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James Harris on Josh Scobee


(stated earlier that the Jaguars would pick a kicker in the sixth round. Did you see a 5th round value for Josh Scobee?) "The feeling was this being the second best kicker in the draft in a limited year for kickers and we had multiple picks, we had a need at the position so the value at this time was to go with a guy with one of our most needs. Josh Scobee has a strong leg. He has a good upsize. I like his toughness. We just thought he was the best selection for us at that time. He had four kicks over 50 yards. He has a strong leg. 40 out of 60 touchbacks."

(how hesitant would you be to go with a rookie kicker again this year?) "We'll let all that play itself out in training camp. Our feeling was to try to get the best option that we could get at this point. We have been looking at kickers throughout free agency. There are not a lot of options available in the street now. We felt he was the best option at this point."

(did you let Pete Rodriguez chose which kicker he wanted?) "All the decisions we make are team decisions. It's not an individual decision, but he certainly worked him out and had a lot of input. He really understands the kicking game and kickers. We have confidence in his recommendation and he did a good job with it."

(is Scobee a player Rodriguez recommended?) "He was one of the guys he recommended, yes."

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