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Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew II: Sunday, October 26, 2020

(On the slow start) "Yeah, we were frustrated. We had four three-and-outs; that's about as bad as you can start. One thing I was proud of was how we didn't fold or send it in right there. [We] kept fighting, kept working, defense kept battling their tail off to keep us in it and we managed to find somewhat of a groove. Then, we obviously couldn't find a way."

(On resiliency) "I think so. I think every week there's good and bad. That's one thing I am proud of. We just have to keep working to put a complete game together. It hurts, but I wouldn't say we're discouraged. I think everyone is looking for a solution still and it's a fight. It's tough right now, but as long as these guys keep fighting we'll figure it out."

(On his hurt shoulder) "A little bit but that's normal stuff."

(On Head Coach Doug Marrone's aggressive approach) "Yeah, absolutely. I think anytime a coach puts faith in you like that, you want to reward them. And, we did at times today and we didn't at times. Anytime coach puts up that kind of confidence, I think it resonates with the team."

(On RB James Robinson's performance) "He battled his tail off. With [RB] Chris [Thompson] out, he's really the only guy in there. I know [RB Dare Ogunbowale] played some snaps, but [Robinson] really carried the load today. He caught the ball, ran the ball and I couldn't be more proud of how hard he's playing and working. I expect him to be able to continue to do that and get better and better."

(On reports of being benched) "No, that was never mentioned."

(On missed connections with WR DJ Chark Jr.) "I don't know. We need to make an effort to get him the ball because we know how dynamic he can be. It's frustrating. I know he's frustrated. He just wants to help the team win. We have to give him the opportunity to do that. The bye week will be a good opportunity to take a look at it and get him back to the Pro Bowl level he really is."

(On RB James Robinson's touchdown) "Yeah, James [Robinson] is a football player. He's the type of guy who has probably done that a million times growing up; playing on the playground and at recess. In high school he was a great player, college he was a great player, he's a great player for us right now, so, just him being a rookie doesn't mean he hasn't played a ton of football."

(On Chargers pass rush and the second half) "They did a good job. I know a few of those sacks, several of those sacks, were probably on me more than anything. I think we did a good job bouncing back from that. It's kind of one of those where you find yourself in a fog and we just needed a first down to get out of it. Once we finally did, we got rolling a little bit. We have to be able to get ourselves out of those before they really get going."