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Jalen Ramsey - Thursday, November 15, 2018

(On if he thought there would be a response to a tweet of his) "I didn't really care. I'm not tripping."

(On if he can give an explanation about the specified tweet) "To whomever it concerns."

(On who the tweet concerns) "Whomever. You have something to say, you have some negativity, I guess the fake fans, the fake … Whoever. Whoever."

(On if he was talking about displeasure with the Jaguars in his tweet) "No, no, no. I just said what I meant – to whomever it concerns."

(On if he would "boo" the Jaguars if he was watching) "Would I boo? No. We had a chance to win the game at the end. I'm not going to boo. That's what I'm talking about. That's fake. If that's what people want to do or how people feel, there are certain people … You all are going to miss … We bring some good things and yeah, we have slipped up here recently. We have not executed or played like we know we can, but whoever the fake fans … Whoever. If you all want to jump ship, it is what it is. But you all are going to miss us when we are either gone or when stuff back pops and we don't want you all anymore."

(On if he can understand the frustration from fans with high expectations) "You all act like we aren't frustrated. Come on now. I'm not saying we don't care about the fans being frustrated, but we are frustrated in here. We are frustrated in here, though. That's what you all fail to realize. You all think we are just walking around and we are happy about what's been happening lately? We are not. We're still trying to figure out a way that we can fix it."

(On if the season is over) "No. We are in Week 11. We have 17 weeks."

(On if the Jaguars still believe they can make the playoffs) "Yes."

(On his reaction to the problems the team had last week in coverage) "It was some communication [issues]. We have to communicate better. I saw a couple of things where people [said] certain guys are out here playing whatever they want to, out here going rogue. Is that even … I don't think anyone in their right minds truly believes that. If a guy truly knows what to do, no one out here is trying to mess up on purpose. That's kind of annoying from us hearing that from guys who we thought were going to support us or fans who we thought were going to support us. That's lame, but it is what it is. That's what we have to do better – at communicating and fixing that."

(On if there is a difference in freelancing to try and make a play and totally doing your own thing) "Like I said, nobody is doing that, though. That's the thing about it. Nobody is doing it."

(On if players will occasionally freelance on a play) "No. If you have an opportunity, you try to go make your opportunity, but you don't 'freelance.' That's not the type of defense that we have. I don't know how the offense is. I don't know if guys can do their own thing over there, but on defense, that's not how it is. If everybody is playing something, you can't just play something totally different. We have certain calls where depending on how the offense comes out, it can be one thing or it can be another thing and if it's not communicated right, then that is when guys will be playing different things. But you can't just … No. That's never how it operated."

(On if his interception against Philadelphia was "freelancing") "No. It was not at all. I was the safety. I had no work on my side, I'm supposed to go up top and help the safety. That's what I did. I saw the pass being thrown, and I went to make a play. Like I said, it wasn't freelance. We don't do that."

(On someone saying 'Jalen [Ramsey] went and made a play' on the interception against the Eagles) "Yes, but I was in position to make that play. If I would have stayed on my side and not replaced the safety when he went down … If I wouldn't have had his back, basically I wouldn't have been able to make that play. That's more so like I said a second ago, that's taking advantage of an opportunity that presents itself. That's not freelancing, that's not doing your own thing. There is no such thing as that."

(On if he thought the defense was in man coverage on Colts TE Eric Ebron's first touchdown) "No. We weren't in man, but like I said a second ago, we have calls that depending on what the offense comes out in, I play press. I play man [coverage] on my respective side. If it's not communicated thoroughly all the way across the field … At that point, I was on the opposite side of the field. That's what I thought I was in. I've never just went out there and said. 'They are playing this, so I'm going to play this. 'F' it, I'm going to play this.' No, that is not how it was. The call was not communicated throughout the field, so I stayed on my man. That's what we talked about. We argued about it, and we went through it on the sidelines, but that's what I'm saying. We have to get communication better. It's little things like that we just have to fix up."

(On what his confidence level in Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash) "It's high. It is what it is. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. We have to go out there and execute what he calls. Nobody is perfect, and I think that's what people expect nowadays. Because we do have high expectations, that's cool. But nobody is perfect. Coach might call a really good game for games and games in a row, but there might be a game where he might slip up and call some questionable calls to [media's] opinion. There might be a game where certain guys on the defense are playing well, game in and game out. Then, there is a game where he slips up, has a couple M.E's [mental errors]. We are human. There was only one perfect person in this earth and that was Jesus and none of us are him."

(On if he would eventually leave Jacksonville) "I have said multiple times over and over and over and over and over and over and over, over and over again, I want to play for one team my whole career. I don't control that, but it is what it is. As far as I'm concerned … I will say two things about that. No. 1, I have one more year in my rookie year contract. They have the option to pick up my fifth-year option next year. That would take it to two years left on the contract. Or if they wanted, they can extend me. If it's right, we will get that done. Then, I will be here for a number of years. If not, I have the fifth-year option they could pick up and then they could franchise me. I could be here for a while. I don't know how they are feeling in the front office, but they could let go of me, they could trade me. Another thing – I play madden all the time. I'm not that good at madden. But I play madden all the time. I play with the Jags. I play with myself. I don't trade myself. I don't make any trades on the team. I play with the Jags. I lose a couple times, but I bounce back. I always bounce back. I play corner, I play punt returner on there, too. I get a little punt returner in there. But, yeah, I play with the Jags. I don't trade myself."

(On if he's frustrated that he doesn't return punts with the Jaguars) "That might be the real issue here. (laughter) I've tried talking to [Special Teams] Coach Joe 'D' [DeCamillis] a couple times about returning some punts. I think I could make some plays back there, but I'm going to just stick to corner right now."

(On the challenge of facing Antonio Brown and the Steelers offense) "It is a heck of a challenge, but it is one we have to make sure we are up for. It's one thing that we have to make sure we embrace. Yeah, tough. They have a tough connection [with Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown]. A Hall of Fame quarterback and probably a Hall of Fame receiver. We have our hands full, but we're preparing."

(On if playing against the Steelers offense can help the team fix things) "No, I don't think it really matters. We have to fix whatever we have to fix here internally, in practice, however we have to fix it."