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James Harris draft wrapup


(overview of draft) "We feel good mainly because the first day we selected players that were on the high end of our board and being able to come out with some additional guys will create some competition, some depth for us at the back end. We know this year maybe not as many guys will have a chance to make the team, but it may be just as productive a draft in terms of competition some of these guys may create."

(other than Reggie Williams, who else do you anticipate having the ability to play right away?) "Obviously, the early picks have the ability to come in and play right away. Of course, we'll have them in preseason. In terms of having ability to play, they have a chance."

(because of the current roster, are there fewer opportunities for second day players to be contributors?) "We think we added some depth in free agency, but we also feel some of these guys will be competitive. There is more competition this season than last."

(did you increase the practice squad this year?) "That's unofficial."

(do you think a lot of the second day picks will make the roster or are the odds against them?) "I think it's more difficult than last year, but I think some of these guys have a real chance of competing, and training camp will determine who makes the roster."

(with now going through two drafts, did you tweak the process at all from last year to this year in terms of how you conducted the draft itself?) "The process was the same. The players and the positions change, but the process was the same."

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