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JAXSON'S ALL PROS set for Sunday


FOLKS and I do mean FOLKS,

As the great Lou Gherig said "Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth." Repeat that quietly to yourself in your seat right now because my friends, you are in store for the greatest game of the millennium. Sunday on this hallowed field in Jacksonville, Florida you will be witness to a football game that will live in history forever, and maybe even longer. The visitors to this stadium have come to take on what some consider to be the greatest team EVER assembled. Why would they do this, you ask? We're not sure, they might be crazy, they might not know any better. You'd have to be crazy to go up against this group of world class athletes.

That's right folks JAXSON'S ALL-PROS will once again take on the vaunted 10-12 year old Pop Warner Jacksonville Beach Jaguars. All of you here to witness this will get to tell your friends for the rest of your lives that you got to see JAXSON'S ALL PROS play live and in the fur. Don't be fooled by the apparent size of the 10-12 year olds. From far away they look much smaller than they really are.

Jaxson's All-Pros are:

  • KC Wolf from the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Gumbo from the New Orleans Saints
  • Poe from the Baltimore Ravens
  • CB from the Cleveland Browns
  • Freddie Falcon from the Atlanta Falcons
  • Air Freddie from the Atlanta Falcons
  • Chomper from the Jacksonville Barracudas
  • Southpaw from the Jacksonville Suns
  • A.J. from the Jacksonville Jaguars

With a roster like that who could possibly get up from their seat and miss what will be the greatest halftime show known to man. Make sure you make it tough for those kids to hear on offense, I've scouted them and they like to audible at the line.

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