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Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew II: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On going into a game knowing the offense will need to score 30 points to have a chance and if that changes the approach early in the game) "I don't know. We ought to have some kind of a sense of urgency to be able to score every drive. But also, a lot of that is putting our defense in bad positions a lot of the time and not capitalizing when they put us in a good position. We have to do better at that and I think that will help us."

(On knowing the responsibility for this falls on everybody) "We all love playing for a coach that is going to take accountability and he is going to stand on the front lines with us. But, we all know we have to do better. There's not a guy out there dressed that can't do a better job. At the end of the day, we all have to raise our game up a little bit and that will get us where we want to go."

(On whether it was the Detroit Lions front seven that frustrated him or the experience of the Lions secondary) "They're a very good defense and very well coached. That's one thing that stands out. They did a good job mixing their blitzes and mixing their coverage. We never really got settled in and we just need to do a better job starting faster and getting in that rhythm a little sooner."

(On if he remembers a game as frustrating as this one) "Yeah, I don't know. It's hard to think off the top of the head. Any time you play a game like that and you just walk away feeling that you beat yourself, that's super frustrating. Talk about a disciplined team that beat themselves, we feel like we beat ourselves today and we just can't do that."

(On the frustration level offensively and the team in general) "Yeah, it's frustrating. There's not a guy on this team that likes losing or even wants to tolerate losing. We're definitely frustrated. It feels like the same story each week. We are trying to figure out what our solution is, we got to start finding it and the urgency should be at an all-time high. That being said, I believe we have the guys in our building to do it so we're just going to have to come back together, I know you all are sick of hearing it, but come back together, have a good week at practice, and just get ready to win one game at a time."