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Jaguars make identity permanent


The Jaguars' new uniform design includes a little something for everybody's tastes, including a new teal-like glitter to the team's all-black helmets.

You say you like teal jerseys at home? Well, you're gonna like 'em eight games a year because team owner Wayne Weaver announced at today's uniform unveiling that the team will wear teal jerseys and white pants for all home games.

What about the heat? No need to worry because the new fabric will make the uniforms 30 percent lighter and 10 percent cooler.

You liked the black look? Well, it's back; at least part of it is back. The Jaguars will continue to wear black pants and white jerseys for road games, depending, of course, on the home team's jersey selection.

The uniforms unveiled on Wednesday are a collection of Jaguars styles through the years, but Weaver made it clear the mix and match days are over. Before unveiling the new uniforms, the Jaguars showed video clips of styles worn by the team through the years, and the number of combinations were remarkable, including even a teal jersey, black pants look.

Those days, however, are over.

"We should establish a more permanent identity so that when you see us on TV, you know this is who we are," Weaver said of the thinking that went into the uniform change. Weaver said the team had watered down its image through the years. "We felt we had lost some of our identity. It was time to look back and say who are we? We challenged the staff of the NFL to tweak our uniform so it would stand the test of time.

The helmet glitter is probably the most radical change. The teal color in the jersey remains the same and the white and black pants are altered only in appearance by the addition of S-curve like "stripes" along the sides.

Micron-sized flakes have been added to the helmet to give it a teal reflection when the light hits it a certain way. The sides of the helmet will continue to bear the traditional teal-tongued cat head, which Weaver announced will serve as the team's main logo identity. Gone are the crawling cat and other such manifestations of cat head evolution.

"There was a desire to get back to a real clean look," coach Jack Del Rio said. Clearly, the event was the kickoff of not only a new look to the Jaguars, but also a new feel, which Del Rio described as a "real freshness."

"Last year was disappointing. Last year is in the past. We start today with a new uniform," he said. "There may not be a lot of hype for the kind of team we're going to field this year. We'll see come fall."

Whatever kind of team the Jaguars field this season, it'll be in new uniforms.

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