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Uh i guess we're not going to go undefeated THIS season...BUT we played well and....oh geez i hate cliches...Look folks, i've never been happy after a loss but i can say that after Sunday i was calm by my standards...i mean i didn't even break anything in the locker room...and no it's not because i've matured...that will never happen...i was calm because i know we can beat the Colts and Sunday we proved it...we'll correct our little mistakes and beat them in 3 weeks...but i won't get into that game just yet.

To wrap up last Sunday i hope everyone enjoyed the skydiving i did for pre-game...i would like to request that in the future more of you get into the seats before kickoff...i know the lines outside were terrible...i flew right over top of everyone waiting at the gates and ya'll didn't look too happy...that is until you saw ME!...but serioulsy can we try to get in the stadium a little bit earlier next time....if i'm going to risk my life for your entertainment the least you could do is be there to see it...all you have to do is finish that last brat or burger and beer 15 minutes sooner than normal...grab a couple "roadies" (drinks to carry with you and finish on the way from your car to the gate) and avoid the last minute rush at the gates...but just to show i'm a sensitive mascot i'm going to wait till just before kickoff of the Chiefs game to make my death defying entrance...and people say i'm selfish...oh yeah and i'd like to hear from anyone who has some good cheese brats on their grills before game...i'll come to your tailgate for one of those.

So we're 3-1 now and on our way to the West Coast to play the Chargers...they have a pretty good team but i don't quite understand the name Chargers...what is that? San Diego known for their electrical storms...or does it have something to do with credit cards?...I always hear people talking about how "plastic" Californians are...and credit cards are made out of plastic...i don't know...someone fill me in...they are real close to Tijuana Mexico so i wonder if their mascot is bilingual...I've been to San Diego for the Superbowl TWICE and i had a great time but everyone just seemed so layed back and out of it...i wonder if they even know they have a football team in their city...anyway...a win on Sunday and we stay on top of the division.

Well i have to get back to working...ok napping...but i'd like to give a big thanks to all the people who bought my jersey so far this i said before...i'll never be a free agent and i'm pretty sure Wayne won't trade me so my jersey will always be in style...they're available at the Stadium only...for now...along with my Belly Bobble...ok ok i'll stop with the shameless plugs...cut me some slack i got Kittens to feed!

Much Love


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