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Jaguars Wide Receiver DJ Chark Jr.: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On how Jaguars wide receiver Keelan Cole has progressed) "He comes to practice every day [and] works. He's a good friend of mine. Since I've been here, he's always been supportive. We both compete and when he goes on the field, he takes that mentality out there. He's a tough guy, he takes some hits, and he keeps running, he keeps going at practice every day, even through injury. When you have a guy like that, it's good to see him successful."

(On what the Lions' defense was doing to make it difficult game for the Jaguars' wide receivers) "I mean, I felt like we were open. Yeah."

(On if he saw any changes to get him more involved in the offense) "We tried, we did some things. I felt like there was a play, a post, that I should have had. But yeah, I feel like their defense came out, they played well, but I felt like, as receivers, we got open. We have to get on the same page and we have to move the ball more efficiently so we don't get to a point where we're just throwing the ball and they can just sit back and not do anything. I don't think there's a DB in the league that can just sit there and follow every play and just completely shut down (a wide receiver) without any help. I think, when we get behind, and you're up by a touchdown or two, you play safe as a defense. You play off, you force everything underneath, you send pressure and I think that's what they did."

(On how he thinks the Jaguars' offense can become more efficient) "We can't go three-and-out [on the] first drive. We can't go three-and-out. We have to get open as receivers. We have to find the open guys. When we run the ball, we have to block downfield. We have to get first downs, we have to be efficient. And we can't play from behind. We have to put up points. We can't get in the red zone and rely on three points, because when you do that, if you don't get the three points and if they go and score, you go from a manageable game to down two scores."

(On the toll the five-game losing streak has taken on him) "I'm a competitor, I like to win. I go out every time to win. When we don't win, it's frustrating, it makes the week long, it makes going home tough. I've been here three years and still haven't really won. It makes it tough, it makes it hard, it makes football more difficult, but the only way out of it is to win. And the only way to win is to come to work and do what you're supposed to do. We just have to take that mentality throughout the whole team. Personally, I don't think, really, that any of these teams are just better than us. I don't know if you're supposed to say that or not, but I don't. But, you walk off the field and it's 31-10 or 31-whatever-it-is, you can't make that argument too much."

(On if he has confidence in the coaching staff) "Yeah, I feel like, honestly, players play, coaches coach. Yes, the coaches have to put us in good positions to succeed. On offense -- I can't really speak for defense, I don't really know their schemes to a T like that, but offensively -- Coach Gruden tries. We're on him about getting James (Robinson) the ball, we're on him about getting me the ball, we're on him about all this, but at the end of the day, the plays are being called and the attempts are there. [Coach Gruden] can't go catch it for me, he can't throw it to me, he can't hand it to James [Robinson] himself. I think we just have to find a way to make things happen."