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Jaguars Safety Jarrod Wilson: Thursday, December 6, 2020

(On how it feels to be nominated for the Bart Starr Award) "Just really appreciative. Really just give glory to God, first and foremost, just for the ability to be in this position right now. And I'm just thankful. I don't really want to toot my own horn or nothing like that, but yeah, I'm just thankful and always willing to just give back in any way I can. So, I'm just appreciative of the nomination."

(On whether he remembers when former Jaguar Calais Campbell won the award) "I actually do, I actually do. I just was talking about it not too long ago. [It's a] really big award and it's just an honor, just to be representing both on and off the field, just in a positive light."

(On the difficulty of not winning for 10 weeks) "It's definitely difficult. I mean, it's frustration each and every week, when you don't get the outcome you want at the end of the week, which is a win. So, it's definitely frustrating, but we're a 1-10 ball club and you can't like hang your head or nothing about that. It's not like we're going to line up Sunday to lose. We've still got five more opportunities and expecting just to keep chugging to try to get a victory this Sunday. So, it doesn't really matter, the record, at this point. We've got to still line up and we've got five more opportunities to get better. So, let's get it."

(On what the missing piece is on this team) "It's really just putting it all together in all three phases, honestly, probably offense, defense and special teams. We've got to click on one accord. And I think the margin of error, in general, is really small within the league. It doesn't matter, again, like if you're 1-10 or you're 10-1. It's really just the little things and honing in and understanding how to finish the game. You don't have to be the most talented team to win a ball game in this league. I do feel like we have a lot of talent, but we just have to put it all together, even though we have younger guys on the team and the team has battled a ton of injuries. So, just trying to put it all together week to week and trying to get a W. So, the missing piece is really just to be finished, I would say. We've got to finish. Throughout the week, we do an excellent job practicing throughout the week, so we've just got to translate to Sunday and get a W."

(On the impact of Vikings WR Adam Thielen and WR Justin Jefferson) "Yeah, really good receivers. They're top two targets. I know [Thielen] will be coming off [after missing a game], but listen, he's a really excellent receiver. You know, he can take the top off, can run every single route, short, intermediate. So, it's really just on us in the backend with the passing yards, or what not, to stop him from getting explosive plays and getting the ball thrown over our heads. But he obviously does give an offensive boost, being back this week."