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Jets will offer true test


The Jaguars offense has improved this season. Sunday afternoon, we'll find out how much.

David Garrard and company will be under attack from a blitz-crazy New York Jets defense that is number two in the league in overall defense and number two against the pass. Under new head coach Rex Ryan, the Jets are blitzing opposing quarterbacks 76 percent of the time on third-and-long plays.

"That's like, OK, you're pretty sure you're going to get blitzed when you're in third and long," Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter said.

Garrard will be facing one of the most frenetic defensive schemes in football. He'll likely confront coverages he's never seen before.

"Every single team they play changes their protection to add protectors. They make you change your scheme and they try to get you to play more cautiously. They know what they're doing," Koetter said. "They present a lot of problems schematically. They give you a lot to prepare for and a lot of different looks. (Ryan's) going to give you some exotic looks you don't see every week."

The good news is the Jaguars offense is playing at a confident level. It's up to number nine in the league in total yards and Garrard is coming off a strong and efficient performance against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I told you guys the last time we met that I thought we would have a top 10 offense," Koetter said.

Last year, the Jaguars slumped to 20th in offense. What's made the difference?

"A healthier offensive line and way more consistent wide receiver play. David's numbers are real similar. Maybe Dave wasn't as bad as you guys thought he was last year," Koetter said.

Koetter said you wouldn't know the Jets are 4-4 by looking at their defense.

"I'm pretty sure they're not losing because of their defense. If you would just watch the defense, as I do, you would say this is one of the best teams around," Koetter said.

The Jets are led by cornerback Darrelle Revis and linebackers David Harris and Bart Scott.

"Revis is playing at a very high level. He's gone up against Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Andre Johnson. Lito Sheppard has been out but they're saying he's going to return. To be as aggressive as (Ryan) is, you have to have a lot of confidence in your corners," Koetter said.

The Jets are near the bottom of the league in sacks but they seem to apply enough pressure to hurry throws, which will make it imperative for Garrard to identify the coverage and get the ball out of his hand quickly.

"I think we're on a little bit of an upswing," Koetter said.

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