, but Nick's the worst. People don't know that about him. He's the worst person. He always stole my stretch [from Browns Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach] Dale Jones. I'd always try to get a stretch after practice and Nick would always jump me in line and try to steal my stretches. I mean so if there's anyone I could hit, it'd be Nick."

(On if he was able to hit in practice with the Browns) "I mean the last couple years we were. We had live practices every day and Nick [Chubb] was just a young guy, so I did get to tackle him a few times. Although I did get yelled at last year for tackling him because I tackled his legs, so that's another sticking point."

(On Secondary Coach- Safeties Joe Danna being the play caller this Sunday) "I've never had him call the plays. We'll see on Sunday if he's going to be really aggressive or going to be playing coverage, what his call sheet's looking like. I mean as far as the calls we have up, it's our normal stuff. It's just going to be see[ing] what he likes to call during the game."

(On if he prefers turkey or ham on Thanksgiving) "Ham. I'm a ham guy."

(On what he's having for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow) "I hope ham. We just got a bunch of vegetables yesterday, fresh veggies and stuff. I think they make to-go meals here so I might take a couple sides or something like that and I don't know if we'll have ham or turkey, whatever my wife decides to make. She does a really good and I'll help out as best I can in the kitchen and clean all the dishes up afterwards."

(On his job for Thanksgiving dinner) "I think it will be to entertain the little man while my wife's just cooking and doing the hard work and cleaning up the dishes after it's done, making sure the kitchen's clean and everybody's fed and my wife can go chill on the couch with the little guy."

(On Browns running back duo Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb) "They're both extremely talented running backs. Nick [Chubb]'s more downhill, one cut type of runner. He has really good contact balance, really good power, and he has breakaway speed. Then Kareem [Hunt]'s a little bit more nifty, a little bit more make you miss in the whole, but he's also a big guy and he can break a lot of tackles. So, they're really kind of a one-two punch in terms of Nick is just going to run right down your throat and Kareem might juke you out, but he also has the capability of running you over. It's a formidable duo. We've faced a lot of good running backs in the NFL so far this year and these guys are the next ones up for us to be able to take on and I'm confident in the guys on our defense."