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Jalen Ramsey - Thursday, October 4, 2018

(On Tyreek's Hill's quote about him) "Did he say it like you are saying it? What was the tone? I did not [see it]. I'm asking."

(On Tyreek Hill saying that he was a really good player) "I just wished he would have picked a side. Either, 'I'm just alright' or 'I'm the top dog.' Pick a side. If I'm the top dog, but I'm just alright, that means he doesn't think that any corner in the league is good and that is not true. What do you want to know? What is the actual question?"

(On how much he is looking forward to the matchup against Tyreek Hill) "I'm looking forward to playing the game. I am looking to playing their offense. I am looking forward to seeing their defense against our offense. I don't like how whoever has made it a matchup – me against Tyreek. He's good for what he does for their team. He made All-Pro as a return specialist. Let's get that right – as a return specialist, his rookie year. He went to two Pro Bowls as a return specialist. A return specialist, two years. I made All-Pro in my position as a corner. I went to the Pro Bowl as a corner. It's not a wide receiver versus a corner matchup. We can get that out of the way off bat. But, you know, I feel like it was strategic. A smart move by him. He is going to get some clout. He is going to get the buzz going around there for a little bit. But he knows. Just like I feel like everybody knows. Me and Tyreek [Hill], we are probably going to have some opportunities to match up against each other, but it won't be like that for the majority of the game. He moves around everywhere. He plays running back, receiver, slot … He's not out there on that island 90 percent of the time where I'm at. I don't look at it as me versus him. I don't think this is really a matchup game to be honest with you."

(On Tyreek Hill saying he hopes Ramsey presses him) "If you look at my film, what do I do every day every week? I play press, right? No matter what, who I'm playing. If he wants smoke, it will get there."

(On opportunity for INTs against Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes) "We might have those opportunities. This is the good stuff. The [Chiefs], as a complete offense, are really good. They are going to throw the ball a lot. They have a good balance actually. They have Kareem Hunt. They are going to run the ball and they are going to throw the ball. They are going to do a lot of stuff. Their offense seems pretty complex when you watch them on film. We might have opportunities again this weekend. Hopefully we can capitalize on them."

(On if the Chiefs offense will be the best he has ever faced as a pro) "If I am speaking about weapons, yes, and how they use their guys, kind of like what I was saying a minute ago. Probably the top offense that I have played in my NFL career. They do a good job of getting guys the ball who can be dangerous with it."

(On keeping Mahomes in the pocket) "That is what makes it tough. He reminds me a lot of Russell [Wilson] of the Seahawks, how he can get out of the pocket and still launch deep balls and how his receivers work really hard for him when he is scrambling and they are doing plaster. They make it tough on DBs and linebackers and everyone covering. Just running all across the field. It is basically a track meet with guys. That makes it tough. That has been an emphasis this week."

(On if he's looking forward to facing the Chiefs) "Yes. This is the stuff you live for. Top offense, statistics-wise. We are the top defense, statistics-wise. Everyone has the opinion, has that opinion as well. It is going to be a battle out there. We are going to go at it. Why would you not want that? Being a competitor, loving the game as much as everyone loves it, that is what everyone wants."

(On Tashaun Gipson's matchup against Travis Kelce and the difference in height and weight) "You can't measure his heart. You can't measure his heart. You can't measure how much he loves the game and his passion and his confidence. You can't measure that. Size – whatever, that is cool. We have full confidence in Gip and whoever else is going to line up against him."

(On if a win against the Chiefs would vault the reputation of the defense into another level) "Sure."

(On if the team wants that) "Sure. We want to win. That is what we want to do. We want to win. If that comes with it, then we will take it."

(On if the defense has a chip on its shoulder) "Sure. I really don't think it matters. We are self-motivated as individuals, as a defense and as a team in general. We are pretty self-motivated. I guess it could possibly give us an extra little edge and we go out there and play with a little something, something extra when people don't give us the respect. I believe, for the most part, people give respect when respect is due."